So, my other story that's currently updating has been stalled by my terrible writing, so here's... whatever this is. Yay?

With great power comes great responsibility – X-Ray and Vav, Chapter 2

It's another lazy afternoon after school as I enter Tukson's Book Trade. I make a beeline for the comics section, because a new chapter of X-Ray and Vav was released today! The big Faunus man chuckles as he sees me go.

"You here for the new Chapter, Jaune?"

I grin in response.

"You know it!"

Tukson recoils dramatically.

"Woah there, kid! Turn down that smile! You just about blinded me with it!"

I laugh at his terrible joke as my eyes trace the comics on the shelves… woah! There's a copy of Chapter Two here! I never got a chance to read that one! But… I only have enough money for one chapter, and my allowance is given on a weekly basis. If I get Chapter Two, I'll be a chapter behind everyone, and that means SPOILERS!

Oh well. I've gone this far without reading Chapter Two, what could it hurt?

As I walk back home, I'm thoroughly engrossed in the comic, so much so that I don't see a red blur in front of my before I collide with it. I go sprawling, mind in a daze. Crap, did I just get hit by a car!? I reflexively activate my semblance, and just barely catch a girl's voice saying "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry are you oka-"

And then, time reverses. A few seconds earlier, I take two steps to the left, to avoid the… car I guess?

And then, I am promptly impacted by a red blur.

"Oh my gosh it happened again I thought I move-"

Time reverses. I can just make out the face of a cute redhead a few years younger than me. So not a car, but a speed semblance? In any case, I take four steps to the right this time. That should do it.

The red blur impacts me again. Hey, is this girl a heat-seeking missile or something?

"Ok, seriously I'm so sorry I was sure I corrected for it this time-"

Time reverses. Let's just take a different route home. I stand up at Tukson's bookstore, buy the comic again, and make my way home. This time around I have an uneventful trip.

Oh right, I should probably explain. My semblance is time travel. I can go back in time however far I want, though I've never gone farther back than an hour. I discovered it during initiation at Signal, and it's pretty much the only reason I didn't fail. It's pretty useful, honestly! I can even use it to help me on tests!

Wait. Hang on. That sounded wrong. It's not like I look at the answers to tests and then go back! I just look at the test to make sure I study the right stuff and then go back. It's not cheating! Really! I'm not a bad person!

In any case... my name is Jaune Arc, and Time Travel has made my life fantastic!

It's another lazy day after school as I finally put the finishing touches on my baby~! With a final click as I precisely slip the Dust core into place and close the hatch, Crescent Rose is complete! I smile as I fold it into its carrying position which is SO COOL and slip it onto my back.

Oh my gosh it feels like I'm a real huntress!

"Uncle Qrow! It's finished! I'm gonna get some dust to shoot with!"

He gives a lazy wave as I dash out of the building in a storm of petals.

I dash through the streets of Vale at top speed, apologizing to pedestrians as I barely avoid them.

"Sorry! Sorry! So sorry! Excuse me!"

Then I round a corner and slam into someone at full speed.

I immediately start to apologize. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry are you oka-"

And then I feel it. The familiar tugging sensation. Time reverses by about five seconds. Ugh, not again!

Oh well, at least I can dodge him this time! I move slightly to the right as a fly down the street.

And then, we collide a second time.

"Oh my gosh it happened again I thought I move-"

And then time reverses a second time. Please don't make me be trapped in this stupid loop for hours again. I move to the left, a bit further this time. Third time's the charm?

And yet again we collide. Is this guy trying to get hit by me or something?

"Ok, seriously I'm so sorry I was sure I corrected for it this time-"

And then, time reverses. Here we go again…


I look around, getting my bearings. I'm back at Signal? Anyways, what was that… noise…

I look down at the now fractured dust core.

"I hate my life…"

The entire annex for weapons crafting shakes as the dust core detonates.

I suppose I should explain. My name is Ruby Rose, and since about two years ago I have been experiencing random bouts of time travel. There's never any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes I go back a few seconds, sometimes it's an hour. Sometimes I have to repeat the same events for as many as twenty loops.

My name is Ruby Rose, and time travel is ruining my life.

So yeah. This is a thing. I guess to some extent it's a jab at the "Time Travel Jaune" stories or something?

I don't really mean it to be an attack or anything though. More just a funny story that I can update as the mood strikes me. I'm currently trying to work out the next chapter for A Hollow Remnant, but it's being a bit troublesome to find a good stopping point.

Basically, this is a story where Jaune unlocks the Time Travel abilities we all know he OBVIOUSLY has while testing into Signal. This basically lets him cheese his way through hunter school through liberal use of his OP semblance.

Meanwhile, Ruby ends up looking like a clumsy idiot because for some UNKNOWN REASON, she keeps getting shot backwards in time to seemingly random points with no rhyme or reason.

Why Ruby? ...Because she's the actual main character of the series?

Or maybe it's because when I first had this idea all we knew about the [Silver Eyes] was that they somehow froze the dragon on top of Beacon so obviously they must be TIMEY WIMEY EYES. It's the only option.

No but seriously this is just an excuse for me to turn this into a Lancaster fic hehe xd

What? Yes it's Lancaster! Didn't you see the THREE cliche colliding love interest scenes?