Dark Play (a Naruto Fanfiction) by Seth's Kiss:

A/N: Hi everyone! My name's Seth's Kiss. I'd just like to say that though this is not my first fic, it is my first Naruto fic (and I'm a little nervous). I'm still quite new at all this, hence, any advice within your reviews is, as always, warmly welcomed... However, if this story is not to your liking or you sense something off, please mention it, but in a very polite way: if this fic offends you, my advice to you is very simple: Don't read...I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of other fics out there to your liking just waiting for you. Thank you for your consideration.

Warnings: This fanfic will contain dark mature themes (violence, possible cannibalism, psychosis, insanity, mental disorders, emotional and physical torture, molestation, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, non-con/rape, and so on (it gets worse the further you read...or better, for those of you who enjoy stories like these), so it will be rated M: if you've read my other fics (notably 'the Fallen series' (a Bleach fic) and 'Red & Blue' (a Death Note fic)), you'll surely notice that 'fluff' is not really my strong point. Also, I'm more often than not too fond of writing with cuss words yet do expect to find one or two, here and there within chapters. Again, if these themes or anything else doesn't appeal to you, either because it offends you or you are still underage: Please, do not read this fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto series or its characters, as it all belongs to Masashi Kishimoto (who I sincerely admire for inventing such commendable work since 1997); I do own everything else (which is just the plot in this case): it all comes from my eccentric imagination. I'd also like to apologize beforehand if any of the characters are in any way O.O.C, so let me know when you believe they are: I mean, I'll try as hard as I can to keep them in character, but I tend to let my writing take over my imagination (and it can be quite annoying to a certain extent).

Official Summary: A.U: After working very hard lately, Sakura has been given a full month off and she's overjoyed. Her best friend, Ino, wants to make the best of it and take her to Paris with her, but Sakura passes up the occasion, wishing to stay home. But she quickly regrets her choice when two twisted brothers on the run choose her house to be their own personal playground. Dark fic as there is violence, non-con (M x F / M x M) and incest (M x M).

Prologue: Before It All Began:

Drumming her slender fingers on the driving wheel in tandem to music playing on the radio, an action which made the multiple silver bracelets upon her wrists tinkle against each other, Sakura swayed from side to side in the seat of her car as she mouthed the lyrics to a song she hadn't even known of until a few minutes ago. What could she say? It was a very catchy tune.

Her mobile phone suddenly went off and she hastened to grab it, reaching out a dainty hand to the passenger seat where her handbag was as to rummage through it, whilst keeping her eyes staunchly on the road: due to her profession, she was constantly reprimanding those who came in way too close to being paralyzed for life or - God forbid - to certain death because of car accidents, and she'd be an utter fool to not heed her own advice.

Finding her phone, she flips it open and holds it to her ear, not bothering to check who was calling, though the voice on the other line instantly let her know who it was: "Sakura-chan!"

"Ino!" greeted the young driving woman just as brightly, a smile to her rose lips "What's up?"

"Guess what?" chimed the other giddily over the phone, sounding over the moon with joy.

"What?" Sakura asked just as enthusiastically, her friend's happiness awfully contagious.

Giggling mischievously, Ino drawled out: "Come on, you tell me."

The other merely rolled her vivid emerald eyes at the other's playfulness: "Ino, I'm not a mind-reader."

There was a pause at that: "You can't mind-read through phones, silly."

"Making me even less capable of ever guessing why you're calling..." retorted Sakura with a shake of her head, smile still in place "Come on, Ino, don't leave hanging now that you got me all curious."

"Killjoy... Well, work has been good lately and given the fact that I need a break, I'm going to Paris, for one full month, baby!"

"Wow! Good for you! I'm so happy!"

"And you're coming with me!"

"What?!" cried out Sakura with a surprised laugh as she pinned the phone in place with her shoulder, so she could wave at a familiar face along the road, who cheerfully waved back "Thanks, but no, Ino. I can't."

"But why not?!" gasped out the other significantly as if deeply offended by her best friend's refusal "You've got a month off too, don't you?"

"Yes, I do" she confirmed with a redundant nod the other couldn't see "But I'm not travelling. I'd rather kick back and stay at home."

"But that's so boring! Don't you wanna have fun? Go sightseeing? Get a boyfriend? Paris is the capital of love and guys from over there are said to be so romantic!"

Sakura rolled her eyes again at her best friend's dramatics: "I'll never have a chance at love and you know that."

"What? Why not?" cried out Ino aghast before reprimanding her friend "And don't you dare say it's because you're ugly or something 'cause you are pretty! Not as much as me but still!"

"Vain" Sakura chuckled before she bit her lip, trying to find the best way to put her dilemma "I...intimidate them. You know, with those anger issues of mine?"

"Girl, you have a sweet side too. And those who can't see that just don't deserve you. Everyone has a good side, a bad side, a light and dark side respectively."

"Philosophical much...? Yeah well, seems like no one can see it. There only three idiots I know who do: one of them is married to Hinata, the other is married to his gym, and the third is more into those of his gender" she finished with a bitter sigh, her words causing Ino to burst out laughing, which managed to make Sakura smile again.

"I know what you mean. All the good guys are married, completely oblivious or gay, that it?"

"Something like that" Sakura sighed again, though this time, a little louder.

"Still...you're prince charming is surely out there waiting for you" said Ino sympathetically.

"Ino, I'm a pre-med student" reminded the other with a huff "Fairytales aren't made for me."

Sakura's friend groaned in exasperation: "God, since when have you ever been this pessimistic? If I wasn't already at the airport and nearly getting ready to board, I would have dragged you with me."

"I know you would. Thanks Ino. Really, I'm touched, but I don't think I'd have the energy to travel. I just want to relax and be at home. I miss it."

"Literally feeling homesick, huh?"

"Well, when you spend all day at the hospital, plus late hours, plus extra hours, I feel like I'm entitled to be homesick."

"Ugh...I don't know how you do it. Thank God I'm a court judge."

"If you say so" uttered Sakura with a wrinkled nose, she too not understanding how Ino could deal with her chosen profession. A Court Judge for goodness' sake!

"I know so. Well, I'm leaving for Paris! Bye, girl! Love you! I'll bring you a souvenir, 'kay?"

"Thank you, Ino. Have a nice trip and lots of good fun."

Ino hummed before her next words were dripping with suggestive hints: "Oh, I plan to have LOTS of 'good fun'... Bye!"

"Crazy girl" chuckled Sakura with a fond smile, as she hang up whilst she eased down the rocky road before parking right in front of the garage to her house and killing the engine.

Grabbing her handbag and her medical kit from the back seat, Sakura tucked a few stray strands of her long bright pink locks behind an ear as she exited the car and directed herself to the front door of her humble abode.

It wasn't grandiose nor was it small, it was simply midway perfect to her, resembling a sort of cottage house that would come across straight from a Grim Brothers' storybook, lost somewhere in the forest up in the mountains.

All the way in the far right hand corner from the village where she worked, it was kind of isolated - even the majority of her friends did not like her being so far off from civilization, only for her to carelessly shrug away at their worries - but Sakura liked it that way, enjoying the peace and quiet, especially after all the hectic noise she daily found in her line of work.

Humming softly the same tune from before, she unlocked the front entrance and let herself in before closing the door behind her, utterly unmindful to the hefty ominous silence that had weaved itself within the usually animated forest, and entirely unaware that she wasn't alone.

"Otouto" spoke up an intensely deep and smooth yet strongly dark emotionless voice, softly addressing the one with him, as they both kept their eyes riveted upon the house before them.

"Nii-sama" acknowledged the other instantly, holding the exact same tone as the other in his company, only with a timbre lower, sounding slightly more youthful than the former.

"I believe that we've stumbled upon a perfect gem" commented the elder brother with a smile as his raised his eyebrows appreciatively at the residence standing in the middle of nowhere.

"I agree. Too bad it's already taken. Should we wipe the house clean?"

"Now, where's the fun in that?" laughed out the eldest of the two before he shook his head decisively "No, I think we should just move in and simply play dirty a little at first..."

"And then get rid of the pest if it becomes far too boring" completed the younger brother with a casual nod of his head before he considered a detail "But what if it doesn't want to play?"

A chilling wide smirk leisurely graced the other's lips, swiftly mirrored by the younger sibling before the former even pronounced the words: "Since when has that ever stopped us, hm?"

A/N: So...This idea came to me recently and I told myself: 'I have to write this'; as a result and despite the fact that I'm working on a more time-taxing fic (see: the Fallen series, a Bleach fic), I decided to torture myself and work on yet another one just as time-consuming: I'm definitely lacking a certain common sense given the very little time I have to actually write fanfics at all. So to be brief about this very fic, I had the inspiration after watching the cruel and twisted thriller movie 'Knock, Knock' featuring Keanu Reeves: this fic isn't exactly like the movie but it follows the same concept of two slightly if not completely deranged individuals invading a third person's life, making the latter a helpless victim to their sick games. And it is scary no matter how hard someone tries to convince themselves that it's not.

So, I'll be honest with you and say now that updates will be irregular (time isn't on my side unfortunately, I barely get by as it is), but please do tell what you think as I really encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions and anticipations. See you around and hopefully soon!