Final tease plus adopt.

"Why can't you idiots just go to the library to have your desperate study session?" Sasuke said in mock anger as they all walked towards the Uchiha compound.

"What's your problem!? We live here, so we should be allowed to have our party here if we want!" Naruto counted.

"But its Uchiha land, and every time you four are all together you always cause trouble!" Sasuke said, pointing to Naruto, Chogi, Shikamaru and Kiba.

"If you're talking about the 'running of the bullshit' incident, its not our fault that the fences were so flimsy." Shikamaru said indignantly.

"Or that all of the cows had eaten our smoke bombs and started to have projectile sh..." Chogi started to mumble before Sasuke cut him off.

"How about we just stop talking about that!" Sasuke shouted, covering his face. "I swear you did that on purpose."

"If you have such a problem with us, then why don't you just stop following us." Kiba said, sticking up his nose.

"Because I live this way, stupid." Sasuke replied.

"It's so nice to see them all getting along so well." Rin said.

"You're crazy." Tenten said as she watched the boy's nearly start throwing punches.

"Not at all, they bump heads because they care." Rin said, sounding almost too honest.

"Like you and Luv..." Shirou started only to be hit on the back of the head by Rin's bookbag. Shirou was rubbing the top of his head, when he noticed a smell. "Rin, where you expecting anyone from the Hyūga Clan to come by today?"

"Hm?" She said, flicking on her eyes. She scanned the Uchiha Compound for what Shirou was smelling and a glare came over her face. "Of all the..." She said, speeding up and passing everyone, Shirou quickly joining her, leaving the others to try to catch up.

"Sorry, but you are going to have to leave." Nene said to the three Hyūgas that had come to her home. "Hanabi-chan isn't going with you."

Nene was a young woman of only nineteen years. Both her short hair and big eyes were a chocolately brown color and her had gentle features and slim figure made a rather attractive young lady. It was because of this and her playful personality that she had managed to get herself pregnant at the age of fourteen while working under an Uchiha Jounin Instructor as part of a quick response team, her specialty being healing.

To say that the Uchiha Elders were upset about the whole thing was an understatement.

It wasn't because of the moral implications of a thirty five year old man having sex with a fourteen year old girl, or that it was out of wedlock. Or the ethical problems of having an relationship with ones direct subordinate. But rather because the girl herself was an orphan or lesser blood, and because she was pregnant with an Uchiha seed.

The village didn't have many laws that they enforced over the Clans by the village, but there was one that had been put in place and that was consider absolute with no exception, the mother owned the baby. It was a law that came about after someone rapped a woman of a powerful bloodline, then claimed that she had consented and that he was entitled to the child. Sadly, the law wasn't passed before the Clan in question killed the girl in order to stop the child from ever being born. To prevent any such thing from happening again, the Clans had agreed, the mothers owned their children.

This left the Uchiha with three options, all of which they didn't like. They could leave the child to wonder around and have their bloodline running free. They could assassinate the girl before the baby could be born. Or they could let a lower born orphan into their clan.

Most of the Clan leaned towards the second option, but enough people were against it to force them into taking the third.

So Nene lived within the walls of the Uchiha Clan, acting as a nurse and babysitter. Of course, she wasn't seen as actually a part of the clan. The elders viewed her as a concubine. Not that anyone would say that to her face.

"This is a matter for the Hyūga Clan. It doesn't concern you." One of the three white eyed men said, his expression was the characteristic steel faced scowl of the clan. That didn't last long.

Nene bristled and walked straight up to him and started to poke him hard in the chest. "Not my concern! Now you listen here buster, Hanabi is one of my little girls, and I am not going to let her out of my sight for any of your silly Clan matters! Such naughty children! Coming here to my home and trying to order me around! Nene should take each one of you over the knee and give you a good hard spanking and make you sit in watch!"

The men were startled. It was not exactly something one is prepared for when they are interacting with someone ten years younger than them and nearly two heads shorter. They felt completely foolish as the little children pointed and giggled at them from the doorway of the house.


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