I' Rusve Ondo (The broken stone)

Rated: PG (for now)


Lummenquenta Nelde a Kainen (Chronicle Thirteen)

I Galado Mellonea...ar' melaea (The Light of friends...and lovers)


As I saw Haldir weeping, for the first time since we had met about a year ago, I knew something had to be done.

Haldir was still standing guard, but only on the western border, hoping that Reyna would return. After his shift one morning, I met him at the foot of the sentry tower. "Ly anta quen." {We need to talk.}

He nodded forlornly. "En rant." {Of course.}

My long black hair hung down my back, I was wearing a pair of black leggings and a grey tunic. My blue eyes lit with sympathy. "Reyna is no longer here anymore Haldir and she is -not- coming back." I spoke in Westron, so no one else would overhear.

It had been four months and summer was drawing to a close. Haldir sighed, "I will never believe it." His Westron was better accented than mine, but I was still learning, from him no less.

Conjuring up all the nerve left in my body, I took his hands in mine. "Haldir, don't waste yourself away on her! There are people here who need you..."

Haldir shrugged away, "I want Reyna to be here, is that too much to ask? Am I asking to much by wanting the woman I love by my side?"

I glared, "Don't be so selfish! Other people here need you Haldir!" I fell against him, and I was afraid of what may come tumbling out of my mouth, "I need you."

There it was, out in the open. I had just said it, he knew now. Instead of pulling away like I thought he would, he wrapped his arms around me. He was strong and comforting, as I sobbed into his warm green tunic.

He held me for a moment,, stroking my ebon locks. Finally, all I had said sunk in well enough for him to reply adequately. "Lirawen, fair one, don't weep. Please...I can't bear to see you hurting."

I looked up into his shining eyes, "I am just afraid, I don't want you to die..."

Haldir cupped my face in his large hands, "Why would I die? You should know I am stronger than that."

"Because you are so heartbroken over Reyna! It kills elves! I have seen it!"

I collapsed my face into Haldir's inviting chest once more. "I've seen it happen to my very family..."

Comfortingly, he continued to run his fingers through my hair. "I won't die from something like that." He smiled at me, "What kind of a warrior would I be then?"

A faint smile caught my lips, "En rant, Haldir. I am sorry I doubted you." {Of course.}

He placed his arm around my shoulder, "Let us go get something to eat. After a wholesome meal I am sure you will see things in a different light."

I giggled faintly, "I may be a warrior, but I am still not a male."

A hearty laugh tumbled from his throat like a pent of river being freed from it's containment. "I do not think I can ever think of you as a male Lirawen. You are always a lady in my eyes."

Haldir was smiling at me as I looked up, "You are a good friend Lirawen, a better friend to me than most elves, spare my brothers and the Lord and Lady of course."

I grinned back, "Thank you, that is a very generous compliment coming from the March Warden."

Inside, part of me was screaming to tell him that I longed to be more than friends...but I could not bear to tell him such. Once we were seated and eating I looked up at him. "How long are you planning on waiting for her?"

He smiled, but it was a grim smile. "As long as it takes. Either my heart must loose its love of her or she must return. Which ever occurs first will determine where I go from there."

"Do you think you will ever love again?" I tried to hide the desperation in my eyes.

After a moment of thinking, he nodded. "I do believe that I may be able to love again if Reyna never returns. I was never sure she was my Eldar...so if she is not, perhaps someone else is."

"A very wise point mellonamin." {my friend.} It was hard to keep all my emotions inside. "Haldir...will you attend the Ehtele'mele feasts with me?"

Haldir watched me for a moment. "They are not for another fort night!"

I blushed brightly. "I know, but I was just hoping to ask before anyone else does..."

He sat for a moment...realizing how many invites he got every year. "Well, yes, I would love to attend the festivities with you."

With a confident smile, I hugged him tightly. "Terrific." I stood up from the meal table and smiled at him. "I think I am going to rest a bit." I quickly strode out of the hall, winking to him as I exited the doorway entirely.

After I left the hall I shook my head. 'Did I just wink at him? What was I thinking?'

~~~Haldir Of Lorien~~~

Orophin and Rumil approached me quickly. "What did she ask you?"

I shook my head at them. "You two are rather odd. She asked me to attend Ehtele'mele with her."

"And?" The two looked absolutely pathetic.

"And I said yes. It is no life and death matter...why are you two so excited?"

Rumil smiled, "Everyone knows that Ehtele'mele is the most romantic holiday...are you sure she only asked you as a friend?"

With a shake of my head, I started towards the west post. "Of course I am sure...albeit...she did act very strangely today." I pondered it for a few moments and shook my head again. "N'uma. Amin hiraetha torroramin, lye na mellonea." {No. Sorry my brothers, we are just friends.}

Orophin laughed. "En rant." {Of course.} My two brothers headed towards the northern border for guard duty. As I climbed the ladder to the western post, I saw Lirawen asleep in a chair.

She was curled up tightly and contently resting. "Lirawen? We are suppose to pay attention to the borders on guard duty, not our dreams."

Lirawen stirred lightly. "No..."

At first I thought she was awake...but she was still sleeping.

"No! Stop...go away!" I shook her lightly.

"Mellonamin?" {My friend?}

"Ata! N'uma! Tula n'alaquel!" {Mommy! NO! Come back!}

I picked her up in my arms and shook her a bit more. "Híril...Híril..." {Lady...Lady...}

She finally woke. "Haldir? Mani marte?" {What happened?}

Lirawen blushed as I set her down and held her close until she regained her balance. "Nothing. Tell me, what causes your cheeks to turn such an attractive pink?"

"What? Oh!" She blushed deeper. "It's nothing..." Lirawen turned to stare out over the borders. "I am glad you are feeling better..."

I nodded. "Much, thanks to you." I hugged her lightly. "Diola lle melamin." {Thank you my love.}


My eyes went wide. "Sorry, it slipped out. I meant mellonamin."

Lirawen nodded. "En rant lle ume." {Of course you did.} Somehow, she seemed disappointed but I shrugged the feeling off and turned to look at the night sky.

"Ta na vanima...ve' lle." {It is beautiful...like you.} With that, I leaped over the side and went to check the other posts once before returning to stand guard.

~~~To Be Continued~~~

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