"How was your date?"

She froze slightly at Trent's question. He had asked causally enough while strolling into the Lane kitchen and searching the cabinets for coffee. Daria was already seated at the table sipping on some tea that she had brought with her. Jane was changing after her run and a shower. She looked at his long and lean figure that still faced the empty cabinets in the dwindling hopes of finding what he wanted.

"I have some more tea if you want some."

He retrieved the tea box from her outstretched hand giving her a thankful smile. The water that she had heated was still hot so he used it and sat down across from her. She felt rather than saw the expectation for an answer.

"It was fine."



"You talk to your folks about New York?"
She shrugged. He was thoughtful for a moment.

"I could talk to them if you would like."

They both smiled at that and both silently disregarded it.

"Don't worry. I've got a plan."

"Sounds mischievous." He looked at her over his cup. She seemed more like her old self these days. It was a good sign.

"Not really. I'm going to be honest- or at least as honest as I possibly can be while giving them as much reassurance as possible."

"Good for you."

They drank their tea in companionable silence.

Morgendorffer residence…

"Go ahead and tell me what you want Daria," her mother suggested as she watched Daria set the table for dinner.

"Jane won a trip to New York and I want to go with her."

Helen sighed. Contrary to popular relief, she didn't relish saying no to her kids and further alienating them.

Daria weighed her options on what to say for a moment.

"My best friend won this trip and she wants me to go, what's more…I want to go. I promise that I will be really responsible and I will call to check in and make sure that you know that I'm okay." She held her breath waiting and wondering whether or not she should have come up with a much more elaborate plan.

"I trust you Daria, but you are still my baby girl, no matter how old you get," she added before Daria could say anything. "I also recognize that you are an exceptional young lady in your own right. So….. as long as I have your itinerary and you check in and I mean every evening, I suppose that it would be okay. I presume that Trent will be the 'adult' in charge?"

Daria nodded with slight surprise registering on her face. Apparently her mother paid more attention to what was going on than she thought.

"I will need to speak with him as well."

"So I can go?"

Helen gave a slight nod.

"What's the catch?"

"No catch…as long as you conduct yourself to be the mature young lady that your father and I know that you are then everything should be fine."

Daria made to leave, but hesitated slightly, then a bit awkwardly spoke to her mother.

"Thanks mom."

Helen didn't even raise a brow while refolding a napkin.

"You're welcome dear."

Daria left for upstairs with what anyone looking closely could consider something reminiscent of a smile.

I'm going to New York with my best friends!