So my friend (who also likes Hetalia) and I were exchanging notes inbetween writing during heath and started doing headcannons.

...This is what came of the one I gave her.

Well, it was much more basic at first. I'll put that version at the end.

And I'm crap at accents. So there ain't any of those.

Canadians please don't kill me for making Germany forget your countrys name.

And I've never had my eyebrows waxed. All I know is it hurts. So excuse my errors.

...I'm begining to see a trend at where these take place.

~G8 Meeting:~

Germany sighed. "Could someone please tell me where France, America, and... Canadia are? This s not the first time those three have been missing at a meeting, and I'm getting tired of it!"

The other nations who were part of the G8 glanced at each other.

Finally, England sighed and spoke up. "I got a call form France earlier. He said none of them could come, and hung up before I could get an explanation as to why."

~At France's house:~

America was sobbing in a corner, with a dark aura surrounding him, and poking at mushrooms he seemed to have spawned from the ground.

Canada had one hand on his hockey stick.

They both had Iggybrows.

"Papa, if you do not get these off soon, so help me..." Canada trailed off with a dangerous aura.

"Calm down, calm down! The wax is not ready yet." France quickly assured him.

~Back at G8 Meeting:~

Germany thought about it for a minute. He then sighed and said, "I probably don't want to know."

Yup! That's it. The headcannon was that both America and Canada have Iggybrows but France helps them look normal and they won't go to a meeting if they have Iggybrows. Well, thats the basic way of saying it. It was more original verison was on a notecard. It was:

G8 meeting:

Germany: Where are France, America, and...Canadia?

England: They couldn't come.

~At Frances House~

America: *sobbing in corner*

Canada: *Hokey rage* GET. THEM. OFF.


France: I'll go get the wax.

~G8 Meeting~


Germany: I dont want to know.

OMG I copied that word for word and I think I died at little inside. I even put in all the spellin errors and such...

Yea okay now I'm just rambling.

Oh yeah! I don't own Hetalia.