Keeper of the Lost

By: dbrame91

So far this is a one-shot. I came up with this idea around the same time that I started my other story. This is another Naruko story. I'm not going to have jinchuriki in this story, though I will have the bijuu act more as willing guardians of the different lands. I know that the bijuu are aligned to certain villages but I feel like too many of them have more than one, plus with a new Uzu they should have one as well. If I like where this goes and readers do too, I may continue. I'm rating it M to be safe.

I do not own Naruto in any form. I love the long epic adventure and wanted to bring around my own story. I do not benefit from this story in any way other than the fun of writing it, and hopefully other people enjoying it. I am saying this now only, it applies to all future chapters if I write more.

Mid-summer was always hot in the Land of Fire. The sun beating down on everything below, the sticky humid days where even AC barely helped. However there are those who had to work hard all year round, be it freezing cold or skin melting hot. There are plenty of people in the Land of Fire that have to work no matter what happens, but for the Shinobi of said land's hidden village, Konohagakure, there is little that they don't do. Every member of the village's ninja forces helps, from the freshest Genin to the oldest ex-Hokage. Even the current Hokage had his own work to do, mostly paperwork but still important.

Namikaze Minato is that current kage, his hair a bright unmistakable blonde and clear blue eyes. He is the man who won his title after years of fighting during the third Shinobi war. However today he had chosen to enjoy the cloudless sky and skip work. Well skip was a bit of a loose term for him, thanks to his natural intelligence it had been easy for him to learn the Kage Bunshin technique and he often used said skill to have someone else do the work. However he would only do it so he could spend time with his loved ones when they were in Konoha, and that was always in summer and winter.

Minato's wife was Uzumaki Kushina, and his daughter was Uzumaki Naru. Kushina had the most vibrant red hair and deepest soft purple eyes, as well as a toned and developed body that Minato loved having pressed against him at night. His wife just so happens to be the acting Uzukage, a rank given to her when she began the restoration of her homeland and to gather her scattered clansmen. She began her journey of restoration after their daughter had been born. Naru has his eyes but her mother's vibrant red hair, though her crimson locks are more of a sunset red. While Naru did keep her hair longer it still had spikey aspects like Minato's. Currently Naru was five years old, and barely up to his waist. She spent half her year in the new Uzushiogakure, learning their customs and styles, and the other half in Konohagakure.

Honestly he hated his daughter not having his family name, but he also understood that it was safer for her to be an Uzumaki. There had already been an attempted kidnapping on her the previous year, a Kumo ninja had snuck in and taken her from her room in the middle of the night. It was one half of the attempt to introduce more bloodlines into the Kumo population, the other half being the young Hyuuga heiress. Thankfully both had been stopped, but it cost the village a staunchly loyal and loved Hyuuga branch member. Had his daughter used his family name he was sure Iwa would have attempted to take her life.

During her time in Konoha, Naru was in the academy during most days in winter, with her summers completely free for play and learning from her father. As such she already had some access to her chakra, which she often used to get into trouble. The young girl was a mystery to many of her teachers as she seemed to learn everything rather quickly, from the basic jutsu to the more advanced taijutsu. She didn't like to fight though, almost abhorred it. Minato had a slight speculation as to why she learned quickly, though no one had any proof to back it up. He had come to the belief that his daughter had a certain gift he hadn't inherited from his blood.

Minato claimed be an orphan for most of his life now, but this was only a recent truth. The blond had been born to a civilian mother, as the bastard child of a branch member of the Uchiha clan. He never had the Uchiha colorings of dark, usually black, hair or the coal black eyes. When he was starting in the academy he was taken from his mother by his father. He was taken to be raised as an Uchiha, where he could learn to unlock the sharingan and promote his father's position as the next clan head. As the current head of the clan had not sired any heirs the first family to have an offspring to manifest the dojutsu of the Uchiha would take the place as the Main Family.

During the time he was an Uchiha his mother passed away from disease. He was kicked out and stripped from any records when he was 10, his father angry that he had lost to Fugaku's branch of the clan. That was the time he stopped counting the Uchiha as his family, and when he said he was an orphan. If he had been nothing but a political tool for his father, then that man wasn't his father. Shortly after he met Kushina for the first time and things got better. Minato never succeeded in calling on the red eyed abilities of his father's clan.

Today Minato was at home, in the on-grounds training area. A friend of his from Suna's puppet corp by the name of Kurokami Momiji was visiting and they had decided to have a light spar, a demonstration for his awed little girl as she watched the two adults fight. No weapons besides Momiji's primary puppet were allowed, and even then she was limited to what hidden weapons she could use.

Momiji was a skilled puppet user, though not as skilled as Suna's Red Scorpion Sasori. She was the first member of her family to join the Puppet corp. Her hair was black and long, the ends just passing her shapely ass, though she folded it over several times and pinned it to the back of her head, leaving two small bangs on either side of her face to frame it. She was only a few years younger than the blond Hokage but had a body much like Tsunade's genjutsu, her ample chest left unbound by any form of bra and almost spilling out of the sides of her sleeveless priestess-like shirt. Her shirt was a crisp clean white with blue stitch work while her pants were the same shade of blue with white stitching.

Momiji's puppet was made for a balance of defense and offense. It had plenty of hiding spots for its hidden weapons, and with almost countless points of articulation making it up it could be seen as a clockwork puppet. The Puppet was made of the strongest wood that Konoha had to offer, rivaling even steel, and was fire hardened to make it even stronger. The body was almost as tall as she was, just short enough that when the puppet was out she could use it as an armrest, which meant she couldn't carry it with her easily. If she did bring it out she was either fighting or she was using it as transport.

"Watch closely little Uzumaki. Your otou-san is about to owe me free dinner for my entire stay." Momiji called out as she twitched her fingers slightly, opening the mouth of her armadillo themed puppet and letting it fire practice senbon, before another twitch of the middle and ring fingers of her right hand. Once the commands went through to the puppet it curled up and began to spin vertically, its "shell" opening in several spots and revealing wooden shuriken. Flicking her wrists the dark haired Momiji sent the spinning puppet forward. "Puppet technique: Armadillo Mace!"

Neither adult was watching the little girl as the puppet flew forward at the blond. They both missed as the girl's eyes shifted from Minato's blue to the Uchiha red, a single tomoe in her left eye. As the puppet approached, Minato made the hand sign for the Kage Bunshin and made three clones to back him up. One caught the ball head on, grabbing at two of the kunai, while the other two braced the first to keep him from sliding. Once the ball was stopped the clones popped and Minato came out from behind it, charging his friend, fingers out to serve as his kunai. Right as he was about jab the woman in the forehead with his fingers, claiming his win, a loud sound came from the direction of where Naru had been sitting. When both adults turned to look, hoping it wasn't some kind of attack, they saw that there were four identical red heads piled on top of each other before three of them blew up in clouds of smoke. All that remained was a confused and very tired Naru rubbing at her already blue again eyes.

"Naru dear. Where did you learn that bunshin from?" Minato asked as he looked at her, not having seen her red eyes. She pointed at him with one hand and yawned, her other hand still rubbing her eyes. Using the chance Momiji took a practice kunai and pressed the "point" to his heart playfully. With a grin and a light laugh she declared her win with more adult language, which resulted in a slightly miffed Kushina throwing her out of the modest house.

"No swearing in my household!" The mature red head yelled before grumbling to herself as she returned to the kitchen, carefully watching her large pot of ramen.

The Yondaime came out a few seconds later and helped her up, his daughter dozing off on her feet beside him, before inviting her back inside. "Just watch what you say. Kushina has always hated foul language." He laughed light heartedly as his arms snaked around the young girl and hoisted her up. "Do you need a nap Naru?" The girl nodded her head, be it from sleep or as confirmation wasn't clear but either meant the same thing. Minato disappeared in a yellow flash, using his Hiraishin, and then returned just as quickly but without Naru.

Next Day

Today the sky was dark and rain was pouring down on Konohagakure. Minato had woken up and seen the weather, deciding that it was an actual work day for him, so he went to his office. A little after he arrived Naru found her way into the Hokage Tower and up to his office. She sat quietly on one of the two couches on either side of his office's coffee table for a while, looking around the room and analyzing anything she didn't instantly recognize. 'If she has the Sharingan does she use it to a point of dependence?' Minato allowed himself to continue his thoughts, getting lost along the way and not paying attention to what Naru did. When he came back to his senses his daughter was gone from the room and had opened the door across the hall, the Scroll of Seals opened and in her lap.

"Naru, you shouldn't be reading that." Minato quickly removed himself from his chair and took the scroll back from her. "That scroll has lots of very high ranked Jutsu in it. Each one is labeled a kinjutsu, and some of them were not even capable of being used by their creators."

"Why?" The red haired child asked as she looked back at the scroll, already forgetting what she had read. "I saw that bunshin jutsu from yesterday in there."

Minato nodded his head. He knew it was in there, the scroll was where he had learned it from. Some of his other techniques also came from the scroll's contents, such as his Hiraishin even though he had to tweak it using fuinjutsu. Leading his daughter from the room, his hand between her shoulder blades and leaning forward a bit, he began to explain why certain ones where forbidden. "First there is the Edo Tensei. That is really bad as it needs human sacrifice and disrespects the dead. It allows the user to bring back the dead in a constantly regenerating body, but binds the deceased to the caster's will." Minato knew where that technique was in the scroll, and was happy that the little girl in front of him had not been anywhere close to it.

"What about Kage Bunshin? Why is that in there?" Naruko looked up and backwards at her father as she asked. She really wanted to know because it was the first time she could make a clone successfully. Like her mother she had too much chakra for simple illusion clones.

"That jutsu uses a lot of chakra to make even just one clone. That is why you felt sleepy yesterday after you used it. It also has a special ability that allows it to transmit memories from the clones to the original when they pop." Minato explained as he sat the girl back down and took out some blank paper and crayons for her. "Kage Bunshin uses so much chakra that the Nidaime could only make two or three at a time." Naru happily accepted the paper and crayons from her father and sat down to draw while he started working again.

A couple hours later, near lunch time, Kushina came by and took the little Uzumaki with her as they went to get lunch. When they closed the door Minato collected the used paper Naru had put to the side and went through it, noticing that she had been drawing the different hand seals in impressive detail. When his family returned with lunch Minato took a break to eat with them, asking about the girl's drawings and was told that it was summer homework from the Uzushio academy. When she was asked about the level of detail in them she said that she had watched Uchiha Itachi demonstrate each one, and that the details where from his hands.

Getting bored of being asked questions Naru asked her own. "How did you become Hokage Tou-san?" She looked at him with her eyes wide in wondering. "I know Sarutobi-jiji learned over one thousand non-clan jutsu as well as demonstrated bravery and power during the wars to earn the position, but does every Hokage need to learn that many techniques?"

"The Hokage needs to be someone who is powerful, respected, and loved." The only blond in the room answered, his box lunch in one hand. "I earned the position because of my contribution during the third war. Honestly, I know about one tenth of the number of jutsu that Hiruzen knows." He chuckled lightly as he met the eyes of his daughter. "Why? Do you want to be Hokage someday?"

The younger of the two redheads' cheeks tinted pink as she nodded. "I do, or maybe the Uzukage. But I don't like fighting and I don't want to be someone that people are afraid of." Naru's fingers started to play with the hem of her dress, her eyes looking but not actually seeing what she was doing.

"Well to be the Kage of a village you do need to fight sometimes. You can't send your people to what might be their deaths if you wouldn't go yourself." Kushina said to her gently as she rubbed her daughter's back. "And I am only the Acting Uzukage dear. That means when Uzushio is back on its feet, and the people return, I will step down and let someone else take over. If no one else is able to properly fill the role I will keep it until there is someone who can." Naru nodded her head slightly and let go of her dress.

Two days before end of Summer (One and a half months later.)

After that rainy day in Minato's office Naru had come and gone from the tower through out the rest of the summer. Every time she did she found her way to the Scroll of Sealing and studied it. One day, just as she was reading about the Edo Tensei, her father caught her as usual and took the scroll from her. When he did he finally found the proof he needed. His daughter had the Sharingan active as she was reading, a short lived look of shock crossed Minato's face. "Why do you keep trying to read that scroll dear? You know there are things in here you shouldn't learn."

"But if no one learns them, then they will be forgotten. Nothing, no matter how bad, should be forgotten." Her eyes shifted back to blue without her knowing they had been any different. "Forgetting something bad is just hiding it away. And forgetting something that is hard to do will eventually make it lost."

"Naru, do you remember everything you read from the scroll today." The girl nodded her head. "Do you know why you remember it?" This time she shook her head. Her eyes met his from her still seated position, waiting for an explanation. After a long history lesson of the village, including who the Uchiha were and what made them such powerful ninja, the blond father then told his daughter about his own past. "The reason you remember so much and can do it right away is because you did what I couldn't Naru dear. You have the Sharingan."

Minato looked up at the clock, seeing it was long past his usual hours in the office. "Let's go home. You need to rest up before you and Kaa-san leave for Uzushio tomorrow." The blond nodded but refused to stand up. When asked why, she told her father that she wanted to finish reading about the Edo Tensei, saying that she should know everything about it, instead of being left curious. Minato ran a hand through his hair as he sighed, agreeing that curiosity about something like the Edo Tensei could lead to some very bad things, but still feeling that she shouldn't learn anything more until she was out of both Academies. "Okay, but read it quickly without your Sharingan. We will talk more about it when we get home."

Reaching out for the scroll gently Naru nodded her head. "Okay Otou-san." The young girl sat in silence, slowly mouthing the words in the scroll as she finished her reading. When she was done she felt a little queasy at the steps needed for the Edo Tensei. "That isn't a good jutsu." Her father only nodded his agreement as they began to walk down the stairs of the Hokage Tower. After a few minutes they got out onto the street and began the walk home. "Could I become Hokage if I learned a lot of lost jutsu?"

"Hmmm. Ushinajutsu*?" Minato quietly nodded his head mulling over the sound of it. "You could, if you could actually use them, but a lot of 'lost jutsu' are lost because they require Kekkai Genkai related to them. A good example is the Hyoton of the Yuki clan." The father/daughter duo continued there walk, stopping to get some fresh curry filled croquettes for dinner. As the two got to the front door of their house the sun was turning the sky a soft mix of pinks and blues.

After dinner the family sat together, talking about their days. Kushina had been busy with going over some request forms from her people in Uzushio, mostly just asking for approval to order more lumber or stone. Most of their contractors came from Wave, a deal that had been made in exchange for Uzushio acting as the small island country's ninja force. The red haired mother also had to go over the different requests for shop licenses, reading who wanted to do what with their establishment and how they planned to fund it. In most cases it was people hoping that the village would give them a loan large enough to operate on for a few months. Lately the requests had been bar owners from different lands looking to expand into the rebuilding country.

When it came to bars, Kushina was reluctant to let them in. In the old days of her home there had only been one bar, it had been for civilians only and run by an honorably discharged former shinobi. The man had lost an arm during one of his missions in Kumo during a rockslide. With his prior life experience it was easy for him to distinguish between civilian and plain clothes shinobi without their forehead protector. It was something that she wanted to bring back, except for allowing ninja as well.

Just as Naru was about to start talking about what she had learned from the scroll, Jiraiya strolled in without an invite or knocking on the door. The newcomer to the house drew the little girl's attention immediately, making her bounce up to her feet and hug the older man. "Ero-jiji!" She tightened the hug as much as she could but was pulled off by the back of her shirt by the man. He had an irritated look on his face as he lifted her to his eye level and told her to stop calling him that. The young girl puffed up her cheeks before opening her mouth. "Keerrrrro," she said playfully before sticking her tongue out at him and breaking into a laughing fit.

The white haired man put her back down on her feet before ruffling her hair. "Gaki, you are too cute for your own good sometimes." The sannin looked over at the two kages and greeted them as the family they were to him. Naru hopped into his lap after he took a seat next to the only blond in the room and began to ramble about everything she had learned since his last visit. After successfully making a shadow clone and being lead through how to activate her sharingan willingly, the Sannin reached behind him as he congratulated her, pulling out a green frog shaped wallet with a zipper mouth for the girl. She happily took the present and started making frog noises as she made it hop along the arms of the couch.

After another hour the mother and daughter excused themselves, Kushina saying they needed to get some sleep for a long day of traveling. Minato had written up the orders for three of Konoha's ANBU to escort the two until they met up with a group of Uzu ninja at a nearby port town. From the town they would take a boat to Wave, picking up a few more contractors and some supplies, and from Wave to Uzushio. The whole trip would take about 2 weeks, as Naru still needed to go at a slower pace. The boat from Fire to Wave would probably take a few hours, while the trip from Wave to Uzushio would be a day or two with a day to load up the ship they hired from Gatou Shipping. The first travel party would take about three days if they carried Naru for the first stretch, but the young girl preferred to walk when she could.

The next morning the three members of the Namikaze family said their goodbyes at the point where Minato would turn right to head to the Hokage tower while Naru and Kushina took the left. Their escort kept to the shadows and rooftops until they got to the big gates of Konoha. As the two walked out they were joined by the silver haired ANBU with a dog mask, a purple haired woman with a cat mask, and a black haired man with a weird weasel looking mask. The younger of the two unmasked group smiled and waved at each one. They had never been good at hiding from her. Though only the one with black hair had recently seen why, the other two hadn't yet.

11 years Later

A young woman, with red hair and an overly developed for her comfort body, approached the big gates of one of her two homes. Naru was dressed in Uzu's standard gear, with her own touches where she was allowed to make them. The few changes she had made were patches of burnt orange in certain spots that allowed her to add some more room to the garments. Over her usual attire she wore a baggier traveling cloak that helped her to hide her figure.

It had been in the past year that she had developed heavily. She had spent the past year traveling between the different lands, trying to study the techniques of the nine bijuu. Between the nine changes of diet which served to help her mimic the bijuu's mentality and chakra flow, she wasn't too sure that they had been honest about that, and all the exercise she had worked in had given her a more curvy shape as well as increased the bust size. She had been an average B-cup when she left, but after going through with the six tails's training she had grown to a full D that now bordered on DD after Kurama's training.

It had been a tough year, as she often had to sneak around in the countries. The first to help her had been Uzu's 3 tailed turtle guardian. The last had been the Land of Fire's Kyuubi. The reason she had chosen now to return to Konoha was that the people she had studied with in the Academy would be graduating now, meaning she could join a team of similarly aged Genin.

One of the reasons it had taken her a year to find the beasts was that usually she had to get permission from that country's Kage, if they had one. When she couldn't get the permission, be it because the Kage refused or going to the Kage would be a bad idea (like Kumo or Iwa), she had to sneak around and find the bijuu herself.

Of course she had no way to learn or use the bijudama but things like Isobu's Coral Style or Kurama's Demon Fox Mimicry was just a quick use of chakra like any other jutsu. In the few times she would use techniques from the bijuu not of her home lands she would succumb to heavy bouts of sickness. One time she had thrown up after using the two tails's flaming hairballs, an incident which the monster cat found funny but disgusting.

As she got closer to the large gates some bushes to her side rustled heavily just before two large shadows jumped from them. The two masses charged at her. From the headbands she saw that they were both Kumo ninja. Kumo had been chasing her since she had been caught by the Lightning Country's daimyo trying to take a fish from his lands. 'It's not my fault that the rich guy didn't post signs.' The country's ninja had been after her ever since. Her vivid red hair instantly betrayed her lineage while her use of one of the eight tail's jutsu meant that she had been in the country without permission from the current leader, and had stolen one of their secrets if not more.

As Naru flung her cloak open and brought her hands together to make a hand sign, two slighter figures jumped forward from behind her and intercepted the two Kumo ninja. The two new comers were both ANBU who had been assigned to wait for her. Looking at their masks she knew who they were immediately. Both were Uchiha, one with long hair and the other with shorter hair. Shisui and Itachi. Whenever she had visited Konoha they were always the ones who watched over her, ever since she was ten and the village had found out about her Uchiha ancestry. The reason for both of them being her guardians was because she was engaged to both, but that was a long story all by itself.

During the winter, when she was 10, Iruka had been drilling the class on the different elements and asked for demonstrations, and then for people to try and use a jutsu from each of the standard elements. Naru had watched the rest of the class go before her turn, her eyes deep red and her still single tomoe showing. When it was her turn she left her eyes active and copied each jutsu requested. When her teacher saw the red eyes he commented on them.

Most of the girls in the class had been fawning over Sasuke, as usual, who after hearing that claimed that her having his family's eyes was impossible. His claims quickly seconded by the girls. Naru tried to explain why, but Sasuke drowned her out when he got in her face, scaring the red out of her eyes. Itachi had been walking back from the Hokage tower when he heard his brother's raised voice. He listened in and heard the argument. After that the older of the two Uchihas went to collect the red head's father as well as his own.

Fugaku had demanded for an explanation, and after getting it the Uchiha head demanded for a full council meeting. With both civilian and ninja parties present. After hours of fighting, with Naru just outside the door to the large meeting room, it was decided through vote that the Sharingan was something that only the Uchiha clan should have and that Naru would be wed into the clan. Of course because of her political standing as the Hokage's daughter Fugaku proposed that the union should be with his oldest son, another early achiever of the red eyes. The civilians and elders on the council all agreed, while the Hokage said the son of his only friend within the Uchiha compound would be the one. After more fighting it was decided that she would be engaged to both, with the chance to choose which one she would marry.

The two Kumo ninja were dispatched quickly by the two Uchiha. Over the past six years she had grown close to both of them when she was in the village. She did love them both, and both of them cared deeply for her as well. She was dreading when she would have to make her choice. The time for that was still a few years off, though that length of time was still too short for a ninja, especially when one mission could take months or years depending on the difficulty.

Looking down at the fallen enemies Naru quickly made three hand signs and put a hand on the earth under her feet. Two holes opened up and swallowed the corpses before resealing. After a short prayer of apology to the men, why should she invite their ghosts to haunt her that was just scary, she looked up at her saviors and smiled. Both men were in their masks, Itachi with the mark of ANBU commander on his vest. She greeted them both by title, not name, and asked if they would be joining her the rest of the way to the tower in the middle of the village. "Otou-san would most likely want to thank you two." Both men nodded and allowed her to take the lead, giving her plenty of room.

Chapter End

I use the term "Ushinajutsu." It isn't an exact translation but it is basically "lost jutsu."

Wondering if I should make Minato like Maka's father from Soul Eater.