Now, it's her turn.

Twenty-Three Percent

| along with windy frozen tunes |



"Does Yagami-chan believe in Shinigamis?"

Sayu blinks at the detective, flipping a page of the law book opened in her hands (it's a paperback version and yet the price tag still shows off a few zeros too many).

"Why not?" She answers, tilting her head to the side. "Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there." Like reincarnations, like suicidal twenty-three-year-olds who get to be reborn in a world where their brothers happen to be mass murderers.

The detective nods his head at her answer (and, really, she can't believe he followed her here just for the sake of having her opinion on Death Gods – if only Ryuk was here to further the irony of the situation) and moves a thumb over his lips.

"I did not peg you for the superstitious type." He says and she almost rolls her eyes. "Like I did not foresee your brother being interested in blonde models. The Yagami family is full of surprises." It doesn't sound like a compliment and it's probably not meant to be one.

But he's right; Misa Amane is not Light's type – Light doesn't have a type, but if he had one; they would be a lot less flashy.

The wall between her and Light's bedroom has always been paper thin (she hears everything).

When Misa Amane comes in search of her brother, Light is the first one to pretend Sayu doesn't know anything about Death Notes and Shinigamis and killer eyes (but the blonde turns blue eyes towards her as she walks inside their house – she's obviously curious, because of Sayu's lack of lifespan, but her target here is Light – Kira – and if he drags her up to his bedroom, then she'll happily follow and forget about his little sister).

"Aren't we?" She questions with a smile as the detective stares at her with unamused black eyes.

"I dislike surprises." He adds at her tone, his eyes entirely focused on her (maybe he's afraid she'll come up with some clever way to kill him when he's not looking). "But, Misa Amane's sudden appearance does explain a few things."

"You think… Amane-san has something to do with Kira?" And Sayu knows she sounds unconvinced, even if the blonde must've slipped up at some point (how cliché – the woman feels indebted to Kira because he killed her parents' murderer, it's the perfect sob story).

"I'm afraid I can't answer that." And he doesn't seem sorry, not at all. "Now that Yagami-chan has proven she is no threat, her father insists she is to be kept away from all things Kira."

And Sayu shrugs her shoulders because she's never really had much of an interest in the Kira case anyways (what's the fun in solving a puzzle if you already know the answer). She pushes the book back on the shelf and turns her head to find another one.

"I never thanked you for the book." She says easily, changing the subject. The detective's eyes mirror in the dying sunlight outside, the wide windows of the bookstore letting it in, creating shadows on the floors.

"No, you didn't." And then, he blinks at her. "Was it enjoyable?"

Sayu smiles.

By the time she's thirteen, she's already learned the Modern Japanese Legal System's Six Codes by heart. The book the detective gifts her is different, testimonials from lawyers – about American law practices (Sayu doesn't remember much about law from her first life, but she supposes that it would be very similar to what she read).

"Very." And she smiles at him wider and brighter, innocent and child-like and just like her brother, he doesn't buy it, narrows his eyes because he can see the thinly veiled hatred in her amusement.

If the numbers atop of his head have shortened considerably; she never mentions it.



"You're an idiot." She delivers flatly, following her brother atop yet another hill.

(this body, the one she is reborn into, moves through the forest with ease – sports had never been one of her strong suit, not the previous her anyways, but this body executes it flawlessly, never short of breath).

"I'm only trying to protect you, Imouto." His voice comes out subdued because he has his back towards her. "And Misa, of course." He adds as an afterthought, as if he thinks someone else is present.

(Ryuk and Rem move faster and hover, they reach the destination in seconds, Ryuk letting on a chuckle as he watches them walk from afar).

"For someone who's just had their life threatened, you're awfully calm." Her brother stops dead in his tracks and raises an eyebrow at her as he speaks.

Sayu shrugs her shoulders (and she can't really admit that she doesn't care about death, that she craves it, that she knows what lies on the other side) and sends a smile towards her brother.

"I know you'll protect me, Onii-chan." She doesn't know why he bothers, but he bothers so much that it's almost, well, sweet. "Besides, I know that whatever plan you've come up with, it's perfect."

Light sends her a smile and it's cocky and boyish and vain, but if her brother is skilled at something; it's playing with other people's minds.

Rem is quite clever; to use Sayu as leverage. Light won't give her up, not now and not quite – the Shinigami threatens to kill her if Misa dies and it doesn't take much time after that for Light to come up with some completely weird plan that involves him losing his memory as Kira.

But first, he has to bury the second notebook (and Sayu will have to babysit Ryuk, feed him apples and keep his boredom at bay so he doesn't do something reckless; like kill her brother for his amusement) which is why she now watches her brother shovel dirt away and create a hole big enough to bury a diary.

"We probably won't see each other much for a while." Light says, turning to her. "Remember what you have to do."

There's a piece of hair that sticks to his forehead and a bit of dirt on the sleeve of his sweater – and yet he still looks very handsome.

"I'll come and visit." She says, cool and detached and nodding her head (she already has a vague idea of what the detective will do when Light offers to be detained – she wonders what she'll tell their mother and then shakes her head and decides to leave that part to their father).

He rolls his eyes, but sends a smile towards her (it almost feels like they just buried a body, Rem disappearing with Light's notebook and Ryuk following them home).

The next day, when she comes back from school, her mother is seated at the kitchen table, face in her hands and sniffling a bit as Sayu walks insides. She drops her bag on the floor and hugs her mother from behind.

"Your brother and father will be absent for a while." Her mother manages out, wiping the tears away with the back of her hand.

"It's okay, Oka-san. They'll be fine." Sayu's words are empty (her father is a man who loves his job more than his wife and her brother is a mass murderer and there's a Shinigami behind her that stares at the scene with a smile on his horrible face).

But her mother manages a smile and musters enough strength to ask her what she'd like for supper. They end up curled on the couch, eating in front of the TV, something that never happens when her father and brother are home.

When the woman has fallen asleep on the couch, Sayu throws an apple into the air. Ryuk catches it with ease and sends an appreciative grin towards the fruit – not her, of course.

"Your brother has given up his memories of the notebook, Little Miss." Sayu nods her head, her eyes on the television and only slightly interested in what's playing.

Now, she has to wait (and remember what her brother asked her to do).

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