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This is a translation of Russian fanfiction story "Всесокрушающая Сила Юности!" by Desmond.

Hope my skill is enough to show you the brilliance of the story.

Feel free to show me my mistakes. Or to express your delight with the text's epicness! =)

Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki had a very incurious personality. Despite his incredible hyperactivity and restless character (sometimes it seemed he had an awl thrust in his ass so he couldn't stay sitting on one place even a minute) Naruto had always taken his surroundings for granted and never tried finding prime cases and test the borders to the limit.

That must had happened because he didn't have any normal childhood — adults always eyed him angrily and children didn't fancy playing with him. The lack of curiosity was the protective gear which saved him from a non-stop depression.

Academy teachers also didn't try to correct his behavior or turn his energy to a peaceful course. Unfortunately the only teacher who wished him the blonde success with all his heart hadn't realized that his Big Screaming Head jutsu didn't work on a child who got used to constant negative attitude. He hadn't come to an idea (or maybe hadn't considered it appropriate) of using Naruto's addiction to ramen as a motivation tool, using it just to cheer his student up. Finally Naruto's brain resumed to his natural course — everything he considered boring (which included all theoretical disciplines like history, geography, chakra theory and even teachers' advice on taijutsu lessons) went into one of his ears and immediately got out from the other one. All great power of his outstanding intelligence was spent idly on annoying senseless vandalism that were dodgy and clever tricks in his opinion. Which didn't increase his popularity among Konoha inhabitants.

He didn't take responsibilities for his pranks (the worst possible punishment was to wash his own graffities off, though Iruka often took him to ramen after that) and the Hokage always treated him kindly and indulgently; which both had a very negative influence on Uzumaki's behavior. A real paradox occurred — the most hated person in Konoha was probably the most spoiled one. Most priviledged local youths were born and raised in harsh shinobi clan traditions while Naruto never had any mentor standing behind his shoulder.

Despite the incredible capabilities of the three school jutsu Naruto had always considered them boring obligation which he had to learn to become ninja. Though he made an exception for a transformation technique which was modified and recklessly used for pranks. Plain transformation wasn't interesting for him. But turning into sexy girl and making the strongest shinobi sway or even fall down from the bloodloss — was quite different. Naruto enjoyed laughing and their expressions were gross!

Learning Shadow Clones — another technique with a boundless potential — haven't changed the situation. If not in deadly danger (where Naruto changed dramatically and suddenly became serious, collected and very smartass) he hardly ever used the First Hokage's jutsu. Except again, turning into a harem of blonde sex-bombs.

Having failed to master regular clone technique, Naruto had realized a long time ago that he had no talent for illusions. Academy teachers told him a lot of times that genjutsu is not his cup of tea and Uzumaki took it for granted. After all, to become Hokage you should simply be the strongest shinobi in the village.

When Bushy-Brow kicked Sasuke-teme's ass Naruto was happy and a little bit jealous. He wasn't angry Bushy-Brow had knocked him out before their fight with Sasuke — why should he get mad for such a common thing? Rock Lee obviously was Naruto's soulmate — he was loud, bald, strong and brave. Bushy-Brow had unimaginably-perfectly-unbelievably awesome outfit: a fantastic spandex suit with orange (ORANGE!) gaiters. Uzumaki imagined himself wearing a spandex suit. Of course green color must be changed to orange and the gaiters should be blue or at least black. To think a little, they could even stay orange for it surely is the best color in the world! When there appeared a large turtle and the Bushy-Brow-Sensei (who looked exactly like Bushy-Brow adult clone); Naruto realized at once what makes the outfit complete — the shinobi flack jacket. Despite the lack of orange color Bushy-Brow-Sensei's outfit was PER-FECT! Flying in the fashion dreams Naruto missed the following events. He slipped out of the airy-fairy nirvana only after hearing the screams:

— LEE!


— LEE!


— LEE!


Uzumaki was tousched by the sight of teacher-and-student's manly embrace. He saw affection, love, friendship and immortal loyalty in it. Those two seemed to live in some other world. Which suddenly came real! The Academy disappeared and so did the surrounding people. The only things left were the two beautiful green beasts, rocky shore, borderless sea, furry clouds and an enormous setting golden sun.

The sight almost left Naruto speechless. Almost. In the other universe Naruto would simply gape. But not in this universe. In this reality there was a sea and seagulls (which somehow were loudly screaming "KAI!"); there was a beautiful orange sunset and the two green figures' dazzling smiles. And the question involuntarily popped out of Naruto's mouth:

— How the hell do they do that?

Naruto didn't expect getting any answer. He even wasn't sure he had spoken the question aloud. That's why a girl's voice wedged among the "KAI!" screams knocked him off balance:

— Nobody knows. Everyone tried to find out but didn't succeed. Gai-sensei and Lee are the only ones to master "The Sunset Genjutsu".

The Uzumaki turned his head in surprise. Nearby there was a girl with a panda-ears-shaped haircut. Her friendly appearance and pink (like Sakura-chan's hair!) shirt were so goodwill evoking that Naruto kept the conversation up:

— Genjutsu? I've never had a talent for genjutsu. That's a pity. I'd like to learn how they manage to do that.

The topic seemed to have exhausted itself and the conversation would die that moment if not for a naughty haughty voice:

— As if a loser like you is able to accomplish something that people much wiser than you couldn't!

Naruto turned back. The voice's owner was a long-haired guy whose face expression tediously resembled the Sasuke's. Uzumaki instantly realized two things: from Bushy-Brow team he liked the Bushy-Brow, the Bushy-Brow-sensei and Panda-chan but he definitely didn't like Huyuga-asshole. There was something in his derogatory remark or in his haughty appearance or in a look of his transparent white eyes that made Naruto mad:

— Shut up! I'll find an answer!

— You simply don't understand. Your fate is neither exploring nor victories. Your inevitable fate is always being a dead last. Some people are destined to achieve greatness the others will always lose. You will never solve this problem.

Naruto's eyes got bloodshot:

— I will! I am Naruto Uzumaki — the future Hokage of Konohagakure! I never take my words back! It's my ninja way, dattebayo!

And after those words something has dramatically changed in the invisible mechanism of the creation.

Naruto's first urge was immediately darting towards the cleverest person he knew — the famous Professor, the God of Shinobi, grandpa Hokage and ask him. But unfortunately the time was up and the exam was about to start. What a pity he couldn't be in two places simultaneously! He couldn't? Couldn't he? YES, HE COULD!

— Shadow Clone jutsu!

The pressing dudgeon, the flaming anger and the all-crushing determination resulted in not one but a dozen blonds appeared. Without hesitating a second they dashed away from the Academy heading towards the Hokage's Tower.