I' Rusve Ondo (The Broken Stone)

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I' Yesta: (The Beginning)

A sigh crossed my brother's lips. I laughed, "What bothers you so, Orophin?"

He grumbled, tossing his blond locks over his shoulder. He sighed again; "I wish to return to the Galadrim, not to stand here on watch."

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Suit yourself though I doubt the Lord and Lady will be pleased. I grant thee leave as soon as you find a replacement."

He groaned, "No Elf would willingly stand guard on such a beautiful night! Look at the stars, all are dreaming of their loved ones, as I wish to be doing!"

I shook my head, "Foolish brother, love is just a folly of men; do not behave so rashly." He scowled ungracefully.

He walked across the sentry tower, pacing slowly. He murmured things under his breath. He turned, "I cannot stand this any longer! I need to see my love! I need to see Nirawen!"

I rolled my eyes exasperatedly, "Love has made you a fool already! Should not your duty to Lothlorien come before your maiden!"

He snarled angrily, "What do you know of love?"

I waved him off coldly, so what if it was true. I thought to myself for some time. 'Orophin is right to some extent. I only know of love for the land and love for my parents.' I saddened, 'Well, I did love my parents before their passing.' Only three hundred years had passed since their deaths and I was still in mourning. I scowled, 'What does Orophin know anyway; he is just a love struck boy! He has yet to grown up, that is all.' I shook my head as I slipped out of my thoughts. I looked around to notice I was alone; Orophin had departed and left me alone under the brilliant night sky. A soft breeze blew through the golden leaved trees. Two shooting stars flew past my field of vision. I sighed and looked back out among the land. I spotted a horse running at a full gallop. The fearful rider was shooting at an orc pack chasing him. He yelled loudly, "Tua amin (help me)!" I continued shooting as he passed under the sentry way. I shot down the last orc and leaped off the tower. I approached the figure with a drawn bow.

I walked up to his horse, "Mani naa essa en lle? Mani marte (what is your name? What happened)?"

The figure slumped off the horse and I noticed an arrow embedded in his collar. I laid him out and noticed I was mistaken; it was a female that lay before me. I yelled loudly, "Orophin! Rumil! Someone make haste!" Two nearby elves ran to my side. I hoisted up the maiden's shoulders as the other two grabbed her feet. I carried her all the way to the healer's flet. The healer of Lothlorien, Givarawen, shook her head.

Givarawen bit her lip, "I am afraid there is little that I can do. She has been poisoned. One of you please fetch the Lady and I will see what I can do until then."

I ran outside and up the walkway to Galadriel and Celeborn's dining hall, it was dinnertime. I bowed politely, "Lady, the healer requests your presence. An Uruk-hai arrow poisoned an elf maiden riding here. I brought her to the healer but Givarawen says there is little she can do."

Galadriel rose, "I knew this would happen, she must survive!" She rushed out of the room, still maintaining her ladylike grace but hurrying nonetheless. She walked into the quarters and gasped, "Oh dear! It is worse than I first expected." She turned to me, "You may take leave Haldir."

I stared at the raven-haired maiden for a moment, "Yes my Lady. Would it be to much to ask if I requested to be notified of her condition?"

A smile crossed the Lady of Light's face, "Of course not Haldir, you rarely ask for anything while you give so much." I flushed slightly at the compliment, bowed and headed back to my post. I spent the rest of the night untroubled; I could not get the maiden out of my head though. It was odd, Galadriel had not said she was expecting anyone but she knew of the maiden's wound. I shook the thought off and, at sunrise, walked back to my loft. I stripped off my armor and cringed at the rank smell that was produced. I slipped down the bath to the military bathing pool. I removed my underclothes and slipped in. The water was refreshing though the ethereal mist around the pond was distressing. I shrugged it off and washed the filth off of me. When I was finished, I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked the short distance back to my flet. A courier awaited me, and I let out a distraught cry at the sight of him.

I regained my composure and spoke coldly, "What is it that you need Sir?"

He shifted uncomfortably, "Lady Galadriel wished you to know that the maiden will live though it may be a week or so before she fully recovers."

I nodded and waved him off. I chastised myself, 'Had you gotten to her faster she may have been fine by now!' The other half of me retorted, 'You were following protocol, she was a stranger!' I shook the thoughts out of my head, 'She is nothing more than another Elf maiden so why fret over it?' I slipped into my chambers and tossed my towel into my laundry basket. I sighed tiredly and lay down on my twin bed. I pulled the white sheets back and crept into them. I pulled my sole pillow down under my shoulder and smoothed the sheet over me. When I was satisfied with my crisp sheets I laid my head down and fell asleep.

~~Six hours later~~

I woke at sunset and grabbed a small bite to eat in the dining hall. I marched out to my post in my uniform. It had been cleaned as I slept; thank the Valar. I took a deep breath in, breathing in the sweet scent of flowers from the nearby meadow. I climbed the twenty-foot ladder and sat in my chair. Rumil was sitting on the other end and he smiled, "I heard you had quite a morning."

I crossed my arms and leaned back in my chair, "It was nothing big, just a foolish maiden who thought she could make the journey here alone. She appeared to be from Rivendell though I am unsure."

A sly grin crossed my brother's face, "You got a good look at her?"

I glared icily, "Once I realized she was a woman I immediately delivered her to the healer, as is protocol."

My brother rolled his eyes, "What did she look like?"

I sighed in exasperation, "She looked like an elf. She had ebon hair and her eyes were closed. That is all I know brother, and what do you care? Your lover would not like such interrogation over another maiden."

My brother blushed, "You should learn people skills my brother, you are no light of the party."

I scowled, "That doesn't matter; I am the March Warden of Lothlorien, not any other Elf."

Rumil let out a drawn out breath, "As you say. Let us remain in the silence of our own thoughts until I depart." He turned away and gazed down at the meadows.

I turned the opposite direction, "Why do you not just leave now? I can keep guard on my own; I require none of your assistance."

Rumil gave me a fierce look and stormed down the ladder, well as loudly as an Elf could. He waved sourly, "Namaarie."


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