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"You okay over there?"

Taylor was too busy freaking out over the fact that she hadn't freaked out to even try to respond — not that it would have mattered.

"Those are some, uh… Really complicated feelings you've got going on." Cherie wandered over and stared at me. "Doesn't seem like you're pissed at me, though, so that's good."

The ghost glared.

"Whoops, spoke too soon." Cherie flashed a smile. "But that means you're really not pissed about the blood-drinking shit, huh. Why not?"

"I wish I knew," Taylor moaned.

"And you don't know. That's… Great, really great." The vampire looked uncomfortable. "You're not, uh, discovering your inner serial killer or anything, right? You don't feel crazy enough for that, but I should probably ch- Oh, yeah, no." She glanced around. "We need to get out of here. Nobody's headed this way, but getting complacent and sticking around? That's how you get caught. We can talk when we find another alley."

Taylor could only follow.

"So. Seriously, what's up?"

Cherie was sprawled across a worn-down couch abandoned behind a warehouse. It was full of holes that had no doubt been nibbled by rats and bugs, and patches of mildew dotted the surface. Taylor wasn't sure if she envied the girl's ability to ignore the filth surrounding her or pitied it.

"You sure get distracted easily, huh? Were you always like that, or is your brain just rotting?"

Taylor froze. Cherie's grin indicated a joke, but… What if that were true? Was it possible that she was losing parts of herself as she remained a ghost?

"Whoa, calm down there. It's zombies that have rotting brains, ghost girl." Cherie rolled her eyes. "Seriously, the point of a ghost is that it's a bundle of memories wrapped in a sheet. Haven't you seen any horror movies?"

Truth be told, Taylor hadn't seen all that many horror movies, and most of the ones she'd seen hadn't featured ghosts. She also wasn't sure how useful they were when it came to the dealing with the actual reality of ghosts.

"And there you go again." Cherie flipped around to perch on her toes. Her brow was furrowed. "You're seriously scattered. Do you even remember what I wanted to talk about?"

There was something Cherie had wanted to talk about?

The blood drinking.

Taylor felt sick. How had she forgotten?

"Oh, wow." Cherie's eyes were wide. "Okay. Uh." She ran her hand through her hair. "Do you remember when you woke up as a ghost?"

Taylor nodded slowly. It had been two days ago, right?

"Okay, good. So. How much do you remember between that point and now?"

She had woken up at her grave, and… The ghost strained her memory. There had been… someone? …a man? Her father? She desperately tried to remember.


"Shit," Cherie hissed. "Okay, that… that ain't good at all." She shook her head. "You remember who I am, right?"

Taylor was able to nod immediately for that one. She was Cherie, a vampire with mind-control powers.

"Uh… close enough." The vampire winced. "So… why do you remember that, then?" She shook her head again. "Nah, guess you wouldn't know, huh?" She threw her head back and let out a sigh. "Damn, this sucks. It's like you've got some weirdass anterograde amnesia going on."

Taylor was a little surprised Cherie knew that word.

"I'm going to ignore that, 'cause I'm more interested in why you're not scared by the idea."

…She wasn't scared?

She wasn't scared.

"…Starting to wonder if I'm not the lucky one after all." Cherie gnawed on her lip. "Bein' a ghost fucks you up, huh?"

Taylor couldn't disagree.

"…Okay, tell you what. I'll try to put a priority on gettin' cleaned up." Cherie looked pained. "Maybe we can figure out something if you get to see your Dad again, like you wanted to. But, uh… Seriously, can't make any promises on how long it's gonna take me. I'll just… try harder, for all the nothin' that's gonna do. Sound good?"

Taylor was oddly touched. Maybe Cherie wasn't so bad, after all.

…But why would she be bad in the first place?

The ghost couldn't remember.