Fugaku Uchiha was proud.

He was proud of many things.

He was proud that his Daughter's first word was father.

He was proud of his eldest's skill.

He was proud Sasuke didn't inherit his trouble with expression.

He was at first surprised though, having been numbed by years of disappointments and hardships. His best friend sacrificing themselves for him had been particularity hard to watch. Then there was the suspicion from the rest of the villagers, and the constant threat of removal.

And then things changed.

He hadn't dared to get his hopes up, and he wasn't alone in that aspect either. Other clan members kept their heads down-metaphorically, of course. Uchiha don't bow their heads. But then the clan meeting came up, and he was swamped with offers of play dates from other clans. Not being able to resist the combined power of both Miko and Sasuke (And Mikoto) he agreed.

It went well. Very well.

Deciding to try his luck, he announced his plan to acquire a spot at the festival. It had been an important one-the first major festival since before the war. People were suffering from their recent losses and many hoped this would pick them and the economy back up. Fugaku hoped it would pick the Uchiha back up. As he waited for the screeners he couldn't help but worry. He saw the cold looks given to Uchiha in the streets, the judgement before they even opened their mouths and knew this was hopeless.

Then Miko started crying.

He had given up hope right then and there, but before he could cancel he was called. With Miko crying in his arm and dread settling in he walked through the door. As expected, he was met with cool, slightly condescending stares.

What was unexpected was the surprise that lit them up when they saw him gently rocking Miko back and forth.

They looked at her, then back at him in an almost comical double take. The judgmental looks melted off their faces and they seemed to be seeing him in a new light.

A Uchiha, much less the clan head, caring for their child to tenderly?!

Is what he imagined them thinking now that it was over. But at the time, he was just surprised they would listen to him. As he explained his station, Miko calmed down and grinned adorably, waving her fat arms at the screeners. Fugaku would have thought it to be suspicious if she hadn't been barely just a year old.

He got the spot and the Uchiha were flung into action. Now that the war was over they had lost a lot of revenue-as morbid at that sounded-and needed this.

People at first would not approach. He stood with a barely concealed scowl at the ring around their stand. And then Miko and Sasuke started playing out in front, in perfect view of the crowds. Maybe it was the cute babies, or the smell of free food, but the people came in.

The Hokage's arrival only helped things along.

From there he payed special attention to his daughter and noticed the keen glint she would get in her eyes, like a sharpened kunai and briefly wondered if he had another prodigy on his hands. When she took her time walking and talking he dismissed his earlier guesses. She laughed and played and charmed just about everyone she met-including the Hinata girl.

That incident was a turning point.

When Konoha's two most powerful clans are on good terms for the first time in history that turns heads. Not even mentioning the uniting factor of Konoha behind them.

And he came to the conclusion again, that this would have been impossible were it not for Miko.

He revisited his earlier theory and found that while he couldn't disprove it, he couldn't really prove it either. Miko was cunning, clever, but she lacked that lighting quick sharpness Itachi had.

But she planned.

It had taken him years to notice his youngest child and only daughter was a schemer that would make a Nara weep, but he had realized it only after Akira's funeral was said and done, and they were back safe and sound in Konoha.

Miko was incredibly intelligent, maybe not on Itachi's level but her skills with manipulation and planning surpassed even his. Her ability to connect and read emotions and influence people was something Itachi didn't possess either. The problem with Itachi was he was always seeing the bigger picture-so much so he missed the finer details. It had taken him awhile to wrap his head around the idea that the same child who threw flower petals at him and fell asleep on his shoulder had been playing him and everyone else like a Suna puppeteer.

He was sure being kidnapped wasn't part of the plan, but her ability to improvise, adapt, survive, and eliminate her enemies despite the curveball impressed him beyond all belief.

With Danzo out of the picture and Miko getting credited with leading the other two to safety the Uchiha recovered.



They healed.

If he hadn't been who he was he wouldn't have notice a gap that existed since the foundation of the village heal and disappear, only weld marks and scar tissue left over. Thoughts of Akira were with everyone and Suzu took it the apology the three clans received from the Hokage was accepted and in the Uchiha's case, long overdue. It had been somewhat controversial though, but the clan heads agreed not to reveal root was behind this-as long as the organization was immediately disbanded.

Miko had taken the Chunin exam with a boy named Sai and another named Tourne from root, trying to help them acclimate to Konoha.

Miko was the most relaxed he had ever seen her.

After achieving the rank of Chunin, she halted her ninja career and began doing social work, checking up on Suzu and the baby, running the Art Institute and gardens smoothly. He recognized her skill and now that she didn't have to hide anymore, a part of Miko that was kept locked away was set free. Most people were surprised by this, but no one complained after they saw the work she was doing.

He was happy for her, and he hoped that she realized that.

The third Hokage, in a moved that had shocked the entire village, took up Itachi as his successor. His son had proven himself time and time again, especially in the years after the kidnapping but the clan was reluctant to let their prodigy go. But the opportunity to have an Uchiha in office was too good. Of course, like all Hokage's who came from a clan, Itachi would have to take an oath saying he would act in the interests of everyone and not just the clan, and Fugaku had no doubt of just that. It would still be years before Itachi could even think of taking over the post though.

With their heir gone, the clan had turned to Sasuke.

"I would like to travel the world father. I-" He swallowed. "-I don't want to be clan head." Sasuke had said to him.

His children had been through so much and he just wanted him to be happy. Sasuke had matured in a way only the idea of losing someone close to you can do. After Miko was seemingly gone forever, he had drawn in on himself and seeing his perpetually cheerful son like that had unnerved him. He had cried over Mikos unconscious form and had hardly let her out of his sight when she left the hospital. But now graduated from the academy, he was proving himself to be a talented ninja and a promising officer.

So then the Uchiha had no clan heir. To say it had caused a stir and a buzz in the village would be an understatement.

And so, Fugaku was disappointed.

Because Miko would have made the best Clan Head the Uchiha had ever had.

Itachi was out of the question for obvious reasons, and the fact that social details that ghosted over him came naturally to Miko. Sasuke was intelligent as well but followed his emotions and tended to wander.

Miko however…

She cared, but had enough control to not let her emotions control her. For a Uchiha that was unheard of. Itachi cared to the point where he would give up anything for the twins. Miko understood there needed to be sacrifice, she had the natural qualities of a leader in the way she knew risks were impossible to avoid-but not impossible to manage. She was the defacto leader of her little group during the academy and had a silver tongue that could charm a snake.

It was a shame. If she was his firstborn, there would have been no question.

Miko sneezed.

She wiped her nose as she stacked the last box of clay on the shelf above the glazes. Clay was incredibly hard to get this far into fire country so it was a serious task that Miko trusted very few people with.

She brushed invisible dirt off her hands, wheeling in the cart and took the installed elevator up to the first floor. They had one of the only elevators in Konoha and it went all the way from the fourth to the newly renovated basement. The Institute had only grown since...since then, and they needed all the space they could get.

Miko had enjoyed it greatly at first, but now...well, doing this over and over again was getting repetitive.

"Hello Inky."

"Hi sigh." She said. Sigh was her nickname for Sai. He was standing with ink-covered hands and a stained shirt, holding a brush in his hand. After they had become chunin, Sai was looking for another place to stay. He had been deemed safe enough to leave supervision. The only problem was he had nowhere to go. Miko knew he was an artist at heart, and since she was basically the head of the institute now that...all she needed was a couple words to convince her laid-back cousins to let Sai occupy...the vacant bedroom on the fourth floor.

Ever since then Sai was in heaven. His older brother came to visit from time to time.(Since root was disbanded early he didn't have to fight) and Tourne was Shino's cousin. His control over his bugs was almost flawless and he had been welcome back into his clan. Miko sometimes saw him studying bugs in the gardens.

As a matter of fact, she wished she could be as happy as them.

Ever since she had passed the bookmark of chunin, her life had become painfully repetitive. Now that the massacre wasn't hanging over her head like an axe, her main purpose was gone. She had nothing else to do except maintain what she had already done, like the fairs and the Institute, and everyone else in the clan could easily manage that in her stead. Now that Danzo was gone, there was no excitement!

Don't get her wrong, he's a bitch and she makes a point of having the cat summons shit on his grave...but things were just boring now!

She needed to do something, be someone! Her life wasn't complete like this! Without some sort of goal in mind.

"Don't you have to meet with pineapple?" Sai asked.

Ah yes, Shikamaru. She was engaged to him and while she had no problem with Shikamaru...she had a problem giving up her Uchiha name and heritage. She had worked so hard for it, sweated, cried, and bled for it and wasn't keen on giving it up. Getting married would mean she would basically have to be a housewife and controlled by the Nara. She wasn't about that life.


Shikamaru graduated alongside Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and the rest of the rookie nine. Miko herself had made a point of graduating early so she could do what she wanted. Tenten had graduated just a little after Miko with Lee and a smiling Neji. A smiled played on her lips as she thought of the brown bunny haired girl. Miko missed her company and how they used to throw kunai and senbon at the training grounds. Tenten had jumped Miko and cried into her shoulder when she had finally gotten out of the hospital, saying she would train three times as hard to protect her, and Miko was touched. Miko would have to catch up. Lately she had been thinking like this and she was pretty sure it was nostalgia.

Pretty sure.

"I'll finish this. You go." Sai said.

Miko left.

Fugaku inhaled.

Then exhaled.

Miko blinked from across from him, looking innocent as a kitten.

Looking like she hadn't just asked him to call off her engagement with Nara Shikamaru.

"Both me and him agreed to it, Father. He said it would be a drag getting married and he's talking to his parents right now." Miko smiled pleasantly at him.

"Let me discuss it with the clan elders." He had told her. He was almost giddy with happiness. If Miko wasn't to marry, the possibility of her becoming clan head was very real.

"So what are you going to do now?" Tenten asked.

Miko considered her for a moment, taking in her curious honey brown eyes and the shining silver senbon holding her hair up. It would make a great painting.

"Miko." Said exasperated, yet fondly.

"I'm not sure yet." She was still tossing over the proposal her father had gave her. Miko, clan head of the Uchiha. Had a nice ring to it. But would that position give her more or less freedom? It would certainly give her access to parts of the clan she had never touched before, and having the full might of the most powerful clan in the world practically made her salivate. She could do so much. But she would be further scrutinized as clan head, there would be very little she could do independently. But that was never her style anyway.

"That's why I asked you." Miko said.

Tenten hummed lowly in her throat and Miko fought the urge to place her head against her chest to feel it.

"Well, it would be cool. You could be really strong like Tsunade." Tenten said.

Miko smirked. Adorable.

"I thought you wanted to be like Tsunade."

Tenten blushed.

"Yeah, but I figured we both could."

Together. Miko liked the sound of that and told her so. Tenten's blush was too cute and Miko couldn't help herself when she pulled Tenten in her lap and kissed the corner of her mouth.

"W-we shouldn't" Tenten whispered, flushed. "The Uchiha might not like it."

"Well that's too bad. As their future clan head, they'll have to deal with it."

Tenten giggled nervously and Miko smiled up at the trees. Her father had whipped the clan elders into shape and she was sure to be met with little resistance. She didn't know what she was going to do next, but she was Miko.

Nothing and no one could stop her.

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The reason why she was accepted so easily in Sasuke's and Itachi's place is because she graduated early from the academy, two years before the rookie nine and she unlocked her Sharingan at an early age. They are also in desperate need of a competent future clan head, and Miko's one of the only ones that fit's the bill. Plus she's the clan heads daughter.

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