Despite above average intelligence and a perfectly healthy body, accidents do happen. More specifically the car related type. And while tragic, it was completely unordinary how 16 year old Emilia died. She told herself while she was still alive and the paramedics hovered frantically, to expect a lot and nothing when she passed, so she wouldn't be caught off guard when transported to one of the seven rings of hell or something. But somehow, she was still surprised. In this place(which was slowly getting smaller) she wasn't alone.

At first, thinking it was a demon she kicked at her surroundings, trying to split(Because even though she died she still had survival instincts-go figure). But the thing seemed to not want to hurt her. It didn't seem to want anything in fact. Gently as she could, she reached out and grabbed a hand.

A hand.

Well then.

Her brain jump started and she realized this entire setup was a lot like an unborn baby. (The hand grabbed back!)

She was used to sharing a birthday. Being a twin was nothing new to her. She was one in her past life. Speaking of which, hats off to the Hindu's(The Hindu's-get it right, people!) for correctly speculating reincarnation.

But still, this brought up an entire new slew of questions.

Maybe she was still alive and in a coma of sorts? Maybe she was in a drug induced hallucination from some of the painkillers she was pumped with?

(or maybe she was really dead and-)

Quickly stomping that thought down to oblivion, she pondered her options.

She could freak out. This wouldn't work, as she had done that previously and absolutely nothing happened. It would just waste energy.

Or she could wait it out and roll with the punches. This idea was a lot more appealing, as she had always been a relaxed, casual, sort of person. Nothing really fazed her and she never saw the reason to get worked up over something unless it was dire.

Choosing option two, she relaxed and ignored the (her twins?) shifting and the shrinking space.

Well, that is, until she couldn't.

Sudden, soul crushing, squeezing abruptly awoke her from her half lucid state. If she could have screamed, she would have.

She was aware of her body only when it was being crushed. Again. A blast of icy air smacked her in the face like a frozen steak, along with frantic shouting voices(!).

Normally, this wouldn't bother her, as she had cut her teeth on the Chicago lakefront and lived with quite a hectic family.

But then again, nothing about this was normal. So excuse the fuck outta her if she wailed like the baby she probably was.

So that's how Emilia was reborn, wailing like a firetruck and just as red, caught in the arms of a medic. Her twin followed not far behind her and she was happy to note they were screaming loud enough raise the dead.

(See what she did there? Cause she died-)

Wrapped up like a Christmas present, she was presented to only what she could assume to be her mother. Something was just familiar about the woman. She couldn't see very well, or feel for that matter, or hear now that she thought about it, but she'd be a fool to miss the powerful emotions rolling through the room.

Or the emotions rolling through her. She had taken A.P psychology and knew the signs. There was no way this was just a dream. Lucid perhaps? She was a very accepting person, but there was only so much she could take in one day.

And with that, she passed out on her new mothers chest.

Wow, this has been a ride to write. This is an edit, something I feel the need to tell new readers now that the stories over.

Yes, this is an fix it fic.

But it's also a brain dump. This is filled with head cannons, social issues, and tangible progress. This story is an idea, the idea that progress is possible. This is different from most fix-it fic's due to it being told from Miko's perspective. Miko is a flawed character as I will explain in chapter 27 but for now that's not what I wanted to say.

This will be different.

I can prove it.

It will be different because of how She tries to fix it. Instead of training to be super strong, or fighting head on with Danzo and root, she gets other people to do the work for her. She never directly gets her hands dirty. She manipulates people to become closer and doesn't waste her time trying to kill Danzo. She makes her stand from a human perspective and that makes all the difference.

But I won't spoil anymore.

As my first ever fanfiction I could have not asked for a better reception and for that I thank you all. This story has many grammar and writing errors(cringey)-and I have chosen to leave it that way to keep this fic how I originally had it. I hope that doesn't stop you from enjoying it and the many themes running through it.

Each chapter is a short snippet updating you on Miko's progress, and each chapter has something special. There are some truly ingenious moments here that will leave you awed, moments of triumph that'll have you grinning, and moments where you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Sit back,


And enjoy the ride.