Keeper of the Forgotten

By: dbrame91

Been forever since this story got an update. I was trying to get to the Chunin Exams in my other storry before putting out the newest chapter of Keeper of the Forgotten. I am still not entirely there, but almost, as I am having a rough time while trying to put together a lemon scene. I hope that any readers enjoy this chapter and are not too mad for the wait.

Chapter 4

Several weeks after the interrogation of Itachi the planned graduation events were resumed, forcing Naru to currently be listening to a lecture from Iruka about the importance of his students' new roles as Leaf ninja before receiving their team placements. Naru had started off listening, but quickly drowned out the endless stream of words as she focused on the circulation of her chakra. Her current goal being to control the very flow; stopping it, restarting, changing the direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise and back, and when she finished those she moved from one chakra to the next. She had started with her normal energies and had gotten to her supply of Nibi related chakra. Around the time she had shifted to using the cat oriented chakra Naru felt a small flare of the fiery nature on the back of her neck and found the burnt husk of a small insect near her left foot.

"...Finally I would like to say congratulations one last time to everyone here today." Iruka's last words bringing the red haired daughter of the Hokage back to the classroom. Naru slowly eased up on her chakra, allowing the energy to switch back to her normal supply. As she did Iruka picked up a clipboard from the podium in front of him and looked over the list. "This year we have 9 teams." Iruka then began to go down the list, reciting the names of students and their Jonin sensei.

The first six teams were all made up of civilian born graduates, with only Team 6 having a former ANBU as their instructor. 'They will be hard pressed to pass the second test, but they could be a good team with Ox as their sensei.' Naru looked around the room as she exhaled a deep breath. 'Only one civilian left, and then only clan heirs.'

"Team 7 is next." Iruka looked up from his clipboard to make sure the three were paying attention. "Uzumaki Naru." The red-haired girl nodded her head, confirming her hearing. "Haruno Sakura." The pink haired civilian girl looked at Naru with a glare from the corner of her eye, which earned the teen a shrug. "And lastly will be Uchiha Sasuke." The Haruno girl looked over at the black haired teen, a look of triumph on her face as she met eyes with her friend turned rival, Yamanaka Ino. As Iruka was about to declare their Jonin sensei Naru cut him off.

"Noooooo! I don't want to be teamed up with the stuck up Uchiha." Naru groaned out audibly for the rest of the class to hear as her head hit the desk in front of her. As soon as her head was down she could feel the glare coming from the teen that was some distant cousin. Without looking up she called him out. "You got a problem with me Sasuke?"

"Yes I," the raven haired teen started before the class instructor spoke up. With a humph the Uchiha teen turned back towards the front of the room, his arms crossed in front of him.

With a cough to clear his throat Iruka drew attention back to him. "The instructor for Team 7 will be Hatake Kakashi." Naru nodded again before grumbling to herself about the team. "Team 8 will be lead by Yuhi Kurenai, and made up of..."

'Kakashi is my instructor? Well that makes two groups with ANBU level teachers. I wonder what the teamwork test will be, probably the bells like Jiraiya-jiji and tou-san did.' Naru looked around to her teammates. 'I could try to reverse the perspective of the teamwork. Help Kakashi keep the bells, he probably won't agree with that being enough but he might approve of the hidden objective.'

As Iruka continued going through the list of teams Naru once again turned her focus to her chakra, starting with her Nibi chakra. Connecting her thumbs and her index fingers as she crossed the rest of her fingers together and rested them in her lap, Naru reached for the fiery cat demon's chakra and allowed the markings to take shape on her face. With a slow exhale she let the energy seep into her coils and began to let it flow freely. By the time Iruka was done with Team 8 the red headed teen had managed to work through the different steps and was releasing her hold on the chakra, exhaling deeply as a small gout of flame left her lips and accidentally burning the top of the desk with the heat.

With a worried look around the room Naru smothered the flames with her hands, coating the digits in a trace amount of the same chakra to protect them from burning. Just as she sighed in relief a whisper was in her right ear. "What was that?" Naru's response was to turn to the voice and look at the speaker with a mix of confusion and horror. "What the hell is up with your makeup too? No guy would like that blue fire design. My name is Ino, by the way." The person to her right was a blond haired girl in a purple two piece outfit. The top was a vest cut that ended about two inches below the girl's bust line, while the skirt was more of an apron being worn the wrong way with a shorter dark grey skirt beneath it.

"I'm not wearing any makeup." Naru's response came out confused as she tried to figure out what the other young woman meant. The purple wearing girl shook her head from left to right and then back again before reaching toward the red head's face, trying to smear the design. The Uzumaki heiress scrunched up her eyes as she tried to pull her head away, losing her handle on Nibi chakra causing the designs to disappear from her face. Seeing the change Ino pulled her hands back, expecting to see traces of the blue on her thumbs. "I told you I wasn't wearing any makeup. Those were made by chakra."

Ino just looked at the red head quizzically as Iruka continued the team placements. "Team 10 is going to be the next Ino-Shika-Cho combination under Sarutobi Asume." Ino looked to the front of the room and nodded her head.

"One of the Twelve Guardian Ninja?" Naru gave a soft whistle. "That is pretty impressive. They are about the same level as ANBU, if not higher, and they only serve the Daimyo." The Uzumaki girl's eyes shifted towards her blond deskmate. "You got pretty lucky, he is going to have a lot to teach you." Naru's right palm rubbed the burned wood of the desk, trying to rub it away. "And a better team format than mine. We're too all over for our own good."

Ino just looked at her, "at least your have Sasuke on your team. He made Rookie of the Year. Meanwhile I'm stuck with the laziest duo in the class, the same team setup that my father had." The Yamanaka heiress sighed as she stretched forward, across the top of the shared desk.

"You really think I'm lucky? I can't stand even being in the same room as him without getting angry when he looks at me." Naru tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ear and stretched her arms towards the ceiling, adding emphasis to her chest as she did.

"Your new teachers will be here after lunch, till then you are free to stretch your legs." With a quick glance around the room Iruka bowed his head slightly. "Best wishes to you all, now go and make our village proud." The grin on Iruka's face was small but sincere as he looked back up before leaving the room. The students watched him go, many of them waiting for the chance to get out of the stuffy classroom and go eat.

While most of the class left, a few students stayed behind. All of Team Ten stayed, only for the two males to come over to the desk and ask Ino to join them for lunch. The Hyuuga heiress remained in her seat as she tried to occupy herself with her own lunch and a small book, her mouth moving to the words on the page. Sasuke had left as quickly as he could, but there was a teen in a very large coat who was wearing a pair of sunglasses as well. 'An Aburame? That must be the bug user whose kikaichu I fried with my exercises. I should probably apologize for that.' Naru nodded gently as she got to her feet and was about to walk over to him when she was stopped by Ino.

"Naru, right?" The blond gained her fellow girl's attention with her call. "Do you want to join us? I hate being the only girl when Shikamaru and Choji go out to eat." Ino pointed behind her at the Nara and Akimichi heirs with her thumb.

"Where are you going?" Naru asked as she looked back towards the seated Aburame. "I'll meet you there, I just want to talk to a few people in the back real quick."

"Barbecue place near the Fire Tower. You know where that is right?" Choji said from his place next to his tired looking friend.

Naru nodded as she waved the three off limply, already turning back to her target. She approached him quietly and coughed to get his attention. "Hello. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the bug I fried earlier, my chakra is volatile to anything that isn't expecting it." Naru bowed her head as she waited for a response.

"You do not have to apologize. While it was one of my Kikaichu, it wasn't appropriate for me to send it to study you." He watched as Naru raised her head again and met what she assumed was his eyes. "My name is Aburame Shino, just so you know in the future." With that he went back to his own thoughts as Naru accepted the end of the conversation and moved on to the Hyuuga heiress.

"Hinata?" The redhead's voice was soft to keep from her startling the reading teen, though it didn't help as the dark blue haired girl jolted to attention before shutting her eyes. The sitting teen closed her book as her cheeks turned a deep red, not even looking to see who had approached her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know I was reading out loud again!" Hinata's blush got brighter as she closed her eyes tighter and tried to keep her book pressed to her chest. "Please don't take my book again." Naru tilted her head at this as she watched.

"I'm not going to take your book Hinata. I just wanted to say hi. And you weren't reading out loud either." Naru extended a hand slowly to the girl who had also been the victim of the same failed kidnapping when they were young. "Have people taken your book before?" At this Hinata opened her eyes again and looked up at the redhead, relaxing a bit as she recognized the girl.

"Naru?!" Now the Hyuuga girl hid her small book in one of her pockets. The book itself was a plain brown hardcover, just small enough to fit into a weapons pouch, with no writing on the covers or spine, and looked like it may have had a paper wrap around it originally. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." Hinata and Naru had been found together during the Cloud Incident by the Hyuuga girl's uncle, both girls terrified at the time, but bonded over it afterwards. The incident was one reason why the pale eyed girl was withdrawn and easily startled, the other parts being her shy and meek personality. At first Naru had felt the same as the other girl, but when she took it as a reason to be stronger she tried to help Hinata do the same and forged the friendship that they had.

There had been little change in the meek teenaged girl, at least when it came to her personality. She could be strong if she wanted to, and Naru knew that much, but her kind heart and timidness left her unwilling to fight. "Who has been taking your book Hinata?" The seated heiress flinched a bit, noticing the hint of anger in the Uzumaki's voice. As she fidgeted in her seat a hand was put on her shoulder, drawing her attention back to the redhead. "Please, tell me Hinata."

"Some of the other girls in the class. They said it was because I was hogging Sasuke's attention." Her hand hovered over where her book was hidden. "It wasn't my fault. He kept watching me like I was something he wanted." She shuddered slightly as she continued on a bit more. "So Sakura and a few of the other girls stole my book and ripped some of the pages out before giving it back to me."

Naru put her hands on her friend's shoulders and squeezed gently. "It's okay Hina. I'll make them both pay during our lessons." She smiled as her friend did so as well. "Would you like to come with me to meet with Team Ten? It would be nice to have someone I can actually talk to there." The blue haired girl looked at her, thinking about it a bit before nodding slightly. "Good, then we can talk about your book on the way." Taking Hinata's hand Naru lead her from the room. "Your book didn't look damaged when you were reading it. Did you get a new copy?"

Again the Hyuuga teen nodded. "Yes. It wasn't my book they destroyed so I had to replace it. But I could only find an expensive hard cover one." Hinata pulled her hand free gently as she met Naru's pace. "And I could only find it in a back alley book store."

"What book is it? And who let you borrow their copy if it is that hard to find?" Naru asked as she looked to her side as she passed through a pair of intersecting streets littered with cart traffic. Each cart being pulled by either animals or people depending on the size, and each cart was filled with the offerings from local villages to the open markets of Konoha.

"N-neji let me borrow it." Hinata's reply sounded a little forced, like she wasn't sure that it was a good idea to have even borrowed the book in the first place. "H-he said that reading it could help me get over my shyness."

The Uzumaki teen faltered slightly in her haste. Neji had never been very friendly to either of the girls, and it was only made worse after the Cloud Incident. "Are you sure he was trying to help you? You still haven't told me what the book was called." Neji usually stuck with the traditional Hyuuga way of humiliating a person, one on one matches under the observation of the clan Elders, however that had not stopped him from taking sneakier paths. "I mean it wouldn't be the first time Neji made you look bad by doing something that looked like help."

"I was worried at first too, but after a while I think the book did help." Hinata put her hand over the pocket that held the small work of literature. "I would always blush when i read it, eventually though it got less embarrassing and I could read it without blushing." The pale eyed girl looked to her companion as she continued. "So I don't think Neji was trying to trick me." Reaching into her pocket she slowly pulled out the book and handed it to the redhead. "Just open the front cover."

Naru did exactly that as she took the book and looked around the hard binding. On the first page were three words and a name that she did not want to associate with her kind hearted friend. She almost threw the book up and behind her as she ran. "Why are you reading one of ero-jiji's books Hinata?!" The shock of it all was too bizarre for words to her. "Except for his first book, all he has ever written is smut." The secret daughter of the Fourth Hokage reigned in her volume, noticing that a few people had looked her way when she had yelled.

"Ero-jiji? This is one of your godfather's books?" Hinata asked a bit shocked. "But why would Neji give me something like that?" The blue haired teen's cheeks started to alight with a dusting of pink before deepening for an even coloring.

"Probably to make you look bad to your clan. If he wanted to, all he would have to do is say he saw you reading it and everyone would believe it. Does anybody know you were reading this?" Thinking quickly Naru reached for her Nibi chakra. "I can burn it for you and no one will ever know about it." Hinata's response was a furious nodding of her head, her eyes closed as she nodded. With a deep breath Naru readied a small blast of heat and exhaled it into the open pages of the book, creating a small blaze in her hand of blue and black demon fire. Within a few seconds the tome was ash in the wind as Naru brushed off her hands. "How did you not know what kind of book it was?"

"It started off like a romance novel. I didn't know." Hinata's cheeks were a brilliant blaze compared to her normally pale complexion. The sudden realization of what she had been reading undoing any 'progress' the effort had made. "It was a little bit more mature than a regular romance story, but they never did... that. At least not that I read."

"That is how the dirty toad catches you. You think it is just a little bit of mature fun, and then you're four pages deep into a sex scene before there is even a clear decree of that is what is happening." Naru looked over at the other teen. "I fell for it too. But no one told me that he wrote it or what it was about." At Hinata's surprised look the redhead nodded her own head. "It was a new book at the time, and hadn't even been released yet." Letting a small amount of chakra flood her eyes Naru continued as her eyes turned from their usual deep blue to her incomplete Sharingan. "And because I read it with my eyes active I still remember it 5 years later."

Hinata shuddered slightly, imagining having to always remember such naughty things as what had waited for her deeper in the pages of that story. The two teens stopped when they got to the corner of two streets that was too crowded, with wagons and shopping stalls, to get through on foot without a struggle. Feeling a tug at her elbow Hinata watched as her friend scaled the side of a close by building, using only her feet and chakra to make the climb. Naru looked out into the distance, studying the crowding in the village square. "Hinata, let's go this way. There are too many carts." Both teens traveled up the walls and hopped from one roof to the next, taking short leaps when they needed. With the change of movement they made it to the restaurant quickly, and landed in front of the place.

A little while later, back at the Academy

Naru sat at a desk as her fingers slowly practiced going over the summoning jutsu's sequence before going to a new set, this set being for a Yoton she had spied a kunoichi from Kiri use. Her regular chakra was not capable of the jutsu, but when she had learned from the four-tailed monkey she discovered that she could, to a lesser potency, perform the technique with the Yonbi aligned chakra. It was almost 2 now, most of the other teams having been picked up by their teachers. Only teams 7 and 10 were still in the room and each student had taken a seat at different desks.

Naru looked at the clock in the room and sighed as she shook out her hands and started to go through more hand signs. As she continued her exercises she tried to tune out the stares from her distant cousin, the awkwardness and irritation getting to her. With a slam of her hands on the desk she glared towards him. "What do you want? Staring at me isn't going to make your Sharingan activate you know." The sudden outburst caused a few of the room's inhabitants to jump and give their attention to the two.

Once everyone was collected Sakura spoke up, moving between the two. "Hey, don't yell at Sasuke." Her feet were about shoulder length apart and her hands were on her hips. "You were probably doing something wrong and he was thinking of helping you."

Naru looked over the pink haired girl and laughed to herself. "Not a chance gumdrop. He wouldn't care if we were holding the rope that was keeping him from falling to his death." The Uzumaki heiress's eyes scrunched up as she glared at the girl. "He would just tell us to let him go and that he could fly if he wanted to." The Uzumaki teen said with a factual tone to her voice. "Also, I know my hand signs. Have since I was 5, and because of my loose familial ties to him I have the same eyes he wishes he has. And they don't let you forget."

As Naru inhaled softly in order to continue her explosive tirade, the sliding door opened and two adults walked in. One of them had the familiar hair of the dog masked ANBU who had been one of the Hokage's students. The other was a man with a cigarette in his mouth, slightly wild but short hair, and the sash of one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja on his hip. "Team 7, line up with me." Kakashi said as he looked around the room. His students each took up a position in front of him, Sasuke in the front and Naru in the back. Meanwhile Ino and her two teammates stepped up near their sensei. "Already fighting amongst yourselves? You'll never last. Proceed to the roof of the building."

"...I guess my team will just go elsewhere then." The man who was most likely Sarutobi Asuma said to himself as he waved for his possible future students to follow him.

With a sudden puff of thin smoke Kakashi was gone from his place, and Naru began to make her way to the roof. Sasuke following a step behind her, and Sakura behind him. Naru had jumped up the railing of the stairwells to get to the top floor faster, as her teammates slowly took the stairs. The second in line to be head of the Uchiha taking three steps at a time, while Sakura was only able to manage two at a time before getting too tired after three flights. opening the door Naru approached the lone figure near the railings.

Taking the momentary privacy she called out to him. "Hey, Kashi-nii. It's been a long time huh?" Looking over his shoulder the Jounin gave a slight eye smile and nodded his head. "Well, at least since we've seen each other when off the clock. How are you doing?" The red headed teen approached him casually and leaned against the same railing, taking in the view of the local flora.

"Yeah, it has Naru-chan. How did your backpacking trip go?" The silver haired man's posture tensed slightly as Naru replied with a curt 'fine,' before pushing herself away from the railing and turning to look at the door as it opened and her cousin stepped onto the flat roof too. After another minute Sakura walked through the door as well and Kakashi clapped his hands. "Okay kiddies, go sit over there and we will start with introductions." His tone was a strained attempt at light heartedness that didn't translate well through the gruffness of his voice from years of authority. Pointing to some semi-circle steps that separated the viewing area and the rest of the roof.

With a bit of hesitance the teens followed the order. Naru sat on the top step with her legs crossed, right foot tucked into her left knee and left foot under her right knee. Sasuke sat at one of the ends, his body angled to keep from looking at the pink haired teen also on the stairs. "So, you all know each other to a slight degree. I only know what was in your personal files though. We are going to start with introductions. I want you to tell me your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams." The Jounin spoke calmly as he thought, 'Let's see how much they are willing to give out.'

"You should start off sensei, as our superior we will need to know about you." Sakura said as she turned her attention to the masked man.

"Okay, I am Hatake Kakashi. There are things I like, and things I dislike. I'm not going to share my hobbies. As for my dream, I never had one." As Kakashi spoke he crossed his arms over his chest, and when he finished he pulled a hand free to wave towards the pink haired girl. "And since you spoke first, it's your turn to share."

Sakura's introduction was mostly catching herself from talking about Sasuke and awkward glances in his direction when she would have talked about him. The only thing that didn't involve Sasuke was her list of things she hated, her only answer for that being the Yamanaka heiress. "Okay, bad first impression. Moving on. Uchiha, you're next." Sasuke's list was short and non-informative until he got to his dream, which was to reach the same level of skill as his brother. "Not a bad start, predictable dream. Uzumaki-san, it is now your turn."

As Naru was about to speak Sakura cut her off. "Why did you use an honorific for her? She is barely from this village."

Sighing quickly, Kakashi answered. "She is essentially an ambassador for a closely allied village, being the daughter of the Uzukage." Kakashi was more than aware of Naru's full heritage, but could not share more than he already had as the rest was a very strictly kept secret. One person who had know and let the information slip had himself, and the recipient of the knowledge, thrown into Torture and Interrogation for a week.

"Actually Kaa-san is the 'Acting' Uzukage. She plans to step down from the position once there is someone better suited to the title of Kage. The only reason she even was declared acting Uzukage is she is the one who started the reunion of our clan's home." Naru explained as she scratched her cheek lightly, having somewhat figured out why Kakashi's intro was so lack luster. "As for my introduction, my name is Uzumaki Naru and I am a Genin of Uzushiogakure as well as Konoha. I never really kept a list of what I like or don't. It is just easier to decide if I want something or not. My hobby is to study what I call forgotten jutsu, which touches upon forbidden jutsu as well as any jutsu that has been lost to the modern day. I am still trying to figure out exactly what my dream is, all I know is that it is a big dream."

"Still more information than you needed to give, but nothing important was shared either. Would you be willing to tell me how many jutsu you know that fall under the category of forgotten, and how many you can use? Purely for my own information." Kakashi asked as he studied his sensei's daughter.

'The entire Scroll of Sealing which is forty techniques, and the two each Guardian Bijuu could teach me. And three of the clan's nearly lost jutsu.' Naru opened her eyes after thinking it over. "Sixty-one jutsu in total. Three of which are clan jutsu. Eighteen of the remaining ones that require the use of particular chakra, that will only be taught to my descendants. The other forty, I am not able to explain how I know them." The Uzumaki heiress broke down the count, positive that Kakashi knew where the largest amount of her knowledge came from.

"What do you mean by jutsu that need certain chakra? Like a Kekkai Genkai?" Sakura asked as she doubted her fellow teen's honesty.

Naru looked at the pink haired girl before responding. "The chakra is not related to blood lines, it has to be nurtured and developed by the user. It is just that I am the first person who knows those jutsu, and will not share that knowledge with anybody not approved by the ones who taught me."

As Sasuke scoffed, and before he could come up out with some kind of jeering comment, Kakashi clapped his hands to regain the attention of his three student hopefuls. "Tomorrow we will be taking a test," Kakashi explained when all eyes were on him again. "It is going to be a survival exercise so do not eat and show up early to get warmed up. 7 o'clock should be perfect timing, don't forget anything that you would need on a mission." With a quick puff of displaced air Kakashi was gone, and several buildings over in the Hokage's office to report in.

Taking the cue of dismissal, Naru stood up from her cross legged position and traveled home using the rooftops. She slid the front door open after unlocking it, and closed it behind herself. Looking around the entry area the redhead found a note by the door, Her father explaining that some things came up and he would be stuck at work. Catching the time, as she walked by a wall mounted clock in the hallway, Naru returned to her room to change before leaving the Namikaze household again to find something to eat, heading towards the village shopping district for groceries.

As she walked Naru was passed several times by two male figures, in matching jumpsuits and with matching haircuts, as they ran on their hands. Each time they passed by her the number of laps to go decreased. The highest number she had heard was the the first, when she was passing the apartments district. "Come Lee, One hundred laps to go! If we can not finish our three hundred laps through the village while running on our hands, we shall race to the Land of Wind while maintaining an Electric Arm Chair stance!" After hearing the preposterous declaration Naru turned her head to follow them along their path.

"Hai Gai-sensei! And if I cannot do that then I shall unleash 1000 punches upon the punching posts, with an extra 50 pounds on each arm!" The smaller of the two figures declared as he kept pace with his taller counterpart.

With a hearty chuckle the one called sensei nodded his head. "Then I shall perform 2000 punches with 100 extra pounds on each arm while you do so!" Naru continued to watch as she lost sight of them, but could still hear the odd duo.

"They must speak in nothing but yelling." Naru said to herself, getting as she passed the umpteenth side street along her route.

"Yelling and declarations of extreme self-punishment." A voice said behind the Uzumaki teen, making her whip her head around to find the voice belonged to her new teacher's Uchiha teammate. "Might Gai calls himself Kakashi's rival, probably the only person who can give that stick in the mud a challenge too, and every time they compete he makes one challenge to himself in case he loses." Obito explained as walked along side the heiress. "It is probably the biggest cause of headaches for your father, especially after taking on that protege of his. One time he challenged Kakashi to see who could eat a hundred pies fastest." At this story Obito laughed. "That one was my fault. I told Gai that the stickler could easily eat that many because he loved all kinds of pie; Cherry, blueberry, didn't matter. It was a lie of course, I just wanted to see how Kakashi would handle it."

Naru giggled behind her hand as she looked over at him. "I take it Gai won. Kaka-nii hates sweet things." Obito nodded as he chuckled too. "Am I to take it that you have been assigned to guard detail while off-duty?"

The Uchiha clansman shook his head. "No, Turtle is on detail. I'm just here so she has something good to look at." Obito laughed until he felt a senbon break the skin of his left shoulder, causing him to cringe as it touched a knot of muscle. Pulling the weapon free he looked over to the redhead. "So where are you off to little cousin? Need any help?"

Naru shook her head before explaining her current goal. As she did so the two hand walkers passed by again. "Ninety-eight more laps Lee! This is the time to let our Youth burn as we pick up the pace!" With a surprising burst of speed the two were off, still shouting as they moved out of sight again.

"Ninety-eight? They were on 100 last time." Naru said looking over to the cousin she could tolerate.

"Gai has a route that takes him through the side streets and alley of Konoha. Overall it comes around to two trips around the interior of the wall. Usually Gai does it by himself and counts that route as one lap." Obito explained as he shrugged. "I wouldn't be surprised if we see him pass us again in about five minutes. Once he really gets going Gai can run the elemental nations without chakra, including to Kiri and Uzushio."

The daughter of two kage nodded her head weakly as she continued down the paths. "Well, then he and his protege must be the physically strongest shinobi in the village."

"Yes and no. When it comes to taijutsu they are unrivaled, but they both are incapable of using ninjutsu or genjutsu. So for them, there is no 'strongest' level there can only be stronger." Obito explained as he looked at the time on a storefront clock. "They will forever keep improving, so that when they meet the person stronger than them, they can still put up a great fight. It is a humbling view, but a strong one."

As the words left his mouth the green clad duo rounded a corner behind the Uchiha descendants, and sped by as an annoyed Jounin chased after them yelling something about knocking over his drink. Shaking his head Obito laughed a bit. "They will outrun him before they even pass the bank front." And sure enough, as if decreed by a god, the unnamed man stopped trying to keep up outside of a bakery just two shops down from the strolling sharingan users. "Anyway, we should get you your groceries so you can eat tonight before Kakashi's test tomorrow. Good luck with that by the way, it won't be easy."

From there the night continued in a normal fashion except for the speeding green blurs that got progressively faster and louder, before the younger of the two misplaced his hand onto a somewhat sharp rock and losing his balance. Both figures then quickly got to their feet with the older yelling about taking the awkward stance as if they were sitting in chairs that were not there. "Now let us begin Lee! To the Land of Wind!" Both then immediately shot off towards the large gates of Konoha, Naru's activated eyes the only reason she even saw them move without losing the positioning of their bodies.