Princess Miko and Peasant Hanyou

I look forward to meeting Inu Yasha again. He acts so tough, but I know inside he is very kind. He proved it when he saved me. I walk in the village carrying money, blankets, food, and healing herbs. I continue on passing out things as I had yesterday, waiting for noon. I run towards the tree as soon as I am finish. I sit upon the roots of the big tree and wait for Inu Yasha, hoping he would come. I feel giddy remembering his ears. They were so kawaii! I felt a bit tired, but my excitment overcomes my exhaustion. But still, I feel my eyes drooping a bit. Maybe a small nap will be okay.


I watched as she passed out more things, wanting to know why she spent so much time doing so. I wonder about this girl. I was angery at myself yesterday for not asking her name, but I will find out today. She finished passing out everything when noon arrived and walked over to my tree, where we first met. I cans ee she's trying to to sleep, but exhaustion creeps upon her.

I let her nap for a few minutes before jumping down from the roof of a hut and landing beside her. I take in her delicate features and realize that she was very beautiful. I shake my head and snort. All noble women were supposed to be beautiful. But I can't help but think that she doesn't wear make up like the other noble women do. She had natural beauty.

Hoping to stop these thoughts, I gently shake her out of her sleep.


I felt someone gently shaking me awake. "Sorry for waking ya up from your beauty sleep," a familiar voice says. My eyes open to meet his golden gaze. I can feel my heart fluttering.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were here!" I apologize. I wonder how long he has been here.


"Oh!" I just remember about the healing herbs I have brought for him. "I have some healing herbs for your wound." He laughs and I am very puzzled.

"You didn't have to bring them you know. My wounds heal faster than humans," he says. I flush with embarrassment as I remember that he was part youkai. He laughs again. "But it's nice to know ya care for me." Oh, I feel so ashamed.

"I-I brought some food so we could eat as we talk," I stammered. I feel so frusturated at how I am acting, but I calmly bring out a cloth for us to sit on and laid out some food. As soon as I start eating, he gobbles up most of the food. But I did not feel disgust. I felt... happy. Maybe it was the fact that peasants did not get much food.

I took small bites out of my food, not feeling very hungry. Oh it wasn't that Inu Yasha made my appitite leave, I just didn't feel very hungry. I waited until he finished before speaking. "How's the food?"

"It's great. The cook's great!" I beamed.

"That's wonderful! I'll be sure to make more for you!" I exclaimed happily. He choked and sputtered.

"You made this!?"


"But I thought noble women didn't do everything themselves."

"Well I do."

"Don't your parents say something about it?"

"They would if they knew." He blinked but shrugged before finishing the last bit of rice.

"I forgot to ask you something yesterday."


"What's your name?" I panicked. What if he knew who I am!? Would he know the name of royalty? He probably has.

"I-" He looked at me questioningly. I took a deep breath. "My name is Kamishi."

Kamishi. Somehow, it did not suit her. I don't believe that it is her name, but I probably can't get anything out from her. She probably doesn't want her family name dishonored by being with me. "Kamishi," I tested. Yup, it really didn't taste right on my tongue.

We talked for a while about stuff in our lives, the village, our habits and such. Though I knew she had lied to me about her name, I wanted to be here with her. I felt like I was wanted when I was with her. I knew I was falling for her, but I didn't want to say anything. I'd wait until the time was right. In the meantime, I'll spend as much time as I can with her. During that time, I hope to discover the true identity of this beautiful woman.

It was near sunset and Kamishi had to leave. I didn't want her to go, but my tough attitude covered my true feelings and I acted like I didn't care. I hope I can show her my true feelings for her soon. And I hope that she will feel the same about me.

Ah! I know it's a short chapter but I dunno what to write. I'll make sure the next chapter is better. It gets better I promise!