Fifty Shades of Trouble

Summary: What if there was a fourth Grey child? Broken from a past much similar to Christian's, Letty was a timid young child, but as she grows, the teenage Juliette turns out to be nothing more than Fifty Shades of Trouble. How would having a teenage sister change Fifty during the Fifty Shades Trilogy? How would he handle seeing his sister spiral dangerously close to his rock bottom?

AN: So the beginning of this story is pretty much a series of one-shots of the important moments in the life of little Juliette, but it'll turn into a storyline once she's at the age I want her to be for the bulk of the story and will focus more on Juliette and Christian. So the story will flow better when it gets to that point.

Also, I've never attempted to write much in the Fifty category, so this is all new to me. I've done a lot of reading in this series, and of course read the trilogy a few times, and seen the movie more times than I care to admit (because let's face it: Fifty is HOT). Bear with me if some of the characters seem out-of-character, especially at younger ages before the real story starts.

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Anyway, I hope you all enjoy reading about Juliette and watching her eventually irritate our favorite guy as much as I have enjoyed coming up with her. I take credit for Letty, and only Letty. The rest of the characters and storyline are not of my own imagination.

Chapter 1: Just One More?

"Please believe that one single positive dream is more important than a thousand negative realities."

Adeline Yen Mah, Chinese Cinderella

Grace POV

It had been a difficult day at the hospital. Anytime I had to handle an abuse case, it took a toll on me. This little one though, she had reminded me much more of my middle child than any one I had ever met. The EMTs had found her in a tiny apartment in the worst part of Seattle. She was three, just barely though, and sitting between her two parents, both with bullets through their skulls.

When she first arrived, the amount of blood covering the child had us terrified she had been stabbed or had her own gunshot. As we cleaned her up though, we noticed the blood wasn't hers. That didn't mean she had experienced any less trauma. Her entire tiny body was littered in bruises, welts, cuts, burns, and just signs of being severely abused for years. She wouldn't speak, and I was the only one she would let touch her.

The minute I held that baby girl in my arms, I knew where she belonged. It was the same tug at my heart my three older children had caused. I wanted this child. I wanted for her to be our new daughter, for Carrick and I to show her the love she so desperately deserved. That is what led me to my current task: convincing my husband.

He was in his office at home, as he often was anytime before dinner. He worked so hard, but it shoed through. He and I were able to live, and give our children, a very privileged lifestyle. Some of that was inheritance, but a lot of it came from hard work on both of our parts.

I entered the office and my husband smiled at me, immediately swooping me into my arms and kissing me. "I've missed you." He told me.

"As I've missed you." I agreed. "Unfortunately, we need to talk about something rather serious."

"I know that look." My husband sighed. "Gracie, we've got three beautiful children. Christian is already proving to be difficult in his adolescence and he's just turned fifteen, and Elliot, well, he's not the easiest child either and any attention we have left goes to Mia…"

"Cary, just hear me out." I held my hands up, trying to stop my husband's little spill on why we didn't need another child. "I know that we've got our hands fairly full already but she's…she needs someone. I've had the feeling I have around her three times in my life. The first was when Elliot was brought into the ER after being found. I held that baby and I knew he was mine. That he was ours. The next time was when they brought in Christian. I couldn't touch him, but I knew from the way he looked at me, from how his eyes met mine, that he was meant for us too. Then there was Mia. Sweet little Mia, who I held in the NICU as she went through withdraws. I knew from the day I laid eyes on the baby that one belonged with us. I have that feeling with this little girl as well."

"Tell me about her." My husband simply offered.

"She's three they believe." I told him. "But she's very, very small for her age. She looks just under two. She's very malnourished and is in very bad physical shape. They beat her Cary. I mean they really beat this baby girl. About 95% of her body is covered in bruises, welts, cuts, burns, anything you could imagine. She's terrified of people, even other children. She won't speak to or let anyone touch her except for me. She's as bad as Christian unless I'm the one trying to hold her or talk to her. When I do hold that little one in my arms, I feel a sense of completeness. She's a beautiful child as well. She seems to have a naturally tan complexion, but the bruising could be accounting for that, and she's got the prettiest shade of caramel brown hair. She's got grey eyes, that I've only ever seen on one other person; Christian. She belongs with us. I love the child, and you'll love her too once you meet her."

"What's her name?" Carrick asked, his interest seemed to be caught now. That was a good sign.

"Juliette, but she prefers to be called Letty." I smiled, thinking about the little girl.

"You really want this one?" He asked. "You really think she should be our daughter?"

"I'm as sure as I was with all three of the others." I told him.

"Well I guess I should meet her, and then get to work on the paperwork as soon as possible." Carrick told me.

"You're sure that you're okay with this?" I asked him softly.

"If you're sure, like you were with the others, then I'm sure." He smiled as he kissed my forehead.

"You know, the boys and Mia are all at friends' houses for the night. I was going to take Juliette some dinner that is not hospital food. Why don't you join me?" I offered.

"What were you going to take her for dinner?" He asked me as he stood up, and pulled me up from the couch in the process.

"I was thinking I should make her the macaroni and cheese that our children always loved so much when they were younger. It doesn't take that long and I think she would like it." I smiled. "That and some chocolate chip cookies. She deserves a treat."

Carrick actually helped me cook, something he hadn't done in a while. He was good at making breakfast, but lunches and dinners were either mine or the housekeeper's specialty. He was a good help with the macaroni but when it came to the cookies, my husband was letting his boy-like side show, something he hadn't had show since the boys started giving us trouble, but he was getting flower all over me, and himself. We would need a shower before we left, and a change of clothes.

Once the cookies were finished and cooling, and the macaroni and cheese was sitting on the counter to let the cheese on top melt, Carrick and I made our way up to our bedroom. We quickly got showered and into clean clothes. My husband settled on a blue pullover that made his eyes look even brighter than usual, and a pair of khakis. I wore a blue sweater dress, almost the same shade as Carrick's pullover, with a pair of leggings and boots. I actually hadn't tried to coordinate with my husband, but we looked like we had planned this out.

We got the cookies and macaroni into tuber ware and finally headed out and towards the hospital. I was excited to see Juliette, because in all honesty, I hadn't wanted to leave her when my shift ended, but I couldn't help the nerves I had at her meeting my husband. So far she had been the most weary around men. I just hoped my presence would soothe her.

Carrick stopped before we reached the hospital, at a toy store. "I'll be back." He told me.

I watched my husband a little baffled as he left me in the car to go inside, but he returned just moments later with a bag in hand, which he passed to me when he climbed inside.

I peaked in the bag and smiled. My husband had found a plush stuffed wolf, not a frightening one, but a cute grey wolf with blue eyes, and a blanket with pink elephants on it.

"I remembered how much Christian's blanket helped him at first, and every child deserves a stuffed toy they can hold when they get frightened." My husband explained as he began the drive again. "Let's face it, the ones in the hospital gift shop aren't as soft as these."

The remainder of the short drive to Seattle Children's was fairly quiet. Carrick parked in my designated spot and thanks to my ID, we got to go in the staff entrance and were at the floor Juliette was on in a heartbeat. For a moment, we just stood outside her room, looking in through the window. She had no idea we were there. She was simply curled up on her side, facing the window, probably watching the rain drizzle. It tended to soothe many of my patients who were in the hospital.

"She's so little." My husband whispered. "I thought Mia was small for her age when she was that young, but she's…"

"Exceptionally tiny?" I supplied. "She's about the size of a nineteen month old, aside from being too light. She's 2'7'' and only 19 pounds. She should be at least 26 to be considered the bare minimum of a normal weight for that height. Most children her age are around 3'1'' and 37 pounds. She could catch up to kids as she gets older but I think she'll probably always be very small for her age."

"Dr. Trevelyan?" A voice had me turn around to see one of my residents.

"Dr. Richey." I greeted the young doctor. She had graduated high school and fifteen, college in two years at seventeen, and medical school at twenty-one. That put her at twenty-two and the youngest resident I had ever taught. She was also exceptionally gifted when it came to children, making her one of my favorites.

"I thought you had the night off tonight. I came to check on little Juliette. It's also time for another dose of the pain medication, so a nurse is going to bring that." She told me.

"I do have tonight off. Dr. Richey, this is my husband Carrick. Carrick, this is Megan Richey, the youngest and most promising pediatric resident I've ever taught." I told my husband causing the young doctor to blush.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." My husband told her as she shook his hand.

"Carrick and I brought dinner for Juliette." I told her. "Is she warming up to anyone else?"

"No." Megan sighed. "No, you seem to still be the only one. She finally quit crying when I come in the room, but I've had to make Ryan, I mean Dr. Laurence, leave her to me. She's terrified of him still as well as a few of the nurses. She's warmed up to Amanda so she switched to be her night nurse instead of Abbie."

"Has she spoken to you or Abbie?" I asked softly.

"She asked for you." Megan admitted. "She was wondering where you went. She'll be excited to see you."

"Oh, Dr. Trevelyan." Amanda, another young one to already be working, a registered nurse at twenty-two wasn't that uncommon, but Amanda had two years of experience coming into her job here, which was uncommon.

"I came to bring her dinner. Amanda, you remember Carrick, right?" I offered.

"Of course. It's nice to see you again Mr. Grey." She told my husband.

"Carrick is fine." My husband chuckled. "Mr. Grey makes me feel old."

"Do you have the pain medicine for her?" I asked Amanda.

"I do. I was also going to see if I could get her to drink a pediasure. Should I give that to you for her to have with her dinner?" She offered.

"Yes, the chocolate one is usually the favorite so we'll try that." I agreed.

"I'll go get it. Do you want me to give her the medicine or do you want to do it?" Amanda asked.

"I'll do it." I told her. "Carrick, why don't you wait out here? She doesn't like the medicine and if we want her to trust you, we should give her a positive first encounter."

"I'll hold all this stuff and wait on the pediasure." He assured me.

"Alright you guys, thank you for keeping watch over her. I'm glad you all found two others she could be comfortable with. She's alright Audrey, but she's only a day nurse." I told them.

"Anytime Dr. Trevelyan." Megan told me.

"I'll be right back." Amanda assured us as she handed me the bottle of medicine and a medicine cup before turning to leave.

"I'll motion you in once she's calmed down." I assured my husband.

He nodded so I turned and entered Juliette's room. She turned and perked up at the sight of me. "I'm just going to wash my hands quickly Darling, then I'll be right there."

I made sure my hands were clean, and warmed up a bit, before making my way to the toddler. She offered me a tiny little smile. "Where were you Dr. Gracie?" She asked, her r's still resembling w's which melted my heart.

"I'm sorry Darling, I had to go home." I told her softly as I sat on the ledge of her bed and slowly reached to brush a strand of hair out of her face, happy when she barely flinched this time. She was even getting better with physical contact when it came to me, and it had only been a day.

"I missed you." She admitted as she bit her lip, but a tear rolled down her cheek, which she was quick to wipe away.

"It's alright Darling, it's okay to miss someone." I assured her. "Now, you have some medicine you need to take to make your ouchies not hurt so bad. Can you be a very brave girl and swallow some of the medicine for me?"

"Don't want to." She whimpered.

"I know you don't Darling, but it'll make you feel better." I promised.

"Please don't make me." She told me with tears in those big grey eyes. Her l's were similar to w's as well, and it made my heart break at the thought of giving her something she didn't like, but like with my kids at home when I had to give them medicine, I knew it would make her feel better so I couldn't budge.

"You get a special treat if you take the medicine." I bribed her with a smile.

"A treat?" She asked, hopefully.

"You'll have to wait to see what it is until after you take the medicine, but three treats actually." I smiled, referring to the stuffed wolf, Blankie, and cookies. I wouldn't call pediasure a treat, but I guess that could be considered a treat to some kids. It was just like chocolate milk.

She didn't look happy about it, but nodded, telling me she would take the medicine, so I measured it out and handed the child the little cup. She reached and pinched her nose before drinking it as quickly as she possibly could, making an adorable, disgusted face in the process.

"There you go Darling, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked her as I handed her the glass of water that had been sitting on the table by her bed.

She simply shrugged.

"Now, as promised you will get treats but the person who has those treats would also like to meet you. His name is Carrick and he's my husband. I'll be with you two the whole time, but would it be okay with you if he came in to meet you?" I asked.

"Okay." She told me, but her eyes told a different story. She was terrified. My husband had learned how to be extremely gentle through raising Christian though, so I didn't fear he would do anything to frighten her.

I looked to the window and motioned for Carrick to come in. He smiled as he walked in the room, one bag in each hand.

"Letty, this is my husband Carrick." I told her as he approached, stopping a safe distance away as he noted the heart monitor picking up at his presence. "Carrick, this is Letty."

"Hello Sweetheart." My husband's voice was very gentle, much more gentle than it had been recently with the strain of work and the boys acting out, but it was hard not to be gentle around Letty. It was almost like you were around the most delicate piece of glass in the world, that you felt like even breathing wrong would break it.

"Carrick and I brought you dinner as well as a few treats." I smiled. "Let's eat first and then you get two presents and a yummy treat for your tummy."

Carrick pulled out the macaroni and cheese as well as the bottle of pediasure Amanda had brought and slowly approached us, setting the food on the table. Letty's eyes never left him as he did this, but her heartrate didn't increase like it had at first.

I think I made the right choice in making the macaroni and cheese. She ate much more of it than she had the hospital hamburger earlier. She also seemed to enjoy the pediasure, so the chocolate had been a good choice as well. She was back to being silent with Carrick in the room, but she listened as we spoke and she wasn't in tears. That was an improvement. Every other male that had been around her had sent her into a fit of tears.

"Now for your treat." Carrick smiled as he pulled out the tin of cookies. "This is Gracie's super secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies. No one in the entire world makes them as tasty as she does."

"I call her Gracie too." Letty's voice was so quiet it was barely audible, but the big thing was, she had spoken in front of someone else. And a man at that.

"Well that must mean you're a very special girl. Grace only lets very special people call her Gracie." Carrick told the little one as he handed her a cookie.

"You know Letty" I began as I accepted a cookie from my husband "I bet Carrick wouldn't mind if you called him Cary like I do. It's a little easier than Carrick. Would you mind Cary?" I looked to my husband.

"Of course not." Carrick told Letty with a smile as the child literally perked up as she ate a bite of the cookie. "And only special people get to call me Cary."

After the cookie, Carrick pulled out the stuffed wolf and the blanket. "And these are for you Darling." I smiled.

"You can name this guy whatever you want, and we thought you might like a blanket that was more fun than the boring hospital ones." Carrick told her.

Letty's smile was wider than I had seen from her yet as she accepted the stuffed wolf and the Blankie from my husband, immediately curling up with the items.

"What do you think you're going to name your wolf?" I asked her.

"Can I name him Cary?" She asked, looking to Carrick and then to me. I wasn't sure why she had chosen that name, perhaps because Carrick had given the wolf to her, but I found it adorable.

"Of course you can Darling." I agreed.

"I've always wanted a wolf named after me." Carrick told the child, full sincerity in his voice.

Gradually, and slowly, Letty warmed up to Carrick. I wasn't sure why, seeing as my presence hadn't allowed her to warm up to any of the other men she had come across. Maybe it was due to my husband's gentle nature, maybe it was due to her stuffed wolf 'Cary' that she seemed to adore, or maybe she could tell that he cared for her a great deal. Either way, it delighted me. I could tell Letty was slowly wrapping my husband around her little finger, just by the way he looked at her. It was with a sense of awe and admiration, the way he looked at Mia when she was younger. By the end of our visit, which I decided had gone on long enough only when Letty was close to falling asleep, she even allowed Carrick to squeeze her little hand.

"Will you come back?" She asked him, but quickly looked down, seemingly embarrassed from asking the question.

"Of course I will." Carrick assured her with a gentle smile.

"I'll be back in the morning Darling. Try and get some rest tonight. Amanda is here if you need anything." I told the little girl as I hugged her gently, careful not to press on her bruised skin.

"Bye Dr. Gracie." She whispered.

It broke my heart to leave her alone. I was half-tempted to at least sleep in an on-call room in case the little one needed me, but Carrick and I needed to discuss some things tonight with the kids gone, mainly about filing for custody of Letty, and preparing a room for her. I had no doubt in my mind that my husband was fully capable of getting custody of this little girl for us, the real question was when would that happen. I just hoped it would go smoothly, like Elliot and Mia's adoptions, and she wouldn't have to be placed in the foster system for any amount of time like poor Christian had been.

Carrick and I didn't speak until we reached the privacy of the car, but as soon as we were in the car, I turned to look at him. "Well?" I asked him.

"I understand what you meant about that feeling." He told me.

"I could tell you liked her from the minute you saw her." I admitted.

"She's impossible not to feel protective over. She needs people who can keep her safe." He told me as he pulled out of the parking garage.

"So what do you say, can we have just one more?" I smiled.

"I'll start the paperwork and speak with a judge tomorrow." He agreed.