Jorda sat beside Dis that evening at supper as they spoke with a dwarrowdam who had only arrived that day from the Blue Mountains and appeared to have a close connection with Dis. She started as someone sat next to her and put their hand on the small of her back.

Jorda turned, meeting Kili's warm gaze. "Good evening my wife," he said and leaned towards her, kissing her cheek. The scratch of the stubble on her skin lingered as he pulled away.

"Good evening, my husband."

"How was your day?"

"Mama and Pappa left," she said, feeling a pang in her chest.

"I heard that. I'm sorry I couldn't come to say goodbye. I'd hoped to when I found out that they were leaving, but I wasn't able to get away. They didn't have very many young dwarves working at the time, and my leaving would have left them with two capable hands."

She smiled at him. "They needed you more than I did, Kili. I hadn't even thought that you might come." Her eyes pricked as she remembered watching her parents leave, and she blinked the tears away.

He brought his hand to her check. "I am sorry, Jorda. I really wish I could have been there."

"Oh no," she said, putting her hand on his arm. "I'm only sad that they are gone. I really do understand why you couldn't be there, and I didn't even expect that of you. It's a busy time."

Kili nodded, looking reassured that she was not angry with him. "You must miss them so much, especially your father." Jorda nodded.

"I really do! But they'll be back soon to visit, I hope." She did her best to make her voice sound bright.

"Do you think they would move here?" Kili asked.

Jorda paused. "I'd hate to ask that of them if they didn't want to. But wouldn't that be wonderful? I do wish that our children would know all of their grandparents well." Suddenly she blushed. She felt embarrassed discussing children with him. It brought up intimacies they didn't yet share.

"Me too," Kili said, not seeming to notice her discomfort. He moved his hand from her cheek to her own hand and squeezed it. "Perhaps we can convince them. I would like our sons and daughters to learn the skills you did from your father."

Jorda laughed. "You wouldn't mind our daughters learning what I did?" She asked.

"Not at all. I want them to be just like their mother in every way because I wouldn't change her for the all of Middle Earth." Kili leaned in to whisper what he said next in her ear, his breath skimming over the sensitive skin of her neck. "I forgot to tell you. I have all of your weapons from the quest." They were surrounded by people, many of whom were glancing at them with interest, but they didn't appear to hear him. He'd clearly been keeping this secret. Jorda pulled back with a gasp and clasped her hands together.

"Oh you do!" She said. "Oh I'm so glad. I thought they were lost!" She noticed an elderly dwarrowdam near them smiled at her and Kili before turning back to a dwarrowdam beside her. They exchanged words Jorda could not hear and then both turned and smiled at them again.

"They appeared in my room one day. I think someone thought that they should be in my possession, but they are yours. I'll make arrangements to get them to you." Jorda nearly said that he could bring them to her room this evening but decided not too. She felt nervous about this evening and thought his arriving at her door with weapons on the night of their consummation would be too strange for her.

"Thank you, Kili," she said. This time it was her turn to lean in. She threw her arms around him and kissed his cheek, delighted at his kindness to return to her the items she'd made with her father. She smiled at Kili, her arms still around him. The elderly dwarrowdams glanced at them again and smiled.

"Come, I would like to visit with some people." Kili pulled her to her feet. He guided her around the room with his hand on her back until They stopped beside a young couple. Jorda realized the woman was one of her attendants, Daeen, her cousin from the Iron Hills. Jorda hadn't seen her in over a year before her wedding. "Jorda!" Daeen said. "How are you?" Daeen curtsied before leaning in to embrace her.

"I am well!" She Jorda said. "And you?"

"I am just wonderful, thank you. I'm so happy to be here! I'm so glad Rard agreed to come to Erebor after it was reclaimed. Did I tell you we are going to stay here?"

"No! The wedding day was such a blur! If you did I didn't remember. And I haven't met Rard yet," Jorda added, glanced at the dwarf next to Daeen. He and Kili were engaged in discussion.

"Oh I hadn't realized! Please!" Daeen rested her hand on Rard's arm. "Darling, I would like you to meet my cousin, Jorda." Rard made a small bow as he grinned at Jorda.

"At your service," my lady.

"And I am at yours," Jorda answered. Then Rard moved in and embraced her, lifting her feet slightly of the ground.

"We are to be family soon!" He said. She laughed as he returned her to her feet while Daeen tutted at him.

Kili returned his hand to Jorda's back. She felt him stroke his thumb against her ribs slightly as he pulled her to lean slightly into him. She couldn't help turning to smile at him.

"Oh just look at you too," Daeen cooed. "Could you be anymore in love?"

Jorda blushed delightedly and glanced at Kili, who was smiling down at her. For a few moments she'd entirely forgotten about the confusion she had about last night, and she couldn't be more sure he would arrive in her room tonight. "Jorda," Kili said, "I only met Rard today. He's one of the other dwarves I was was working with."

"One of the ones working at least," he said, chuckling. Kili laughed with him. "Old Droin must have taken at least six naps."

"Seven according to Fili," Kili said. Of course Fili had been counting.

As if summoned by his name, Fili appeared by their side. Jorda realized she hadn't seen him for awhile.

"Brother," Kili greeted him, "been busy?"

"I have," Fili said grinning at Kili over Jorda's head. "I found the most lovely maid to flirt with. She's only just arrived from the Iron Hills."

"Oh, is it anyone I know?" Daeen asked. Fili glanced at her and mumbled about not getting a name. Jorda felt a flash of irritation at Fili. She really did like him most of the time, but considering he was about to be betrothed he could try to be a bit more respectful of his future wife. She glanced at Kili who only seemed to enjoy his brother's awkward moment.

The conversation continued about shared acquaintances and the new people arriving every day and how gay things were becoming. Jorda was as excited as they were but began to quickly feel tired. She yawned several times, at first discretely but then couldn't hide it anymore. She felt Kili watching her.

"I hate to end our discussion but I believe my wife needs rest," he said. Everyone looked at her and she smiled gratefully at Kili.

"I haven't had much sleep lately," she said. Rard's explosive laugh followed and she realized what she'd said, blushing furiously.

"I'll help you find Lire," Kili said. She guided her across the room to the door where her guard stood waiting for her, talking with several other dwarves. He scowled slightly when he saw her. She turned to Kili.

"Thank you," she said. As usual she was burning with questions, but she still hadn't been alone with him, leaving her unable to ask them. Some had been answered by his actions but there were new ones now. Just never a chance to talk.

He gazed into her eyes for a moment and then bent, kissing her cheek tenderly. She turned and kissed his as well, before he straightened. "I'm going to stay here for awhile," he said. She nodded. This would give her time to prepare. She turned and went to her room, trailed by her silent companion.

Upon arriving at her room she began the preparations from previous night. She pulled back the covers, sure now that was how she wanted them. She brushed her hair with hands that shook with excitement and donned a pink lace night gown. She glanced in the mirror and approved of what she saw. She was ready.

Five hours later she sat on the edge of the bed, watching the notched candle burn lower and lower. She was fighting sleep and pinched herself regularly to stay awake. Kili had clearly been detained and she wanted to be awake when he arrived. Dwarves could drink late into the night. She rose and began to pace. Her limbs were cold as she did so, but soon some warmth returned to them.

Six hours, then seven, then eight passed. Still no Kili. Jorda wandered around the room, examining her belongings, the tapestry on the wall, the door behind the tapestry that was still locked. She reminded herself that she wanted to ask Kili about it.

The candle finally sputtered out after ten hours. She replaced it with a new one. He was not coming. She was so disappointed as she dressed for breakfast. She wore a new blue gown that her mother had ordered as part of the wedding preparations. Opening her door she saw Lire standing there and walked passed him knowing he'd follow her to the breakfast room.