Princess Miko and Peasant Demon

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"You're so kind young lady," the old woman thanked.

"It's nothing at all. I just wish I can do more for the people here," I said. I gave the old woman blankets and food as well as a few gold coins. "I hope that's enough."

The old woman chuckled. "It's more than enough. I thank you once again." With that, she walked into her home where two children awaited. My heart twisted with pain when I saw the children eat greedily as if the food would be taken away.

But I refused to let that bring me down. I continued on to pass out the baskets of food, blankets, and a few coins. By the afternoon, I was done and exhausted. But inside, I was happy to know that I made some differences in the lives of my people.

I looked around and spotted a tree. I sighed and walked over to it. I sat down in its cool shade and sat down to rest.


I watched her from afar. She was passing out food, blankets, and some coins to the people in the village. Keh, I couldn't believe it. A noble, caring for the poor people in the village when they could be at home with their fancy stuff. But here she was, modest and asking if it was enough.

I was curious about this strange noble girl, so I followed her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a stalker or anything, but there was something about her that made me. well I dunno.

Anyways, when she ran out of stuff, I saw her go under the shade of a tree. *My* tree. She fell asleep in the hot afternoon, unaware that something was coming. Keh, I could smell them a mile away. It was one of the gangs that terrorized the village.

They noticed the girl sleeping under the tree and walked over. One of them talked to the others. I think he may have seen her earlier when she was passing out the stuff. Now they ran towards her.

I don't know why, but I felt that I had to protect this girl. One of them brought out a knife and stepped towards the girl. I then jumped out from where I hid. My body seemed to be moving by itself.

The gang was taken back when I jumped out, but now they all brought out a weapon and were ready to attack me. "Go away and I'll let you live," I growled. They laughed.

"Why would a hanyou be protecting a *human*?" their leader snarled.

"You all know this is *my* tree. Anything on it, around it, under it, whatever, is mine." I unsheathed my own sword.

"Where did you get that sword from?" the leader asked. "Steal it from someone?"

"It was my father's."

"Then he must've stole it. Well no worries, we'll take it off your hands when we're done with you."

"Don't you *dare* talk about my father like that!" My father had never stolen a thing! He was an honest youkai who had died in battle and left me this little treasure. I was the one who stole, not my father. He had honor, I don't.

The group charged forward and I put myself between them and the girl. She didn't even wake up yet. They attacked me and so I fought back. I killed a lot of them, but unfortunately, I had failed to notice that one of them had snuck around and had gotten to the girl.

By this time, she had woken up and was screaming her head off. That wasn't good for my ears. She fought back, but that didn't do much. I stabbed the man in front of me and ran over to her. I killed the one who had dared to touch her and gently thrust her behind me.

What happened next was really unexpected. I had stabbed another man, but then one just came out of no where and stabbed me! The tree was right behind me, so the sword went right through me and into the tree. Very painful.


I screamed when I saw the one who had been protecting me get stabbed through the chest. I picked up a sword from the ground and ran towards the man, sword raised. He wasn't expecting me, so he died. It was that simple.

I looked back at my protector. He was barely conscious. "Are you alright?" I must admit, once I thought about it, having a sword through your chest and implanted into a tree and then someone asking if you were alright was stupid.

"Keh," was all he said before he was unconscious. I quickly grabbed the sword and pulled. It finally came out and the hanyou who had protected me slumped down to the roots of the tree.

I quickly got water from my pouch and ripped a strip of my kimono. I then attended to his wounds. Once I bandaged his wound, I laid him down on the grass. It was then I took in his features. Silvery long hair, a triangular ears that I thought was kawaii, red clothes (A/N: I forget what they're called). I never got to see what color eyes he had.

I brushed aside his bangs that were covering his face. He groaned and his eyes fluttered open. My hand retreated and I could feel my cheeks heating up a bit. "Are you alright?" I asked.

He turned his head to look at me, and I gasped when I saw his eyes. They were a deep golden color that I couldn't stop staring at. He sat up and my mouth protested it. "Don't move! It'll reopen your wounds." He sat up anyways.

"You alright?" he asked. I blinked and looked away.

"Hai. Arigato for saving me."

"Keh, it was nothing. I had a score to settled with them anyways." I nodded, then blushed.

"Um. may I ask you something?" He gestured for me to continue. "Well, um. cam I please feel you ears?" He blinked a few times and nodded gruffly.

I hesitated, but then went straight for them. "Oh! They're so soft!" I rubbed them, forgetting about my embarrassment. I heard a strange noise coming somewhere. I looked around as I continued to rub his ears. I then realized it was coming from him.

"Are you purring?" I asked. The noise stopped abruptly.

"Iie! I'm not a cat," he retorted. I stopped rubbing his ears and stepped back.

"Whatever. Well thank helping me. I have to go now. May I have your name?"

"Inu Yasha."

"I'll be back tomorrow. I hope your wounds will heal." She walked away from my sight and then I remembered something.

I never asked for her name.