I haven't written for years, and oh boy, is it hard.
Not a fan of long introductions so i'll make it as short as possible.
Chapters won't come out regularly, no way it will ever happen.
I'm not a native english speaker. I may end up making dumb mistakes because of this. Feel free to point them all out.
Actually point out all the mistakes, i hate them.
I appreciate constructive criticism, and will refuse to respond to reasonless hate.

Barodius knew better than to wait for things to happen on their own. The very first moment he woke up in an unfamiliar place he started looking for a way back. The last thing he could recall was reaching for the Sacred Orb in an attempt to gain its power, but something told him he wasn't just lying unconscious all this time.

Fighting an overwhelming headache he struggled to keep moving, irritation rising with every second of him not being at his best. He absolutely HATED weakness, and the fact he could barely walk was filling him with self-disgust. His vision was unclear, but enough for him to tell he was somewhere on Gundalia. The surroundings were dark even for the Gundalian undergrounds, as only few crystals here and there would light up the blackness. Once he touched the wall, he could feel it's warm and wet, so he was at least two levels under the urban area of Gundalia. Not a good sign.

Then sudden realisation hit him. He was surrounded by silence. By now, Dharak would usually at least comment on their situation. Hell, he could even know what happened to them!

But the bakugan was nowhere to be found.

-Dharak! - The emperor called out, the only answer being echo of his own words.

Barodius quickly ran through his pockets, already knowing he will not find his partner in there, but still clinging to the hope that maybe Dharak is just unconscious. The hope was soon lost, as all he found was some pocket dust. Losing Dharak was something he could not afford - he was too powerful to give up on. They could battle together in perfect sync, something Barodius never managed to achieve with any other bakugan. They were supposed to take over the universe together. Without Dharak, Barodius could take years of careful planning and throw them out of the window. No, he definitely needed his partner back.

The emperor began to backtrack to where he came from, looking for his bakugan, slowly getting more and more conscious. And with consciousness, fear came along.

He lost Dharak. His people have turned back on him, and those who haven't are already dead. His plan was very risky, and could either let him rule the universe in case of succeding, or bring him all the way down in case of a failure. And he did fail. He lost to that bloody human kid, Kuso.

The very moment he recalled that name, his blood began to boil. Who in the world was that boy to just ruin his all plans like it was nothing?! Why, of all people, was it a mere kid who brought him down? He was humiliated by that loss, humiliated to the point where his people would all just riot against him if they found out. Gundalians were all about power, and they would only respect a mighty ruler. He could not possibly be respected after that loss. He needed to make sure noone finds out.

Eventually he got back to where he woke up, and began looking around. Tons of rocks, remains of crystals, but no bakugan in the line of sight. The layer of pebbles on the ground wasn't enough to hide a bakugan, so Barodius did not even bother digging through it - he was already dirty enough, and despite everything he still was an emperor. He needed to present himself well.

Barodius needed to think, he needed a plan, a way out of the position he was in. He leaned on the nearest rock, trying to collect his thoughts.

He was all alone, in a part of Gundalia he had never been to before, judging by the scenery the closest guess being the mines district. He was too exhausted to teleport, barely even standing and definitely not capable of getting any food, if any food could be found in those mines anyway. Anger built inside him. He, the powerful emperor, the man who managed to conquer Neathia, planet with a godlike power protecting it, was going to die from starvation or dehydration like some stray dog!

He needed to get out of here, to find help, to find some of his people; he was an emperor, after all. It was their duty to help him. And he needed to act fast, before the rumors about his loss will spread.

-Get yourself together - The emperor said to himself, trying to break the dreadful silence surrounding him.

Once again he forced himself on his legs, and proceeded to move on. Many Gundalian mines were kilometres long, but that fact caused the miners to begin settling inside them - one underground or another didn't make much difference. If he was lucky and determined enough, he would eventually stumble upon someone.

With that plan in his mind, he began to press forward again.