She woke up on the floor, where is she? What happened? And then she remembered

"Harry!" she gasped, she looked at his bed but didn't find him

"James?" she called, she went down to the entrance hallway, there she found her husband lying on the floor, his eyes opened, staring at the ceiling lifelessly, she went down to her knees and started to cry, she cried very hard, and then remembered, her son was missing

She searched for the invisibility cloak, Dumbledore wanted to burrow it few days ago, but she convinced her husband that they needed it more, and now it comes in handy, she put it on and went to search for Harry, she knew exactly where he'll be, she gave her husband a last kiss and went out

"Sirius!" she said

The young man was walking outside his house, he looked furious, but when he heard the voice he stopped, confused, it couldn't be

"Lily?" he asked, and tears getting to his eyes

"Sirius, get inside, no one should see us" she whispered

"You are dead, you are dead" he started crying, "I'm imagining the voice"

"No, you are not I didn't die, can you get in? no one should see me, please" she asked him

"I-I can't" he said and looked down, and then he got to his knees crying

"Sirius," she said lovingly, and went next to him, he felt her hands on his shoulders

"It's my fault that James is dead, I convinced you to trust the rat, I didn't know he was the spy, I-I thought it was Moony" he said and sobbed

She tried not to cry, she was the one who needed comforting, but she couldn't let herself break now, she'll cry later, but first she has to find Harry, and until then she'll stay strong

"It's not your fault, Moony also thought it was you" Lily said "and now, we need to get inside, you need to explain somethings"

"I have to kill the rat" Sirius hissed venomously

"Don't be stupid, you'll end up in Azkaban, I need you, Harry needs you" she said

He looked up, in her eyes, or where her eyes are supposed to be, he sighed "Fine, come in" he said and went inside, she followed him, they entered his house, and she took off the cloak

"How did you survive?" asked Sirius

"For some reasons, he wasn't willing to kill me" she answered, she herself wasn't sure why, he didn't even use the Avada Kedavra or anything, just a stupefy and pulled her aside

"Why?" Sirius asked surprised

"I don't know" she answered

"How did Harry survive?" Sirius asked

"I don't know, I'm not even sure he's alive, I just haven't found his body" said Lily, and some bad feeling passed in her body for the thought of her son dead

"I saw him" said Sirius, she sighed in relief "Hagrid was taking him to your sister"

"My sister?!" she asked shocked "why didn't you take him?"

"I asked Hagrid to give him for me, but he said Dumbledore asked him to take Harry to your sister and not give him to anyone" Sirius frowned

"We should do something, Sirius" she said

"Go and take him" he said and stood up

"No! he'll know it was you" she said

"Then what is your plan?" asked Sirius

"First of all, you should have an alibi" She said "You will go straight to Dumbledore and tell him that we had changed the plan, that Peter was our secret keeper and he betrayed us, and provide him with your memory of the event of making Peter our secret keeper" she said

"and meanwhile you'll go and bring Harry, brilliant!" he said and stood up, and grabbed some floo powder and headed to the fir place

"Wait!" Lily said

"What?" asked Sirius

"You haven't told me who knows and what they know about what happened tonight" she said

"Oh, yes, umm… everybody thinks that you and James are… are…" he looked as he's not able to complete the sentence

"Dead, and?" she continued the sentence for him, she was in hurry she needed to make sure her son is safe

"and Harry somehow defeated Voldemort, with nothing but a scar on his forehead" Sirius told her

"Wow!" she said

"and now he's famous and well-known as the Boy who lived" Sirius completed

"Well, for now, this isn't going to change, you won't mention anything about me being alive or anything of that kind" she instructed

"Why?" he asked

"Before we had a plan, things should stay as they are" she said

"Fine, now you go bring Harry, we'll meet here after both of us are done" he said, and went to the fireplace

"Deal!" she said and went out of Sirius' place and heard him saying loudly 'Hogwarts' before she disapparated, to a street nearby to Privet Drive

Sirius went out of Professor McGonagall's fireplace, as a Gryffindor, the fireplace will automatically deliver him to his head of house (if he hadn't attended Hogwarts, the floo will pick randomly), and as a member of the order of the phoenix the wards didn't work against him

Professor McGonagall wasn't in her office, he wondered where she was, usually at this time, she'll be in her office doing some paper or serving detentions, he had a lot of memories of detentions with his head of house

"Maybe, you'd like to meet professor Flitwick, Professor McGonagall isn't here at the moment" said one of the portraits on the wall

"Actually, I wanted to see Professor Dumbledore" Sirius said "Do you know where can I find him?"

"He's not here as well, but maybe you'd like to speak to another Professor, I can arrange it" he offered

"No, thanks, I will wait" he said and sat down

"as you like" the portrait said, and looked at Sirius as trying to say something, and then after minute or two of silence the portrait spoke again

"I'm Sorry for what happened to James and Lily, you were friends weren't you?" the portrait asked

Sirius looked down "Yes, we were"

There was a silence, neither Sirius nor the portrait had something to say to each other, so they waited there, doing nothing, Sirius was staring outside the window, when finally, after half an hour, McGonagall arrived, when she opened her door and saw Sirius sitting there, she looked surprised and then rose her wand

"You!" she shouted

"Professor, I…" he started to say

"What are you doing here?" she hissed at him

"I wanted to speak to Dumbledore" he said

"You are not welcome here " she said

"Please, it's important" said Sirius

"Impedimenta" McGonagall sent the spell, Sirius dodged away

"Please, Professor let me just speak to Dumbledore, it's very important" he said

"You betrayed James and Lily, they are dead" she said, tears falling form her eyes

"No I didn't, I would rather die" he tried to say

"Lies, you were their secret keeper" she said

"No, I wasn't, this is what I want to tell Dumbledore, it wasn't me, I'm not their secret keeper" said Sirius

"Everybody knows it's you, Sirius" she said

"That's what we wanted everybody to think, we tried to manipulate Voldemort, but he was a step ahead of us" Sirius tried to explain

"What are you saying?" she said, now her expressions changed from anger and hatred to confusion

"Peter Pettigrew was their secret keeper" Sirius said "we thought no one would ever think of Pettigrew as the Potters secret keeper, because he's weak, they will choose me, and I'm afraid it's my fault, it was my plan, I let slip of me being the secret keeper, when Pettigrew is the real one" Sirius stopped to look at McGonagall if she was believing him, before he continued "Tonight, when James and Lily were killed, I went to check on Peter, but he wasn't in his house, and there weren't any signs of struggle, so I knew he betrayed all of us, and we haven't told anyone, even Remus, because I suspected in him, I was a fool, and now I lost my best friend, I would rather die than betraying James Potter and you know that professor" he said

"I believe you" she said and lowered her wand "the password to the Headmaster's office is Pumpkins" she told him, as she was still dealing with all the information she had just got

"Thank you so much professor" he said and started to run out

"and Mr. Black," she said and he stopped "I'm Sorry for what happened to James and Lily" she said

"Thank you, professor" he said and ran to Dumbledore's office

"Pumpkins!" he shouted as soon as he arrived to the gargoyle that opened the way for him, he climbed the stairs two in a time, and seconds after he was standing in front of the headmaster's office door and knocking it

"Come in!" came the voice of Dumbledore from behind the door, Sirius opened the door and went in

"Sirius, how good to see you" said Dumbledore

"Professor Dumbledore, there's something very important I should tell you" Sirius said

"What is it?" he asked, his voice was perfectly normal, but his eyes were looking at Sirius with suspicion

"It was my fault that James and Lily died tonight" he said

"I already guessed that, but I would like to know since when you were spying on us?" Dumbledore asked, very calmly

"I had never!" said Sirius offended "It was my fault they died, but I didn't betray them, I would rather die" said Sirius

"Then how it's your fault?" Dumbledore asked

"I convinced James and Lily to make Pettigrew their secret keeper, and to tell anybody else that I was their secret keeper, that's way no one will go behind Pettigrew, they will come behind me, but I won't be able to tell them the secret because I'm not the keeper" Sirius explained

"and what had happened tonight?" asked Dumbledore

"I went to check on Peter, but didn't find any signs of struggle, he was the spy, and I thought it was Remus, he will never forgive me, I will never forgive myself" said Sirius, talking now to himself more than to Dumbledore

"It was a smart plan, it would have worked if Peter was on our side" said Dumbledore

"I can provide you with my memory of the ceremony of making him the secret keeper if you don't believe me" Sirius said, haven't heard what Dumbledore just said, he was thinking

"I believe you, Sirius, but I would like to have your memory anyway" Dumbledore said

"Take it, see it" Sirius said as he pointed his wand to his hand, and a minute after, a silver liquid was in a vail in Dumbledore hand

"Thank you, Sirius" said Dumbledore

"There's another thing you should know" said Sirius

"What is it?" Dumbledore asked

"Pettigrew is an animagus" he said

Dumbledore looked surprised "What?"

"He's an animagus, and his animagus form is a rat" said Sirius

"I will keep that in mind" said Dumbledore

"What about Harry?" asked Sirius, moving to the next subject

"I'm afraid I can't let you be his guardian" said Dumbledore

"Why?" Sirius frowned

"He's safer with his aunt and uncle" said Dumbledore

"No, No he's not, Petunia hates Lily, and they hate magic, James told me everything about them, he had met them once or twice, and they are not that pleasant" said Sirius

"They are his last relatives alive" Dumbledore said

"What about me? I'm his godfather!" said Sirius

"You are not his blood relative" Dumbledore countered

"Yes I am, my father's great aunt, is James' great grandmother" Sirius said "and what does it matter if they were his blood relatives or not, they hate him, he won't be happy" said Sirius

"Sirius, can you sit down for a little" said Dumbledore, and Sirius sat down "do you know why did Harry survived when Voldemort attacked the Potters?" Dumbledore asked, Sirius shook his head, "I have a theory, which according to it, Harry survived because of Lily's sacrifice, Lily gave him a protection, and that's why Voldemort couldn't hurt him, and in order for him to stay protected, he should live in a house where Lily's blood runs" said Dumbledore

"But Voldemort is gone" started Sirius to say

"He'll be back" said Dumbledore "He's safer with Lily's sister, and I will as well place a member of the order in privet drive to watch over him"

"I understand" said Sirius, and stood up "I need to go professor, it was nice to meet you, professor"

"as nice as to meet you, I'll be going to arrange the funeral, it'll be in two days time" said Dumbledore

"If you need anything, you know where to find me" said Sirius, imagining Dumbledore's face when he'll go there and find only James' body

"Thanks, Sirius" said Dumbledore

"Good night, professor" Sirius said and took the floo to his house

Lily apparated into Magnolia Crescent, Little Whinging, a few streets away from where her sister lives, she started walking down the street, invisibility cloak on, until she arrived to privet drive there she heard a familiar voice

""No, sir, house was almost destroyed, but I got him out all right before the Muggles started swarmin' around. He fell asleep as we was flyin' over Bristol." She heard Hagrid saying, and then there was a silence for a moment before another familiar voice spoke

"Is that where?" started professor McGonagall to ask before another familiar voice interrupted her

"Yes" said Dumbledore "He'll have this scar forever"

Luckily, she was far enough to gulp without being heard

"Couldn't you do something about it, Dumbledore?" McGonagall asked

Lily was so nervous right now, she had to see her little boy, what had happened to him?

"Even if I could, I wouldn't. Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground. Well, give him here, Hagrid we'd better get this over with."

"Could I - could I say goodbye to him, sir?" asked Hagrid

Lily was so emotional now, that tears started to get through her cheeks, she thought how sweet was Hagrid

"Shhh!" hissed Professor McGonagall, "you'll wake the Muggles!"

The conversation kept going, and Finally McGonagall left, she stayed a little bit after Hagrid and Dumbledore, Lily was so angry at Dumbledore, how could he left her son at a doorstep like that, she went to the doorstep, looked right and left, before taking young Harry under the cloak, and apparated away, to Sirius' place