This Story is being made at the request of Spider-Ninja0117 and after mulling it over I felt like it'd be an interesting story

Peter Parker or for this story Peter-B312 aka Noble Six will be a Spartan III and will be paired with Catherine 'Kat' B320. Peter will survive Reach, along with Kat and will go on to join the Master Chief in the Halo Games, at least up until the third one. Halo 4, Peter will be doing his own thing but he will take part in the events of the Spartan Ops episodes and as for Halo 5, I'm going to be changing that up, mainly because where I plan to take this story will demand it and because I feel like Halo should have gone this route with how they were starting to set the stage for post Human-Covenant war and where many Spartans-II's were starting to stand, John in particular

Peter's appearance will be the War master helmet, WRATH-Class Mjolnir Chest Piece, DEADEYE-class Mjolnir Shoulder Pieces, HELIOSKRILL-class Mjolnir arm and leg pieces, Dauntless visor from Halo 5, Primary color of Black, and a Secondary Color of White. He'll be a close combat specialist and a heavy weapon specialist meaning his main weapon will be a MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System (MA37 ICWS) with his secondary weapon being two MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System (SMG).

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or Halo characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

Reach July 24, 2552, 07:28 hours…

Peter-B312 held in a yawn as he observed his new helmet that went along with his new armor set which was made from several different variants of a prototype being tested out by ONI's special warfare R and D departments. His last Armor set, something that took him years to get right had unfortunately had a rather bad reaction to a couple of pot shots from a Fuel Rod canon attached to a pissed off Hunter and well…

"And it was so much comfier too" Peter said as he placed the helmet on and looked over the passing landscape of Reach, the military HUB of the UNSC, well technically Earth was too, but in terms of ship construction, weapons development and troop training, the Sol system had nothing on Reach, close though

"Sir, we're coming up on the outpost now" the young Army trooper said as he adjusted the speed of the Warthog

"Copy that…" Peter nodded at the man's statement as he looked to see a pair of Falcons that passed over them earlier coming in for a landing

The outpost wasn't too large, only a few hundred square meters and a few small buildings set up with a few trucks scatter about. Peter also made out another Falcon that was already there and had a large armored man sitting in it, based on his height and the fact he was wearing MJOLNIR armor indicated he was a Spartan, a three based on the height

'Guess he's part of my new team' Peter thought as the Warthog came to a stop allowing Peter to climb out "Thanks for the lift Private, I can walk the rest of the way"

"Yes sir" the Trooper nodded before pulling away as Peter made his way towards the temporary command post of this small little outpost

He sent a brief nod towards the helmetless Spartan who was loading a clip to some variant of the Sniper rifle, the man watched him with a narrowed gaze as he continued to load the clip with

Peter entered the small building and was greeted to the sight of another Spartan wearing a EVA helmet with what looked like a skull carved into it and was busy sharpening a knife.

'How the hell does that guy even see through that?' Peter thought with a raised brow under his helmet and was about to enter when a robotic arm attached to a rather attractive woman with short hair, a few faded scars on her face and clad in blue armor stepped in front of him and gave him a sort of narrowed look

Peter couldn't help but feel he's met this woman before as he 'covertly' observed her figure

'Maybe she was part of my class' Peter mused

The woman then looked towards another blue clad Spartan that was speaking to their commanding officer "Commander…"

Carter-A259 looked towards Nobel Team's newest recruit with a critical gaze while the team's lone Spartan-II, Jorge-052, spoke up

"So, that's out new number six"

"What me?" Peter said as he pointed to himself "Nah I'm actually here to tell you guys that he's running late, but's really looking forward to meeting you all"

Jorge chuckled at this "And he's a comedian…perfect"

"I'll be here all week" Peter snickered

"Kat…you've read his file?" Emile-A239 asked already feeling a headache coming on from hearing this man speak

"Only the parts that weren't covered in black ink" Kat said dryly as she observed the Spartan, she knew who it was and was already dreading working with the man aside from the fact he was replacing Thom-A293, mainly because if she's right than Peter hasn't changed since Boot camp 'I can already here the stream of quips and shitty jokes and here I thought Jun was bad enough'

Carter observed the man for another second before returning his attention to the holographic screen that displayed the image of Colonel Holland, the teams current commanding officer "Anyone claimed responsibility sir?"

"ONI thinks it might be the local insurrection" Holland said with noticeable sarcasm inn his tone "Five months ago, they pulled a similar job on Harmony. Hit a relay to take out our eyes and ears and then stole two freighters from dry dock…that cannot happen here, Reach is too damn important. I want that relay back online Noble One"

"Sir, consider it done" Carter said with a nod as he picked up his helmet while Jorge grabbed his helmet and heavy machine gun and Emile placed his knife back into its sheath and stood up

"Then I'll see you on the other side, Holland out" the Colonel said as he ended the briefing

Carter than turned his attention to his new six "Lieutenant…"

It was then that Peter stepped forward "Commander sir"

"I'm Carter, Noble Team's leader" the Alpha company Spartan said before nodding towards the other three Spartans already exiting the building "That's Kat Noble two, Emile and Jorge, Four and five"

Peter eyed the departing Spartan's and nodded at knowing the names and designations of his new teammates

"Your riding with me Noble six" Carter said as he brushed past Peter while placing his helmet on

Peter quickly followed after the older Spartan and looked to see Emile, Jorge and Kat were making their way to another Falcon that was starting up while he and Carter approached the one that had the other Spartan on it, armed with a Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Material

"I'm not gonna lie to you Lieutenant, your stepping in to some shoes that the rest of the squad would rather leave unfilled. Me, I'm just happy to have Nobel back up to full strength. Just one thing, I've seen your file even the parts the ONI sensors didn't want me to, including that bit about 'Project Rebirth'" Carter said as he and Peter boarded the Falcon, Peter sitting across from him and the last Spartan of the group he has yet to be formally introduced to

"I take it you're not that impressed?" Peter asked with a frown, he wasn't upset but he would be lying if he said his pride wasn't a little hurt

"I am, but we're a team" Carter said as he signaled the other Falcon to take off before sitting down himself "That lone wolf stuff, stays behind, clear?"

"Copy that boss" Peter gave the man a two-finger salute as the aircraft lifted off the ground

It was than the final Spartan looked towards Peter "Jun Noble three, welcome to Reach"

"Heh, you're the first guy who's welcomed me to this planet" Peter said

"Great, just don't get attached to me" Jun said with a hidden grin

"Too late, you're my first and now I won't ever let you go" Peter chuckled

"Nice to see you haven't changed Peter" Kat's voice came in over the team's com link

"I thought I recognized you Catherine, been a while yeah?" Peter said as he leaned back in his seat as far as he could and looked over towards the other Falcon and made out Kat's form and waved to it

"You know this guy Kat?" Emile asked

"We were both part of Beta company, and Jun you'll be happy to know that he's from New Harmony as well" Kat said

"Or what's left of it" Peter said with a grim chuckle "Nice to see that Pegasi hadn't killed off my favorite kickass Spartan, well most of her at least"

"Nice to see you still have your grim humor Peter" Kat said with a frosty tone

"I like to think I lightened up over the years Kitty Kat" Peter snickered as he began to use the old nick name the rest of their fellow trainees had called the young woman all those years ago

Kurt thought it was cute while Mendez chewed them out for being unprofessional, Peter was someone that regularly got under Mendez's skin, much to Kurt's and the other instructors amusement

"Ah I almost forgot about that one" Jun said with a chuckle as he looked over towards the other Falcon "I always wondered why you got angry at Henry every time she said that to you when he worked with us"

"Wow Kat sounds like you've come a long way in accepting your adorable nick name, too bad poor Tom never saw that fist coming when he first told you about it" Peter said with a shake of his head before he focused his gaze on the lone Spartan-II of the group "So Jorge, how's a Spartan-II end up on a team of…"

Peter chanced a look towards Carter who nodded, signaling that Jorge knows

Peter nodded at that "…a team of Spartan-III's?"

"You can thank Kurt for that, and a few high-ranking ONI officers. Noble Team has since become one of the UNSC's most valued Spartan fire teams, second only to Blue Team and just above Red. They figured that adding a Spartan-II will improve our performance" Jorge revealed as he was making some adjustments to his modified M247H Heavy Machine Gun that's named Etilka

"Well why aren't you in charge then, you have more combat experience then all of us combined, hell you can steam roll through all of us if you wanted" Peter pointed out, even he isn't sure his…special 'enhancements' will be enough against a Spartan-II

"Not much for leading I'm afraid, never have and never well. Side's Carter's pretty good at keeping everyone in line" Jorge chuckled

"Even you?" Peter smirked

"Now let's not get a head of ourselves" Jorge started to laugh

"Only one person can ever order the big man around like a dog and that's some old child snatching hag" Emile said as he was watching the passing landscape of Reach under the two flying Falcons

"Careful Emile, or else it won't be the Covenant that does you in" Kat said as she typed a series of commands on her custom data pad

"No one would ever know…it'd look like an accident" Jorge said ominously which caused Peter and Jun to start laughing over the coms

"I can see it now" Peter said in between chuckles "Emile, dead by falling out of a Falcon at three thousand feet in the air mysteriously"

"What can I say, I'm clumsy" Emile said with a shrug of his shoulders before he zeroed in on Peter's form in the other Falcon "And I may accidently discharge my weapon in your direction in the future Peter, just word of warning"

"Oh god, why did you have to say it like that" Kat groaned, much to Emile's confusion

"Well Emile, I can't say I'm not flattered. It's not often a man comes up to me and says his gun will go off in my direction. But if you're expecting anything of the sort in return, you're going to have to buy me dinner first and just warning you now, I'm not cheap" Peter snickered

"You walked right into that one Emile, maybe carving that skull on your helmet wasn't such a good idea, else you would have seen that coming a mile away" Carter said with a laugh

"It's why you never see him with a rifle or scoped weapon Commander" Jorge chuckled "Man can't see very far and needs to rely on a shotgun to get anything done"

"Hey if it works, it works" Emile said as he patted his shot gun slung on his back

"Too bad your charm isn't as effective as your gun and your loads are less than impressive" Kat said wryly

"Whoa stop the Falcons, did Kitty Kat just make a funny? Man, you really have come a long way Catherine" Peter said as he shook his head in amusement "And here I thought you'd never get that pole out of your tight still well shaped ass"

"Excuse me for wanting to excel to the point that I wouldn't be dragged into a suicide mission with the rest of Beta company Peter" Kat said with a narrowed gaze directed at Nobel Teams newest addition

"Alright you two lock it down" Carter said in a warning tone, already questioning if having Peter here will be good for the team, or more specifically his sanity 'I can already here the constant chatter of Jun and Peter over the coms and the arguments that sounds more like bad flirting that Kat and Peter will have'

Poor Carter had no idea…

And done

So, next chapter Noble team arrives to investigate the downed Relay and make a terrifying discovery that well set in motion events that will change the Human-Covenant War and the galaxy forever

Also, what do you guys think of the team's banter? Tone it down or stick with it, make it seem like this is an actual team of friends and maybe even a sort of family? Also should Kat join Peter and John for the events of the first Halo Game, end up critically wounded and is transferred off Reach and meets up with them before the events of Halo 2, or have her stick with Jun so that way she and him meet up with Blue Team and eventually Peter and John and their sort of rescue party? I'll give you guys until Peter and Jorge head into space to destroy the Super Carrier to decide