Danny didn't know how much longer how much longer he was going to last. He was beyond exhausted. It was taking everything he had to keep himself invisible and in the air. He could turn visible to limit the strain of using his powers so much, but the last thing he wanted was somebody seeing him flying and call the cops. Eventually that would get back to the wrong people. Six hours he's been flying now. He didn't stop a single moment, not even to take care of his wounds. His wounds had stopped bleeding for the most part, the only one that was still bleeding was the one on his chest. Though if he didn't take care of the wounds soon they were going to get infected. From experience, infected wounds suck. When he had escaped, them he hadn't paid attention to where he was going. He had picked a totally random direction and flew as fast as he could. At random intervals, he changed what direction he was going so they would have a harder time tracking him.

He wasn't even sure what time it was, all he knew it was getting dark out. He really needed to stop soon. If he didn't he would pass out and fall out of the sky. He looked around tiredly, eyes half open. There! In the distance was a lot of lights. Lots of lights meant a town. A town meant a rooftop he could spend the night on. He picked up his pace a bit, he had practically been floating along. As he got closer to the town he realized it was an extremely large city. Danny's eyes went wide as he realized he was currently entering New York. Had he really flown that far? He had started the day in a facility in South Carolina.

Danny shook his head to focus himself. He needed to find the tallest building. That way nobody could look out their window and see him sleeping on a roof. The last thing he needed was the police chasing after him as well. He had enough people doing that already. He flew up higher and looked around. In the distance, a few blocks away was a really tall building. For some reason, it had a large A lit up on it. It may not be the tallest building but it was the tallest around the ones by it. Anyway, it would have to do. he could feel the strain on his core, if he didn't land soon he would be plummeting to his death. As he made it to the roof a flock of birds flew straight at him. Since he was invisible the stupid birds couldn't see him. He quickly turned himself intangible without thinking.

Doing that however put too much strain on his already tired core. As soon as he became intangible he lost control of his flight. Unfortunately, he was still was still intangible so instead of hitting the roof he fell right through it. He let out a shout of fear and held onto his intangibility for all he was worth. He did not want to become tangible inside the ceiling. As he made it through the ceiling his core reached its max. he felt himself turn back and he snapped back into visibility and became tangible. The stress, exhaustion, and pain from his wounds hit him tenfold in his human form. Danny let out a gasp of pain at the sudden influx of feelings. He passed out before he even hit the floor.

Tony and Bruce were the only two currently in the tower. Natasha was on a super-secret spy mission. Clint was off somewhere, he had something about a girlfriend. Thor was currently off world. And Steve was going on a long motorcycle ride, visiting the members of this old team that were still alive.

The two were currently in the common room discussing what they were working on in their labs. They had both just been kicked out of the lab by Pepper, even though she wasn't in the building. Using her override access code, she had Jarvis to back up her words. Jarvis had effectively locked them out of their labs for twenty-four hours.

Bruce, who had simply lost track of time in the lab, was ready to go to bed. Tony however wasn't tired in the slightest so he had dragged his science bro into a, hopefully, long conversation.

They had been talking for about an hour when it happened. They both heard a shout of fright. They both froze on the spot, who could that be? They were supposed to be alone in the tower. Then there was a flash of light and a black-haired teenager was falling from the ceiling. The kid let out a gasp before passing out second before hitting the floor. And hit the floor hard he did. They boy bounced once before rolling a couple of times, he landed face down.

"Holy shit! Where'd the kid come from?" Tony shouted in surprise. Then he noticed the small red puddle staining the carpet around him. Tony rushed to the kid "Oh man, kid's getting blood on the carpet." He complained as he picked the boy up.

"We have to get him to a hospital Tony!" Bruce said panickily.

"We can't exactly do that. Who knows if the kid is even human. He did randomly appear from the ceiling. We'll take him to a lab, you can fix him up." Tony said walking to the elevator with the boy. He noticed that the boy was more than a bit lighter than he should have been. "Plus, he might not make it to a hospital."

Bruce's voice stopped him "What lab are you going to take him Tony? Your locked lab or mine?"

Tony rolled his eyes "Please have some respect for my brilliance. When I remade this into Avenger's tower I included a medical lab. That one can never be locked for safety reasons. So are you going to help me save the bleeding kid or no?"

Bruce gave a quick nod and entered the elevator with Tony "I still say a hospital would be better. He looks pretty messed up." Bruce commented.

"Noted, but until the kid wakes up and gives us permission to take him to the hospital that notion is being vetoed." Tony told him.

Bruce let out a sigh of resignation, Tony had made up his mind. There was no charging Tony's mind once it was made up. They quickly made their way to the medical bay. As soon as they entered Tony laid the boy down on one of the beds. Bruce washed his hands, then made his way to the kid.

When Bruce got a good look at the kid he turned a bit pale. "He doesn't look so good Tony. Jesus, he has a bullet wound in his shoulder. Who in the world would do this to a kid?" As he cut the boy's shirt off of him both Bruce and Tony noticed the Y shaped cut in the boy's chest. Bruce looked like he was going to be sick while Tony looked like he wanted to murder whoever was responsible.

The more Bruce worked on him the more they found more and more wrong with him. "He has fist sized burns all over him, what could have caused this?" a few minutes of silence before he realized something "There is something green in this blood Tony." He had a moment of panic. The Hulk bled green. Did this kid somehow have connections to the Hulk? Oh, God did Ross experiment on a child?

Tony had a furious look on his face "He might not be human, but just in case Jarvis run a facial recognition on him. If he is human I want to know who he is. Bruce get me a small sample of his blood. I'll start trying to figure out what that green stuff is. When you get him all fixed up move him to one of the recovery rooms; they're just down the hall. Waking up in this room would be scary for a kid this age." Then without waiting for a response he walked out of the room. He had some work to do. While he didn't have access to his lab for a while he had plenty of other resources he could use.