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"Harry, I need to talk to you" said Ellie, entering Leo's room, where he sat on his bed, doing nothing but staring at the wall in front of him

"Yes, mum?" he said, without looking at her, he kept staring at the wall

Ellie thought, she has to talk to him about his feelings first, she can't let him deal with it alone anymore, she thought he would be over it in a week, but she was wrong

"How do you feel?" asked Ellie

"Not okay" said Leo

"Do you want to talk about it?" asked Ellie, Leo finally looked at her, he looked at her with a scanning look, she remembered the looks Dumbledore often gave her when she was a student, and she got the same feeling of being scanned with X-ray

"I'm fine" he said, turning to stare at the wall again, she approached the bed, and sat next to him

"Are you scared?" asked Ellie, Leo didn't answer, he kept staring at the wall "It's not wrong, to be scared, it's something very normal"

"He's after me" said Leo, calmly

"But he's very weak now" said Ellie "He's gone"

"He'll be back" said Leo

"That's right, but it won't be soon" said Ellie "and Secondly, no one knows your true identity"

"They'll know, I can't keep it forever" said Leo

"We'll try to keep it as long as we can" said Ellie, but that doesn't seem to comfort him "What's coming is coming, and we will face it bravely, together"

He looked at her again, tears in his eyes "together?" he asked weakly

"Yes, Harry, together" she reassured him, and then hugged him tightly, and felt his hot tears falling at her shoulder "Better, now?"

"Yes" he said weakly

"Great" said Ellie, smiling kindly at Leo, before moving to the next subject "We need to move you into another kindergarten"

"Why?" asked Leo

"We don't need Mrs. Ruisto trying to read your mind or getting any information from you again" answered Ellie

"But she failed, I prevented her from penetrating my mind" said Leo, protesting

"She might use other methods, like Veritaserum or the Imperius charm" said Ellie

"What about Louis and Hermione? And the other children?" asked Leo

"I will owl Mrs. Bonfils" said Ellie "but regarding Hermione and the others, we can't really do anything about it"

"What? We'll leave her penetrating children minds?" asked Leo, horrified

"We can't do anything about it" said Ellie

"What about the court? The Wizengamot?" asked Leo

"What she did is legal, you are a wizard, we can't prove she performed legilimency on muggles" Ellie answered him

"Can't you, at least, convince Hermione's mother to move her with us?" asked Leo

"I can try" she said

"Thank you" said Leo "Which kindergarten am I moving to?"

"I didn't decide yet" said Ellie "but it's not going to be a problem"

"I guess not" he said, yawning "I need to sleep, I feel very tired"

Ellie, seeing how much her son was tired, decided to keep Neville coming a surprise for tomorrow

This night, Ellie checked on Leo, and he was sleeping peacefully for the first time in a month, and she didn't hear the name Voldemort even once


Next morning Ellie woke up early, she checked Neville's new room again, and then she prepared breakfast, woke up Harry to get ready

"For what?" asked Leo "I'm not going to school today, am I?"

"No, but we are expecting a visitor, a very special one" said Ellie

"Who?" asked Leo

"Oh, it's a surprise" said Ellie and hurried back down to the kitchen

Sirius and Lupin arrived as well, Lupin still looking tired from his last transformation, and Sirius supporting him

"Sit down, sit down, you don't have to come if you are still very tired" said Ellie, joining Sirius supporting Remus until he made it to the couch

"No, I wanted to come" said Remus, still very tired

"When are they coming?" asked Sirius, looking at his watch

"Any minute now" said Ellie, and Leo got downstairs, he greeted Remus and Sirius, and the doorbell rang "They are here" said Ellie and left the sitting room

"Did she tell you who is coming?" Leo asked Sirius and Remus at the moment Ellie left the room

"Oh, she's keeping it a surprise then" said Sirius smirking at Leo

"Please tell me" said Leo, making his most impressive puppy face

"You'll see" said Sirius, deciding to play with Leo's nerves. Leo threw him a dirty look, before turning his face away

Ellie came back to the sitting room with Minerva and a boy his age who looked very nervous

"Good Morning, Leo" said Minerva "Can you help me with the trunk?"

"Yes, aunt Minnie" he said, and levitated the trunk upstairs, and then smiled to McGonagall approving smile

"Good Morning, Mrs. Porter, it's nice of you to take me in" said Neville, nervous and blushing very hard, still looking surprised where the trunk should've been, after all Leo was only his age

"It's nothing" said Ellie, hugging him to his surprise "I was a very good friend of your mother"

"Really?" asked Neville, it's nice to meet you

"Hello Neville" said Sirius "I'm Sirius Black and this is Remus Lupin" Sirius introduced Lupin who couldn't do a lot except for nodding

"It's nice to meet you, Neville Longbottom" said Neville shyly

"And I am Leo, Leo Porter" said Leo and offered his hand to Neville, who took it and they shook hands

"I have prepared breakfast" said Ellie "It's ready, let's go and eat"

"Sorry, I can't" said Minerva "I should be at Hogwarts now, lessons will start in ten minutes"

"Thank you, Professor" said Neville

"You are welcome" said Minerva, smiling at him before turning to Ellie "We have a lot to discuss later"

"Yes, we will" said Ellie, Minerva left, and the other five left to the kitchen

"So" Ellie began "First of all, Leo, Neville is going to be a part of our family, he is going to be your brother"

"Really?" asked Leo, in a surprised look, you couldn't really tell if he was happy or not before his face expression changed into a beam "Splendid!"

"Good" said Ellie, and then turned to Neville "Neville, we have a secret in our family you need to know, do you think you can keep it?"

"Yes, Mrs. Porter, I've learned Occlumency too" said Neville

"Perfect" said Ellie "and you can call me Ellie or mum, whatever you like"

"Can I call you Ellie too?" asked Leo, and Sirius burst out laughing

"Let's be a little bit more serious now" said Ellie, fighting back laughter

"I'm totally Sirius" said Sirius, and then Leo and Sirius laughed so hard

"Sirius!" Ellie said dangerously

"Sorry, Sorry" said Sirius, still trying hard not to laugh

"Well, Neville" said Ellie "We are not really Ellie and Leo Porter" Ellie began nervously, trying to find the right way to say it

"I'll make it easy for you, mum" said Leo, and turned to Neville "When I was one year old my father was murdered by Voldemort, and he also tried to attack me but he failed, his followers were absolutely after me, and that's why I should've came to hide, well, until the very last month, I thought I was Leo Porter and just like you, I thought Lily Potter was dead and Harry Potter is lost"

"But they are, aren't they?" Neville interrupted, a little bit confused

"What Leo is trying to say is" said Ellie "that he is Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and Disappeared, and I'm Lily Potter who is supposed to be dead"

Neville was left speechless, he stared at them overwhelmed, his mouth and eyes wide opened, looking from Leo to Ellie, and then he closed his mouth, and blushed very hard

"Do you think you can keep my secret Neville?" asked Leo "Or should I obliviate you?"

"Leo!" Ellie yelled disapprovingly

"I was just kidding mother" he said, Neville chuckled nervously

"Yes" said Neville "It's just weird that all the wizarding world and Albus Dumbledore himself is searching for you, and you are here, in a normal house, not kidnapped by death eaters under the Fidelius trained to be a dark wizard"

"Nope" said Leo "and I haven't disappeared to a place unreachable for humans or whatever rubbish they say about me"

"and does Professor McGonagall know?" asked Neville "She is a very good friend of Dumbledore"

"Yes, she knows" said Ellie

"Do you want to play exploding snaps?" Leo had finished his breakfast, and got up from the table

"Yes" said Neville, and got up from the table as well

"But wash your hands first" said Ellie

"Yes, sure" said Leo "Scourgify" and Leo hands were clean

"You have to teach me" said Neville, looking admiringly at Leo

"I will" said Leo "Let's go now"