The cold night air blew lightly through the tree's and stirred the leaves that lay upon Rivendell's forest floors. Elrond paced back and forth, awaiting for what was to come. Just as he expected, a figure emerged from the dark forest and glided up the steps.

"So I pressume you've agreed to comply with my wishes Elrond?"

"I cannot appease your wishes Norcomic, but turn them down respectively. You know that it is not possible for you and yours to return to Rivendell after what you have done." Elrond explained.

Norcomic stared at him for a moment before speaking softly, "You dissappoint me Elrond. I would have thought you'd agree to such a small asking--"

"Small asking! You've served the Dark Lord! There is no way for us to forgive you!" Elrond roared, "Now you must leave Rivendell, I don't want to hear from you again!"

Norcomic looked at Elrond calmly, "As you wish Elrond." With that he turned and walked back into the forests, Elrond watching until he was sure that Norcomic was gone.

As he went back into the palace, a feeling of fear and saddness over took him.

"Asreila!" Elrond ran to his daughters chambers and searched for his yougest daughter. He pulled the covers back to find a single lavender lying there.

In the next bed, Arwen awoke with a start, "Father, what is it?"

"Asreila..she's gone....."

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