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Danny thought that it'd be more likely for him to be caught staring at the assembled group of heroes in the cafeteria, but to his dismay, he became the center of attention the moment he stepped into the room.

"Well, that fulfills my end of the deal!" Tim broke the silence cheerfully. "I'm gonna grab something to eat."

"Don't forget to get Hawkgirl a brownie," Danny reminded him.

"Screw you," Tim shot back, but Danny had a feeling he'd follow through with the request since it was for a League member and not Danny himself.

"Unfortunately, I'm about to follow the caffeine fiend," Jason sighed, jerking his thumb in the direction Tim had gone. "I'm starving. Catch up with you two in a bit."

Danny chuckled at his dramatics. "Have fun." He watched in amusement as Jason rolled his eyes and walked off after his brother.

His attention turned to Cass as she tapped his arm. "He's at your two o'clock," she pointed out quietly. Her direction was accurate to a T, and Danny made a mental note to thank her for her help later; he knew she wasn't a fan of speaking in front of large groups of people, so it meant a lot that she chose to help him now.

Martian Manhunter was sitting at one of the many round tables with Black Canary, Green Arrow, and, aw hell, Superman. The son of Metropolis still rubbed Danny the wrong way, even though logically he knew the hero had good intentions. Despite not getting along with all of the Batkids, he at least knew where they stood. Superman had come out of nowhere and acted holier-than-thou about the whole situation, and still never apologized.

He'd get over it eventually, but for now, Danny held a cautious grudge.

From the bits and pieces of hero gossip he'd picked up from some of the villains and Batkids, he was fairly certain Black Canary and Green Arrow were married. Arrow hailed from Star City, which was where Canary was also often found, but he didn't know much about them outside of what the general Gotham public did.

That is to say, Gotham had enough of its own villains and heroes to keep track of, so all but the most public league figures negated to be front page worthy.

The world kept spinning and Gotham kept being ground zero. Danny doubted that would ever change.

His thoughts and feet abruptly stopped in their tracks as his path was blocked by someone stepping in front of him. From her perfect posture and the confidence in her steps when she paused before him, Danny wondered if she was a model or actress. She walked like she was the most important person on the stage.

"Hello there, handsome," the woman purred, her green hair tumbling over her shoulder as she leaned towards him. "Danny, is it? I'm Fire, but you can call me Bea." She winked at him.

Danny's eyes widened. Sure, this wasn't the first time someone had flirted with him on the job, but in front of half the Justice League? "Uh… it's nice to meet you, Bea." He ignored Cass' quiet giggles from behind him. "Unfortunately, I'm here on business…" He trailed off, dipping his head towards the table he'd been heading to.

Bea let out a quiet "ah" in understanding. A man on a mission. I would not want to keep you from completing your goal… she trailed off, giving him an appreciative once over. "When you are done, you should find me. My room is on level seven." With a wave of her fingers, Bea brushed past him on her way out of the cafeteria. Danny turned to watch her leave, using the movement to also glare at Cassandra.

"Traitor," he hissed.

She shrugged, not bothering to hide her laughter.

With a shake of his head and a heavy sigh, Danny finally reached his destination. "Sorry to interrupt your meal—"

"Hah, after that bit of entertainment? I think you've earned the right," Arrow chuckled and shot him a thumbs up. Canary rolled her eyes, but it was obvious the other two men were trying to hide their own smiles.

He wasn't about to be baited by arrow, but he understood now why the hero was known for being much more lighthearted than some of the others. (Boxing glove arrows, really?)

"Careful, or you'll be the center of the next free entertainment on this space station," she calmly said. "I do need a volunteer for my defense class today."

"Shutting up now," Arrow quickly said.

"Anyways, I need to speak with Martian Manhunter, if you have the time," Danny finally was able to finish, directing the last part to the man in question.

"I am unsure what it is that I can help you with, Danny Johnson, but yes, we may talk." He nodded his head to the space across from him at the table. "You may sit if you wish."

"Ah, actually… I can't speak about this in front of a crowd. I prefer not to divulge any of the children's personal details to uninvolved parties." Danny's brow furrowed. "Especially since there's probably several people in here with enhanced hearing."

"A child?" Manhunter echoed. "I do not understand. You are known for seeking out villains for meeting sick children, and clearly I do not fit that parameter."

Danny smiled wistfully. "I didn't always do this job just for finding villains, he explained. "In fact, I was on the team that organized a few Justice League outreaches. I'm just the only one who was crazy enough to take a request for a villain seriously." He shrugged. "You've never done one though, so my boss thought I might be able to convince you to."

"Your boss?" Superman cut in, sounding skeptical.

Danny tried his hardest to keep from replying with his normal level of sarcasm. He was not trying to get on the League's bad side for publicly pissing off their golden boy. "You weren't there for that conversation, but all requests are vetted by him now, so consider that as one point in your favor." From the sudden clarity in his blue gaze, Danny knew that Superman understood who he was talking about.

"Right, because some pencil pusher knows enough about Manhunter to approve of him, just like that?" Green Arrow muttered before realizing he had said it out loud and they had all heard him. "Uh, no offense." Canary seemed less than impressed and elbowed him in the side.

"I'll let him know you said that," Danny replied innocently.

Martian Manhunter had been observing them all intently with his deep red gaze. "Alright. I'm convinced," he cracked a small smile himself. "I will hear you out."


"After I finish my meal."

Danny sheepishly ran his hand through his hair. "Okay, that's fair."

Danny and Cass waited outside, neither of them a fan of the busy cafeteria. In the meantime, she had added him to the Watchtower's Wi-Fi, so he was able to pass the time by take taking care of a few business calls. Silently he wondered why Cass had remained with him—he knew Tim was still on the Watchtower because his name hadn't echoed through the loudspeaker again, and Cass had seemed intrigued by Canary's training session. However, he'd learned from his time with her that less was more, and he wasn't about to break the easy quiet they'd lulled into with a barrage of questions.

If Cass wanted conversation, she'd start it. Danny was fine with that.

They finally both looked up as someone exited the cafeteria, although he could tell that Cass had reacted far before him thanks to the way she'd tensed.

The woman quickly approaching them had platinum blonde hair and was in blue and white bodysuit. That was all Danny had time to notice before she was up in his face, shaking her finger in warning as frost began to creep up her arm.

"I don't know what Fire was saying to you, but know this, Villain Wrangler: if you hurt my best friend, there is nowhere you will be able to—"

He stared in confusion as she quickly stopped speaking, but a glance down him see why. Cass was holding a bo-staff to the woman's throat with a glare that had him fearing she would spontaneously develop laser vision.

"No fights outside of the training rooms," she said in a deadly soft voice.

Danny did his best impression of a statue while the two women had a stare down until the blonde huffed and looked away in defeat.

"Uh… am I good to move now?" He asked after an awkwardly long moment stretched out. At Cass' sharp nod, he stepped back and glanced between the two, wondering if he should try and calm things down or escape while he could.

Escape seemed like a good idea. He didn't fancy being frozen in the crossfire.

"Damn… what'd I miss?"

Danny flinched at Jason spoke up without warning behind him, nearly biting his tongue in the process. "I hate it when you guys do that!"

Jason stared at him in confusion as he took a large bite out of a chocolate chip cookie he had wrapped in a napkin. "You're strange and I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Uh-huh." Danny didn't sound impressed.

"Right… well, Manhunter's on his way out, so be ready to deal with that instead of… whatever's going on here." Jason shook his head. "You end up in the weirdest situations, man."

Danny narrowed his eyes. "You're one to talk. You have like twenty adopted siblings, a mega-rich dad, and you're a secret vigilante."

"And I died, don't forget that!"

Danny blinked slowly as that information sank in and turned away in shock as the person he was awaiting finally exited the cafeteria. "Okay, we're coming back to this conversation later."

Martian Manhunter surveyed the scene before him and shook his head like he had caught naught children with their hands in the cookie jar. "I won't ask, but I suggest you all go your separate ways for now. Danny Johnson, if you're ready?"

The cold woman (literally) huffed and stalked off. Cass shrugged and twirled her staff. "Wanna spar, Jay?"

"Ah, what the hell. Sure." He finished his cookie, stuffed the napkin in his jacket pocket and wiped his hands on his jeans. "Winner buys McDonald's?" Cass grinned in agreement, so Jason glanced back at Danny. "Meet us on level five when you're done."

"Roger that," Danny saluted him and then turned to follow the Martian Manhunter down the hall.

Danny would be the first to admit he was a fairly chatty guy.

Manhunter was the first requested wishee that he had absolutely no idea how to make small talk with. And that was saying something, considering he'd met Batman.

Like, what did you even say to a Martian who could read your mind? Wouldn't he know what you were going to say before you even said it?

(…now that he thought about it, that wouldn't be his worst ever conversation starter.)

Manhunter chuckled when Danny voiced his question. "Not to worry. I have not read your mind since you arrived."

"…That makes it sound like you already have before." Danny pointed out.

"That is true," the green giant agreed. "You woke up and were delirious after we transported you to the watchtower when you were shot. I helped soothe your mind and keep you asleep during the operation."

"Oh. Huh. Well, thank you." Danny didn't know what to think. He hadn't ever asked what had happened to himself that day since he'd been too focused on the safety and outcome of the kid who'd been kidnapped. It was strange now hearing about it from someone involved.

"You're very welcome." He came to a stop in front of a sliding door and gestured to it. "After you?"

Once inside the conference room, Danny didn't wait to be prompted before launching into the matter at hand. He pulled up the file on his phone and handed it to Manhunter. "Here you go, if you want to take a look at it yourself. There's a young girl who got injured in an attack some time ago and you were one of the League members who ended it." Danny shrugged. "She wants a chance to see you and say hello, so she used a wish to do it because that was the only way she knew how to reach you."

"There is a note here saying the League should have a public twitter account to manage these requests in the future so they aren't overlooked?" Manhunter sounded confused.

Danny cringed. "My bad. I remove my comments from my reports when I print these out."

Manhunter hummed in thought and continued reading. Danny fell silent and waited patiently for him to finish.

"Why have you and your organization finally decided to seek me out now?" He finally asked, curiosity evident in his voice.

"Several reasons," Danny sighed. "It is true that they assumed you would say no considering your absences at larger League meet and greets. I think previously there may also have been some prejudice involved in the decision. Personally… I don't care much for the politics of it all."

"I believe that is evident with your new title." Was that a joke? Manhunter had sass, who knew?

He wasn't about to argue against the nickname to Martian Manhunter though. "I suppose, but I just focus on these kids. If it's a reasonable request that doesn't jeopardize their safety, I do my best to fulfill their wishes."

"Tell me about this girl?"

"Her name is Aileen, she's eleven. She was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down after debris from a battle against Toyman fell on her and pinned her, but she's been relearning to walk and is steadily improving. There's a picture of her if you scroll to the bottom—she's put hero stickers all over her leg braces."

Manhunter smiled and chuckled. "So she has." He glanced up from the phone to study Danny. "And you need a response by when?"

"Sooner is always better, so I can set up the meeting and work out the details with her care team."

"Understandable." Manhunter handed Danny his phone back. "Please feel free to begin making arrangements to suit their convenience. My availability is flexible."

Danny stared blankly at the phone in his hand for a moment before shaking himself free of his surprise. That was far easier than he thought it'd be. "Alright, I'll let them know. Aileen will for sure be thrilled."

"I find myself anticipating this meeting as well." Manhunter nodded at him. "I am required back in the control center, so I will take my leave now. Thank you for your time, Danny Johnson."

Danny watched him leave with a budding sense of satisfaction… before he realized without a guide, he had no idea how to get to level five where Cass and Jason were.

When in doubt, call for a Bat. With no Bat Signal in sight, Danny settled for calling Jason on his phone.

"Danny, what'dya want?"

"How do I get from level seven to where you're at?"

"…we'll be there in a few minutes."