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Who did this to you?

Who did this to you?

Who did this to you?

Furious scribbling sounded throughout the large bedroom where a beautiful woman was being kept in faux-captivity. Carmen had been dropped off at home before the armored car that held her very suspicious host drove off into the night, and she was left with a mindful of questions with no answers.

The ebony-haired pretty woman immediately grabbed her journal from its hiding place and raced to change her clothes, wanting to rid herself of the chanel suit. She put on a long sleeved top and settled into the overly pillowed bed, getting to work on solving the mystery.

What had the pale man meant? Who had, in fact, done this to her? What had been done to her? Who was he?

Carmen's hand paused and she looked up, listening for the sounds of Wayne manor. Another mystery had presented itself in the disarray of that day; Bruce and Batman. Or rather, the fact that Bruce was Batman. It was so obvious, it was almost comical. All she had to do was see those eyes and that mole and her mind put two and two together to create four.

Bruce was less than thrilled. But then again…

Was it him? Was Bruce the one that commited a crime against her? Was he lying the whole time?

Carmen pursed her lips and shook her head, crossing out the theory in her notebook. It couldn't be him, he wouldn't be so nice to her. He wouldn't let her sleep in his bed. He was obviously very in infatuated with her, she could see it in his gaze. But was that gaze as strong as the blue one she saw today?

Her journaling was interrupted when there was a knock on the bedroom door. "Come in." She called, tucking her journal under the mattress.

Alfred opened the door carrying a tray, "I brought your dinner, miss." He informed her and she smiled gratefully. He set the tray in front of her on the bed and took the top off of the plate, presenting a seafood cobb salad and a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. "No pulp." He chimed with a small smile.

Carmen grinned at the thought he put into her food, "No pulp." She nodded with a laugh, watching as he bowed his head formally and began to leave. "Wait!" The beauty called before she could change her mind, "Alfred?"

"Miss?" The butler responded, coming to her side once more.

Carmen bit her lip and searched his kind eyes but questioning eyes, "Did you know?" She asked, seeing a slight panic, "About Bruce being the bat?"

Alfred emitted a little sigh and nodded, "Yes, miss."

Dark eyes ran over his face and reached out to hold his hand before he could leave again, "We're friends, right Alfred?"

"Of course."

"You'd tell me if I was in danger…?" A nod and a pat to her hand was all she got as he slipped out of her grasp.

"Enjoy your meal, miss." Alfred bowed his head once more then exited the room, closing the door behind himself.

Carmen's eyes stayed on the closed door for a moment more before looking down at her salad. Without a thought, she took the tray in her hands and padded to the bathroom, dumping the salad and lemonade into the toilet.

She had been used to ignoring the pains of hunger in her childhood, she was sure she could handle them now.

No one was to be trusted.

Carmen let out a quiet sigh, placing the empty tray back on the bed and climbing up. She thought she had left living in fear after killing Sam. Maybe this was revenge for her sin, but what kind of god would punish her for killing her abuser? Not one she ever wanted to believe in.

Putting the tray on the nightstand, Carmen slid under the cool sheets and closed her eyes tight. In the depths of her mind she saw blue eyes.

"Tell me you missed me."

"I missed you." Carmen heard herself utter, opening her eyes to find no one there.

The sound of the door opening made her close her eyes again and feign sleep. She heard the door close and a drawer open, along with the shuffling of clothes.

Peeking from her place under the sheets, she stared at Bruce's bareback. "I'm not stupid." She finally broke the silence, sitting up, "People have actually told me I'm very observant."

Bruce said nothing, only walking into the bathroom. Carmen's nostrils flared and she pursed her lips, not keen on being ignored. Getting up from the bed, she marched into the bathroom too. Bruce was brushing his teeth.

"It explains your disappearances at night when you think I'm asleep." Carmen continued, leaning against the counter. "It also explains all the bruises…"

Bruce spit into the sink and wiped his mouth, throwing the towel down and gripping the counter. "What do you want me to say?"

"Nothing if it's a lie." Carmen retorted, her tone sharp. "Who was that man today?" She then questioned, her dark eyes following him as he turned the shower on. A dark look over his shoulder was all she got as he tugged his pants down and stepped under the spray of water.

Carmen crossed her arms and sighed irritably. "Why did he know me?" She shouted over the shower. Again, she got no answer. Rolling her eyes, she kicked herself off the counter and stood in front of the shower wall, the glass being completely transparent. "Bruce," The name was muttered and dripped honey as she put a hand against the glass, "Please?"

Dark eyes fell onto her finally and she widened hers, her pleading look already perfected from years of practice.

"Come in here." Bruce waivered, a crooked smile ticking on his face. "And I'll tell you everything."

One trait in Carmen that was the same from birth was her stubbornness. The pride had come much later but Carmen Andrews was always as stubborn as a mule.

So Carmen Andrews tugged her shirt over her head with a flourish reminiscent of the person she was before and stepped under the spray of the water, crossing her arms and raising a brow.


"He's an enemy." Bruce muttered, leaning down to press his lips against her cheek, trailing them to her neck.

"What's his name?" She felt him pause and it was whispered on to her skin.

"Joker." Bruce dropped to his knees and gently pushed her against the tile, running his hands up and down her legs.

Carmen pressed his head into her belly as he kissed his way down. "How does he know me?" She questioned as her legs were lifted onto his shoulders.

"He hurt you." The Wayne replied softly, nuzzling into her center, "He hurt you really, really bad, baby."

Dark eyes glazed over and Carmen left her body.

He hurt you really, really bad, baby.

When she woke up, her toes were curled and she was cumming. Then, inexplicably, she was in bed and he was inside of her; his hands strong and everywhere. It was easy for her to leave once again and when the light returned to her eyes, he was asleep next to her, an arm slung over her abdomen. Sometime in the night, she fell asleep too.

Carmen's eyes flickered open at ten o'clock on Wednesday morning and she had a plan. She got up from bed and wrapped herself in a robe, going into the hallway and inspecting the house. When she found that Bruce was not home, she went into his study and sat at his desk. Using the log in he made for her, she opened an incognito window and typed into the search bar.

'Joker of Gotham'

Pages and pages of news articles greeted her and she sat there and read through each one. Her heart beating against her chest as she read about the atrocities he had committed. Murders, robberies, drug trafficking, bombs, hostages; he had a terrible track record. He owned a club and Carmen tore a sticky note and wrote down the name and address. Going back to the search bar, she typed in something else.

'Joker and Batman'

The first article had just been published that morning and to her surprise, her picture was the first thing she saw. She looked elegant and she was posing with the large scissors, her mouth in a sort of smirk. But then the next picture was the stranger being lead out in handcuffs, a large grin on his face. The article stated he was taken to Arkham Asylum.

More articles sprung up and the very last link that was there was from 1995. It was a transcript from an old newspaper. A man had fallen into a chemical vat and was presumed dead but the poster wrote at the end of the article that the man was in fact alive and he now haunted Gotham.

Carmen leaned back into her chair and pursed her lips, tugging at her hair. Maybe she was mistaken. She had to be mistaken, he couldn't be the same man whose eyes looked at her so fondly. Whose words spoke of horror and wonderment for this girl he used to know. For her.

She needed answers. She needed to know who she was. Who she really was.

Exiting out of her pages and logging out, Carmen took her sticky note and hurried back to her bedroom to get ready.

In an hour, she was dressed in all black. A black turtleneck, black capris, black sunglasses, and a black scarf around her head. Her lips were painted a deep maroon, however, the pop of color went with her outfit. Black flats were on her feet and she looked like a beatnik.

Stuffing her journal in her purse, along with her wallet and phone, she left the room. She padded down the stairs and yanked her keys off the hook, leaving the house before she could be questioned. She turned the key of her red corvette and bit her lip, turning the wheel and driving away.

The drive was easy, way too easy. But when she parked her car in the lot and sat there, she was shocked frozen. A distinct memory flashed through her mind of her waiting just like this, in her car, her forehead against the windshield.

Taking her keys out of the ignition, she took a deep breath and got out of the car, looking up at the white building known as Arkham Asylum. Before she could change her mind, she marched up the steps and through the front doors.

"Hello," She muttered the greeting to the receptionist desk, before flashing her eyes. The receptionist lit up in recognition instantly, "I'm here for a visit."

The Wayne name was worth a lot in this town, way more than Carmen would like to admit, and she was immediately seated in a private visiting room with minimal questions asked. She sat down in a terribly uncomfortable chair and waited with her disguise still on. Her back was to the door and when she heard it creak open, her breath left her. Then chains began to drag as the man that had been plaguing her thoughts was forced into a seat across from her.

Wordlessly, she watched as the guard assisted him with lighting a cigarette, though his cuffs remained on his wrists. The door creaked open once more, signaling the departure of the guard and she was left with silence and smoke.

Slowly, she removed the scarf and her glasses, absentmindedly fluffing her bangs with shaky fingers before placing them in her lap.

Steel blue eyes held her captive for an unknown amount of time and she found her own gaze flickering down as little puffs of smoke were exhaled. Carmen tilted her head and stared, an almost childish wonder in her eyes. Her eyes wandered to his other features just like the day before.

There was something sickly familiar about him, about the situation she was currently in. She found herself wanting to touch him again and she gripped her hand to keep from reaching out. The man's whole being practically dripped with power and his blue gaze that fell over her was menacing yet playful. She could taste the danger in the air and yet… something was drawing her closer.

"You, ah, want some of this?" The man finally breathed, licking his lips as he offered her the cigarette.

Carmen, barely listening as her gaze was now on his lips, simply shook her head. At the sound of her stranger chuckling, she looked up quickly and tried to save face. "I don't smoke." She muttered.

"You used to." The beauty swallowed and he flashed a leering grin at her, silver gleaming. She averted her eyes and he snickered, stubbing the cigarette out and placing his cuffed wrists on the table. The action made a clicking noise and she jumped, making him laugh even louder. "What's wrong, baby doll?" He questioned with a coo, "Are ya afraid of lil' ole me?"

Carmen blinked, her long lashes fanning over her cheekbones and whispered honestly, "Yes."

"Well isn't this just a blast from the past." The clown teased, slapping his fist against the table, "Your just like you were when I met ya."

The beauty licked her lips and furrowed her brows, tilting her head in question. "And how was that, mister?" Her words still did not go above a whisper.

The man's blue eyes danced over her and for a moment he was quiet, then another smile spread across his face and he tilted his head just as she did, mocking her. "Like a little song bird." His smile dropped suddenly and she shivered at the change of his tone, "Or a mouse. My little mouse."

"Yours?" Carmen repeated, her lashes fluttering.

"Mine." The clown hissed almost immediately with a sneer before he smiled at her again.

The beauty's dark eyes widened and she stammered out a response, "T-t-that's why I'm here… I want to know everything you know about me… and why."

The Joker's eyes narrowed and a teasing smile spread over his face. "Does he know you're here?" He questioned, leaning back in his chair and dropping his hands to his lap.

Carmen shook her head, a nervous laugh bubbling over her lips, "Of cour-!"

"C'mere." The clown's command cut her off, his tone chilling.

"I…" The beauty sputtered, looking at the two way mirror with wide eyes, "I don't…"

"Sweet pea..." The Joker slurred the pet name before raising a cuffless hand and beckoning her over with two fingers.

Carmen looked over to the windows again and bit her lip. With her mind heavily advising against it, she stood from her chair and walked over to him, stopping in front of his chair. To her horror, he patted his orange clad lap. "S-s-somebody's bound to come in here, mister, and I don't want you to get in troub-!" Before she could finish her protest, she was yanked down in a forced straddle. She braced herself with her hands against his chest and her face was blazing with embarrassment. Her dark eyes only looked up when he cupped her cheek with one hand while the other traced over her brows. The wandering finger went down the slope of her nose and then over each eyelid, before sweeping down both of her cheekbones and finally over her lips, maroon painting his pale skin.

"What are you doing?" Carmen finally whispered, counting how many speckles of silver were in his eyes.

"Painting." The clown replied and despite her discomfort, she snorted. The blue eyes appraising her lit up and one dropped down into a wink, "Gotcha."

Carmen bit her lip and shook her head, "How do you know me, mister?"

Her reply was her elastic being pulled out of her hair and a hand burying itself into it. Her eyes fluttered closed as short nails scraped against her scalp. She sighed in content, her head lulling back.

"You mother had you in prison." The fact snapped her out of her trance and she looked bewildered. "They lost your birth certificate, so you don't know your birthday or your birth name."

"H-how-!" Carmen breathed, shaking her head, "Who told-!"

"You did, pretty." The clown cooed, a hand caressing her back while the other still played with her hair. "Your first kill was when you were 17. Steve, I think." He mused, tucking a strand behind her ear.

"Sam." The beauty corrected, her brow furrowed. "He was beating me and… When did I tell you all of this?"

The Joker grinned lewdly, the hand on her back dropping down to grope her bottom. "It was, ah," He paused before snickering, "Pillowtalk." Carmen blinked as the clown's gaze fell on her lips. "I know everything about you, sweet pea." He informed her, leaning in and dropping his voice, "Down to what your pussy tastes like."

The beauty choked back a moan and she shook her head, closing her eyes. "How?"

"Because you were mine." The pale man hissed, his grip on her tightening, "You belonged to me. I know every little spot you have on your body because I spent months learning them. I know how you like your steak cooked and I know how you liked that disgusting sushi you eat. I know it all because it was mine to know."

"But who are you?" Carmen questioned, her dark eyes fluttering open. "I've looked you up and you've done terrible things, things that I couldn't even imagine-!"

"Not in front of you." The clown interjected with a snarl, "Never in front of you."

"What does that mean?" The beauty muttered, shaking her head, "What does any of this mean? Why are you touching me like this and why does it feel…" Her words trailed off as a memory flashed through her head.

"You have a real pretty voice there, dancer. It's a shame you don't have a name…"

"Dancer?" She whispered the word, looking back to blue eyes that were watching her intently. "I was a dancer?"

Before she could get a reply, a knock sounded on the window. "Looks like our time is up, sweet pea." The clown murmured, pushing her off his lap.

"What?" Carmen questioned, her eyes wide, "But-!" A sharp look in her direction made her quiet down as the clown mimed writing. Grabbing her purse, she took out her journal and a pen, handing both to him. She watched bewildered as he opened up to a blank page and scribbled something down.

"Go to this address and ask for Johnny Frost. Tell him to let you in my office and show you the tapes," The pale man explained, writing down a number, "Then, if you find yourself with more questions, call this number in three days."

"Three days." Carmen repeated with a nod, taking her journal. She hugged it to her, watching him handcuff himself, before blurting, "What should I call you, mister?"

"Call me?" The Joker repeated, furrowing hairless brows, "Ah," He hesitated, thinking for a moment before settling on, "Jay."

"Jay?" The woman repeated, surprise he'd let her call him something so informal; men like him usually like a proper title. The sound of it seemed to please the clown and he grinned widely. Turning to the back of her journal, Carmen wrote down her number and tore it out, holding it out to him. The clown's blue eyes iced over as his gaze flickered from the paper to her. "If you think of something else." She weakly defended, frowning when he didn't take it.

Instead another sly grin spread over his face, "C'mere, baby." Glancing at the door, Carmen hastily padded over to the clown, stopping in front of him and waiting expectantly. He grabbed her hand and pressed his index finger into her wrist, tugging her closer. "Gimme a kiss."

The beauty's face flushed and she bit her lip, looking over to the door again. She opened her mouth to protest but she found herself wondering what it would feel like. She also found herself leaning down to meet his lips.

It was an innocent peck, until it wasn't. He had pulled away with a suckle of her bottom lip and she quickly pressed her lips against his again. The sound of the doorknob turning was the only thing that kept her from climbing into his lap. She hurried away from him but not before he grabbed the ball of paper from her hand.

As the guard came in, Carmen discreetly wiped the smudged lipstick from the sides of her mouth and put her journal away, making busy work so she wouldn't stare and give away the butterflies that were filling her stomach. As she was wrapping her scarf around her hair, she caught his eye and he winked at her. She quickly hid her reaction by placing her sunglass over her eyes.

Carmen left quickly and as soon as she was in the car she covered her face with her hands, breathing harshly through her nose. She wanted to cry and tears were sure enough brimming her eyes. Wiping them quickly, she took a deep breath and started the car, plugging the address he had given her into her phone and taking off.

It was the place that she had passed when she first got out of the hospital, though it looked odd in the daylight. She parked her car in the back lot and got out, slowly walking to the front of the building and walking through the door. Instantly, she was awed by the amount of gold around her.

"Can I help you?" A voice questioned and when she looked to where it came from she saw the guy she met at the park.

"Johnny, right?" The beauty questioned, taking off her glasses. "I'm sorry to bother you so early but he sent me here." She explained, before clarifying, "Jay did."

"You went to see him?" Johnny Frost asked before smiling, "You gettin' your memory back, jewels?"

"Jewels?" Carmen repeated with a furrowed brow.

The burly man's blushed, it seemed she was still the only person who could make him do that, and shook his head. "It was just something I used to call you." He cleared his throat, "Did he give you any instructions?"

"Yeah," The beauty nodded, "He said to 'show me the tapes', if you know what that means."

Johnny nodded and motioned for her to follow him. He led her up the stairs and into an office that overlooked the entire club. "Sit right there, je-Carmen." He said, pointing to a couch.

Carmen did as she was told and sat her bag down, pulling her scarf from her hair. He pressed some buttons and a television rose up from the floor, the screen turning on. "Here's the remote, just the regular controls-!" He was interrupted by the sound of a stomach growling. A smirk ticked on his face. "Hungry?" The beauty flushed and nodded, crossing her legs under her. "I'll order your favorite, just sit tight." With that, he left the room.

Carmen stared at the screen for a moment, different dates glaring back at her from a menu. She decided to play it safe and choose the earliest date. A video began to play of the club, but it was empty except for one chair where the man from the park, Johnny, sat.

"Next!" His voice called and a figure walked out on the stage in a trench coat. Her hair was in a bouffant and the closer she looked at it, the more she could tell who it was. "Name?"

"I don't have one, sugar." The woman replied, a small smile tilting her lips just so.

"No name?" Johnny Frost questioned, "What are you hiding from something?"

The woman smirked and bit her lip, "Well you found me out."

Past Johnny chuckled, "Okay, let's see what you got then."

Nothing could prepare Carmen for the sultry voice that came from the woman's lips.

"Darlin'," She drawled out so slow and sensual, "You've got…. To let… me know. Should I stay or should I go? If you say that you are mine, I'll be there 'till the end of time."

Every note was accentuated with a movement and by the started of the first verse, she was on her hands and knees crawling toward Frost. Carmen's eyes widened as her past self spread her legs and welcomed the burly man into her space.

"That was me?" She whispered, watching herself sing right into his ear.

This woman oozed sex appeal and confidence. This woman was a powerhouse. What had changed between now and then? Why couldn't she be that way now?

"You're hired."

The video shut off and the menu was presented again just as the door opened. Johnny shuffled in with a plastic bag of food, taking out a package of sushi and a diet coke.

"If you need anything just give me a holler." Johnny gave her a friendly smile and left the office once more.

Carmen bit her lip, staring at the door for a moment more. There was something strange about the way he was acting towards her. He was so nice and she couldn't help but think back to when he met her at the park. He kept staring and she thought it was creepy then but now that she thought about it, there was something in his eyes.

The beauty hummed and turned back to the screen, turning on the next video. She then opened up her pack of sushi and cracked open her coke as another image of her came on the screen.

"A kiss on the hand, may be, quite continental but diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

Carmen sat there for hours watching film after film of herself performing, each song better than the next. She even found herself taking notes in her journal.

"Santa baby," Her past self, decked out in a short red latex dress with white fur trimmings purred, "Just slip a sable under the tree, for me. Been an awful good girl," She pouted with a wink, "Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!"

The beauty smiled at the screen and hugged her knees to her chest, beaming proudly. The next performance was of 'Diamonds' again and she skipped it, jumping instead to the next video.

This time the setting was different, it was in the office, and it seemed the camera was above the large window. She glanced over to the camera and pursed her lips before turning back to the screen.

It was a silhouette of her, a mink coat covering her body as she stepped into the light, and she was holding a wad of cash. The events that followed were better than cinemax. The angle of the camera changed a few times and Carmen's jaw was almost on the ground as she watched herself get fucked over a desk. It was a curious sight, however when Johnny Frost walked into the room.

"Isn't she pretty?" The boss spoke by her ear, his tongue flicking out to lick her lobe, all the while his eyes were on his employee.

"Yes, sir." Johnny answered in anguish, his hands in fists. "Pretty as a picture."

Well that was odd, though it answered a question she had earlier, it also raised many more. Carmen wrote it down in her journal and watched on, chewing on her lip as she watched herself cum.

After that video, the ones that followed were pure fucking. Fucking against the window, fucking on the couch, fucking on the floor, fucking on the ground, everywhere.

"Oh Jay." Her past self sung in delight, her feet arching.

In the middle of the fifth consecutive sex tape, her phone began to ring. Hurrying to pause the video, she looked at the caller ID to see Bruce's name flashing. Swallowing thickly, she answered.

"Hey." She breathed, her eyes still on herself tangled up in sheets.

"Hey," Bruce greeted, "Coming home anytime soon?"

Carmen faked a laugh, "Of course, I just needed some air. Yesterday was really…" She paused, "Traumatizing."

The Wayne hummed in understanding, "I got you a present on my way home. Saw it in the window."

"What is it?"

"You have to come home first." Bruce quipped and she laughed again.

"Okay, okay. I'll be there fifteen minutes."

"Drive safe, sweetheart."

"Will do." Carmen assured, hanging up the phone. Her smile instantly dropped and she began to stuff her things in her purse.

What a liar, her mind hissed out the words as she prepared to go. Standing up, she did a quick stretch and left the office, seeing employees of the club began to prepare for the night.

"Jewels!" The name was shouted and she turned around to see Johnny jogging up to her, "Gone already?"

"Yeah," Carmen shrugged, wrapping the scarf around her hair, "I gotta get home."

"Oh, okay." Johnny nodded, a friendly smile on his face. "Well look, here's my card." He took one out of his pocket and handed it to her, "In case you need anything."

Carmen looked down at the little white rectangle then up at Johnny, seeing the same dazed look in his eyes from before. Squinting, she stepped forward to get a closer look. "I don't remember you, Mr. Frost," She muttered, searching his green eyes, "But you seemed to have known me very well."

The burly man smiled tightly and nodded, taking a step back and shoving his hands in his pockets. "I did. I…" He trailed, fighting himself, "We were really good friends."

The beauty's lips tilted up slightly and she put his card in her journal. "Maybe we can be friends again."

"Maybe." Johnny muttered, motioning towards the exit, "You should get going, don't want him to worry."

Carmen nodded and waved, shoving her sunglasses into her purse. She walked out of the club and around the corner where she had parked, getting into her car. The beauty turned the key and right as she did, a memory came to her.

It was the longest one yet and all she could do was grip the steering wheel as tears pooled in her eyes.

She was naked in a bathtub and she could feel every sensation. Green eyes gazed down upon her and she spoke without moving her mouth. She said terrible things, he helped clean the vomit off of her. But he left in a hurry, leaving her with nothing but an empty feeling and the thought of regret.

The questioned loomed over her head again; Who was Johnny Frost to her?