How Draco had found himself babysitting the loony Ravenclaw's shoes he had no idea. He'd just been on his way, walking past the great lake when he spotted the one and only Luna Lovegood sliding around on the frozen lake without shoes. He intended to walk right past her, but over the past months he had started to hate the little bird a bit less than he'd like.

"Goddammit, woman! What are you doing out there?" He had shouted.

Luna had glanced at him with those big blue eyes he had started to look for, and held her arms out at her sides to keep her balance. "Oh hello, Draco!" had been her reply. She always called him by his first name. He refused to admit he enjoyed it.

Draco had brought his scarf up higher around his neck. How could that nutter handle the cold? "Lovegood, what the hell are you doing?" he had asked again.

She had looked at him like it was completely obvious and replied, "Trying to talk to the merpeople, of course. Would you like to join me, Draco?"

"No I would not! Now get back get here you loon!" He had been nervous for her, damned woman walking on ice.

Luna had looked shocked at the very idea of abandoning her quest to talk to the merpeople. "I couldn't do that, Draco! I promised them I'd visit."

Draco had rolled his eyes. Of course Luna Lovegood had promised people in the lake that she'd talk to them. He then saw her bright shoes that had been carefully placed by the frozen waters edge. "Hey, Loony!" he had shouted, "At least put on your damn shoes!"

Luna had made a twirl on the ice that made Draco's stomach drop. She smiled at him. "I can't ruin my shoes, Daddy bought them for me." Then her eyes had lit up. "Draco," she called, mistily. Draco disliked how that voice made his heartbeat speed up. "you should watch my shoes!" she finished.

"No." he had replied.

Luna had gasped. "Draco!" she exclaimed. "You must! What if the Nargles try to take them again?" She had looked so heartbroken that Draco couldn't walk away. He told her he was staying only to watch her fall and possibly break her tailbone. She had called back with a happy sounding "Okay".

Draco lied, he knew why he was babysitting Luna's shoes, but he'd never admit it. So he watched, secretly content as Luna slid around the ice, stopping every few feet to shout at the ice to see if the merpeople could hear her. And he would eventually complain about how cold he was getting waiting for her to fall, but really it would be impossible because every time she looked his way he'd be warm.

Aw so cheesy I love it