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New Orders
My heart belongs to you Pt 2
Amidala of Naboo

Integral jumped at the sound of the knocking on the door. Jack laughed.

ཁDon't be nervous, girl.ཁ He responded. ཁYou look so hot, your man won't be able to keep his hands off you.ཁ

Integral sighed. ཁIt's not his hands I'm worried about.ཁ She said under her breath as Jack answered the door.

Jack looked at the tall pale man standing before him. Dressed in a well tailored black suit and paisley tie, the drag queen could not help think how lucky Integral was.

Alucard looked at the odd girly man who stood before him. He wondered if he had knocked on the wrong door but he knew that wasn't so. He could feel his master's presence in the room. Who was hin man? If one could call him a man he looked so girly. Why was he in his master's apartment? How did his master meet such a man?

"You must be Alucard." Jack replied. "You are fine. If I didn't think Integra would kill me for taking you, I would keep you all to myself, honey."

Integral sat on the sofa, puffing on her cigar. Why was her heart racing so? Why was she so nervous about tonight. It wasn't like this was the first time she was going out on a date. No, this was Alucard. Alucard, the no life king, the vampire who lived in her basement. A vampire. The type of monster she had been taught to hate.

Honey? Did this guy just call him 'honey'? Alucard asked himself? Him? The vampire Alucard? The no life king? Honey?

Alucard tired to see inside the apartment, but he could not see inside. He only knew that Integra was inside somewhere. He could smell the smoke from her cigars. "I am Alucard. Is my ma– Integra here?"

"She's here." Jack smiled. "It's a good thing you are on time. She's not my type but I wouldn't hesitate to take her out if you stood her up."

Him? This man take his master out? Jealousy. Was he feeling jealous? Who was this man? Alucard straightened his tie. "May I come in? Or are you just going to stand there in the doorway and stare at me?" Alucard grinned, trying not to show off his fangs to the man.

"Well, if it were up to me, and I didn't think your little lady would strangle me, I say let's forget about her, honey and let Jack here show you a grand ol' time." Jack smiled sweetly at Alucard. He then stepped aside so Alucard could enter the apartment. "Integra, dear. Put that stinky cigar away. Your man is here."

Integral put her cigar out, but she found herself no able to move. Stand up! She ordered herself. Good Lord! I'm wearing a dress. What the bloody hell am I thinking? I've asked Alucard, my vampire servant out on a date! I'm wearing a dress!

Alucard tried not to chuckle. He knew that it would only serve to make his master more nervous than she already was. So, he thought. My dear Integra is wearing a dress. He waited patiently for her to stand up. He had waited this long. He could stand to wait a little longer... as long as the man stopped drooling at him.

Finally, Alucard could stand no more of Jack's stares. Integra he could wait for. He walked past the gay man and around to the sofa where his master was sitting. He smiled at her, and kneeled in front of her. She was stunning. She had done all this for him. It touched his heart. No woman, while he was alive or undead had ever gone through so much effort to look this nice for him. That is to say wanting nothing more than his company, not wanting his money or power.

Integral swallowed nervously realizing that Alucard was kneeling before her, smiling. It was a disturbing toothy grin. But there was sincerity in his grin as well.

"You look lovely this evening, Integra." Alucard replied making the mental note not to call her master tonight. No, tonight they were to be 'man' and woman, not servant and master.

Integral found herself blushing. Alucard stood up and held out his hand for her. Integra took his hand and stood up.

Alucard looked at her stunning figure. He had never seen her in anything other than her suits, or the skirt and blouses she wore as a young girl. The dress was cut so that it showed off her womanly features perfectly. He had always knew that the little girl had grown into a beautiful young lady, but he had never seen her. The blue material of her dress highlighted her eyes.

Integral really had no idea of what to do next. Alucard stood up and held a hand out for her helping her to stand. The vampire lead his master to the door and away from the man. He thought that he would take to so a nice restaurant, then perhaps a walk..

The hunter sat patiently on the roof top. She snickered to herself as she looked at her clock. Soon, soon soon, she sang. Soon she would have some fun. She waited. A door! A door! Somebody opened a door! Soon. Soon. Soon. Fun. Fun. Fun. She pointed her rifle and waited.