Hello and welcome to the sequel of My Hidden Story.

Our Secretive Lives is the second book in my two part series where Edward and Bella face their battles to win the lives they had envisioned for themselves back in England.

I advise, that if you have not read my first book in this series 'My Hidden Story' that you do so, as it will make this story make a lot more sense and fill in any blanks that you do not understand.

Later on in the month I will be posting my first chapter as well as a little prologue. This prologue will appear in both this story and my previous story.

I must note, however, that I have had to bend history to make this story logical. The history that I will be bending will be regarding the political nature of France. Rather than being a country free of monarchy as per the history of today, there will be one reigning royal family.

This next note is important as it regards time:

This story will be set at least ten months after the last story and a maximum of eighteen months. The year is set between the years 1912-14. In this time, there were in fact cars, telephones, cameras and the beginning of picture theatres, however, none of these inventions were as complex and updated as they are today.

I'd had many people confused with the time of the story which is why I advise you to read all of my authors notes as it will help you understand the time frame as well as save me from having to explain to each person what they do not understand (and I mean that in the friendliest way possible).

So, without further ado, I do present to you my readers, Our Secretive Lives.

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If you have any pressing questions, feel free to PM me, I usually respond within a few hours hour :)

Thank you guys, I am so excited and I hope you are too!

Until we meet again through the power of words! xxx