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Chapter one: The pardon

I'm not sure where I am. Except that, this room is dark and cold. Sherlock Jr. and Linda, on Mycroft's orders, loudly scream and cry for Daddy, who's in the other room. I can't believe we're here and I hope and pray that Mycroft, as promised, will be able to get Sherlock off. Scott and Alexander start screaming just as the door to the other room opens and Mycroft comes out.

"For God's sake," he groans. "get those children in here so they'll be quiet!"

I nod, forcing back a smile. "Yes Sir." I stand up and walk into the room. "It's all right you two. We'll see daddy in a moment." I come through the door and enter a dark room that positively screams Top Secret! I feel somewhat awkward as I enter the room and three faces swivel towards me.

"Excuse me," a woman with a thin, pinched face speaks, shooting me a pointed glare. "Mycroft, what are she and all of these children doing in here?"

Mycroft glances at me, balancing my sons, Scott and Alexander in my arms. Sherlock Jr. and Linda immediately moved to sit in two chairs, right behind their father. All of the children at this point decide to miraculously be silent. Sherlock was sitting in a chair, facing the table with three people and the secretary. "I need her in here to help keep my brother under control."

"She cannot be-

Mycroft cut off the man. "We're getting her husband off 'death row' so to speak, I doubt that she'll reveal anything to anyone beyond this room." Sherlock turns to me and winks at me. I roll my eyes at him and turn to face the group of people at the table. I go to stand beside Sherlock, leaning against the chair. "Besides," Mycroft shoots me a pointed look. "the children wouldn't be quiet." I chuckled and rocked Scott and Alexander gently. "What you're about to see is classified beyond top secret." He looks towards me. "Is that quite clear?" I bob my head as he turns towards the elderly secretary in the corner of the room. "Don't minute any of this." She nods her head before folding her hands in her lap. "Once beyond these walls, you must never speak of it. A D-notice has been slapped on the entire incident." I arch my brow. I cannot help but be slightly impressed with how fast Mycroft was able to move. "Only those within this room, code names Antarctica, Langdale, Porlock and Love….will ever know the whole truth."

At that moment, I hear Sherlock texting on his phone. I give him a nudge with my foot. "Sherlock." I hiss. He ignores me. "Sherlock!" I roll my eyes in exasperation.

"As far as everyone else is concerned," I continue nudging Sherlock. However, he's tweeting, his latest fascination unfortunately. "going to the Prime Minister and way beyond, Charles Augustus. Are you tweeting?!"

The exasperation in Mycroft's voice causes me to jump. Sherlock doesn't have enough time to hide a guilty expression as he covers his phone. "No." However, the sound of a tweet being sent is heard in the room anyway.

"Well," Mycroft snaps. "that's what it looks like."

"Of course I'm not tweeting." Sherlock looks to me for backup. "Why would I be tweeting?"

I look to Mycroft. "He's tweeting."

His brows arch in surprise as Mycroft reaches for Sherlock's phone. "Give me that."

"What? No! Get off." Sherlock attempts to hang onto his phone with both hands. "What are you doing?" Mycroft struggles to get a hold of it and I shake my head in amusement. The two of them look like children arguing over a toy! "Get off."

"Give it over Sherlock."

He looks at me indignantly. "What?"

Sherlock and Linda break into giggles as Mycroft orders strictly. "Give it here." He finally gets the phone from Sherlock and reads the tweets aloud. "Back on terra firma."

"Don't read them out." Sherlock mutters.

"Free as a bird." Mycroft continues. My mouth drops open slightly in surprise at Sherlock's rather flippant behavior.

"God," he groans. "you're such a spoilsport."

"Will you take this matter seriously, Sherlock?" Mycroft demands angrily.

"I am taking it seriously." Sherlock shoots him an indignant look. "What makes you think I'm not taking it seriously?"

"Hash tag, oh what a beautiful morning." Mycroft says sarcastically, holding up Sherlock's phone. I cannot help but snort and Mycroft shoots me a look.

"I'm sorry, it's just…something happened a long time ago with 'Oh what a beautiful morning', that I'd forgotten about."

"Oh yes," Mycroft holds the phone out to me. "I recall. My brother was drunk, I believe."

I hand Alexander to Mycroft, taking Sherlock's phone from him. "Quite intoxicated." Poor Mycroft was frozen in horror while holding his nephew. "Support his head." I then hand Sherlock's phone over to Linda. "Don't let daddy have this, ok?"

She nods enthusiastically. "Yes mommy!"

Sherlock glowers at me. "Low blow, Tammy, using the children. Very low blow."

"Sorry husband, but back to the situation, please?"

"Look," Sherlock explains indignantly to Mycroft and the others. "not so long ago I was on a mission that meant certain death, my death, and now I'm back! In a nice warm office with my wife, four children, my big brother and," Sherlock's head jerk's to the side in curiosity. "are those ginger nuts?"

My mouth drops in shock as he jumps up and heads straight towards the plate of the cookies. Mycroft shakes his head in despair."Oh, God."

"Love ginger nuts." Sherlock says excitedly as he grabs a huge handful of the cookies.

"Our doctor said you were clean." The lady says, looking towards Mycroft.

"I am, utterly." Sherlock hands a cookie each to Linda and Sherlock. Linda tucks the phone under her legs before taking the cookie. Sherlock makes a face at her before turning back towards his chair. "No need for stimulants now, remember? I have work to do."

The other man shakes his head as Sherlock crunches into the cookie. "You're high as a kite!"

Sherlock shakes his head. "Natural high, I assure you."

I sigh. "Unfortunately, that's true."

"Totally natural. I'm just," Sherlock holds out his hands before singing dramatically, and rather badly. "glad to be aliiiiiive!"

I groan. "Sherlock…no singing please."

"Is dad sick?" Linda asks her eyes wide with fear.

"He's singing." I explain.

Sherlock Jr. shakes his head. "That not singing."

Sherlock glowers at me. "You turned them against me."

"Shut up Anakin."

He frowns. "Anakin who?"

I groan. "Never mind. Now please, back to business. I should like to go home soon."

Sherlock chuckles before turning back to the group. "What shall we do next?" he points to the secretary. "What's your name?"

She glances around before stuttering nervously. "Vivian."

Sherlock smiles at her before asking. "What would you do, Vivian?"

The woman is shocked. "Pardon?"

"Well, it's a lovely day." I groan. "Go for a stroll?"

The lady frowns at him and shakes her head in disbelief. The other man drops his face into his hand. I turn to Mycroft. "I take it back; I think he is on something." I groan. "God, it's like raising five children."

"Well, you married him." he points out.

"I know." I sigh. "Maybe I should have my head examined."

"Make a paper airplane?" He continues babbling around his cookie. "Have an ice lolly?"

"Ice lolly," she says, her face brightening somewhat. "I suppose."

"Ice lolly it is!" he says dramatically. "What's your favorite?"

She looks hesitantly towards her superiors, unsure about answering him or not. "Well, really, I shouldn't."

"Go on." Sherlock's hypnotic, encouraging tone is too much to resist.

"Do they still do Mivvis?" she asks.

"Mr. Holmes." the blonde lady says rather firmly.

"Yes?" both Sherlock and Mycroft answer at the same time, causing the twins to laugh again. Mycroft glowers at Sherlock.

She addresses Sherlock. "We do need to get on."

He nods his head. "Yes, of course." He hands me Alexander back rather hastily. I shake my head as he brushes off his suit, for fear of contamination.

Mycroft starts the video again with the remote control. Sherlock tries to coax Linda over to him with another cookie, but she stubbornly shakes her head. he groans and dramatically sinks into the chair. "Nobody loves me."

"Go eat some worms Sherlock." I whisper as I watch the footage. Oh, how my mind flashed back to the moment Sherlock spoke those iconic words. Do your research. I'm not a hero. I'm a high functioning sociopath. I hold my breath as the scene changes. Sherlock, instead of raising his hand and firing the gun, drops the gun as a shot goes off. I stare at the screen in amazement as the footage is replayed several times. I gasp. "Oh…my…God."

"I see." Sherlock is unimpressed. "Who is supposed to have shot him, then?"

"Some over-eager squaddie with an itchy trigger finger," the man says dismissively. "that's who."

"That's not what happened at all." Sherlock mutters as he takes a bite of the cookie.

"It is now." Mycroft declares.

"Thank you," I say, still rather stunned. "so very much."

"Remarkable." The lady turns to the man beside her. "How did you do it?"

"We have some very talented people working here." He says, trying to keep a hint of pride out of his voice. "If James Moriarty can hack every TV screen in the land, rest assured we have the tech to... doctor a bit of security footage." He points to the screen as Sherlock tosses a bit of biscuit towards his mouth as one would toss a grape. Sherlock misses his mouth and scrambles madly to find the piece hiding in his coat. "That is now the official version; the version anyone we want to will see."

"No need to go to the trouble of getting some sort of official pardon. You're off the hook, Mr. Holmes." I nod my head. Sherlock can't even be bothered to look up. "You're home and dry."

Mycroft glowers sternly down at Sherlock. "Okay, cheers." He stands up, buttons his jacket with the last cookie in his mouth. Once his coat is buttoned, he reaches for his coat.

"Obviously there's unfinished business." This woman is so calm and cold, it's almost disturbing, but then, she does work for the government. "Moriarty."

Sherlock rolls his eyes and attempts to talk around the biscuit. "I told you. Moriarty's dead." He bites it off and turns to Sherlock and Linda. "Come on you two."

"You say he filmed that video message before he died." She questions, not willing to give up on Sherlock.

He pauses for a moment. "Yes."

"You also say you know what he's going to do next." She holds his gaze. "What does that mean?"

"Perhaps that's all there is to it." The man points at Sherlock. "Perhaps he was just trying to frighten you."

I shake my head. "Not likely."

"No, no. He would never be that disappointing." He begins to zone out, mentally attempting to see everything before it unfolds. "He's planned something; something long-term; something that would take effect if he never made it off that rooftop alive. Posthumous revenge." He shakes his head. "No, better than that." Linda latches onto his leg and Sherlock picks her up, pocketing the phone. "Posthumous game."

"Mommy!" Linda wails. "Daddy took the phone!"

He frowns at her. "It's alright."

She glowers at him while Sherlock Jr. proclaims. "Mommy said…no phone!" his lower lip stuck out in a stern frown, making him look like his uncle for a moment.

I laugh and shake my head. "It's alright baby, daddy can have it now."

"We brought you back to deal with this." Her tone is slightly testy. "What are you going to do?"

"Wait." He states.

The poor woman is quite surprised as she repeats. "Wait?"

"Of course wait. I'm the target. Targets wait."

I sigh. "Sherlock, please explain it a little bit better."

He sighs. "Look, whatever's coming, whatever he's lined up, I'll know when it begins." He throws his coat over his arm. "I always know when the game is on. Do you know why?"

"Why?" she's slightly exasperated now.

He turns back to face her. "Because I love it." he turns to me. "Come on, let's go home."

"Thank you." I turn to everyone. "And thank you, everyone, for making this possible."

"Tammy, come on." opens the door, waits for me to tuck Scott and Alexander into their stroller before nudging me out the door. "I'm taking you home and getting you pregnant."

I shake my head. "You wish."

"It's the only way to ensure you'll go into hiding."

"For nine months at least," I remind him. "We're in this together. Getting me pregnant will only delay things."

"What's pregnant, mommy?" Sherlock Jr. asked.

I glower at Sherlock. "It's nothing. Watch how you talk around our children."

"It's how your mother had Scott and Alexander." Sherlock began to explain rapidly. "Now, when two adults marry, they engage in something known as inter-

"Sherlock!" I cut him off. "They're just children!"

He frowns. "Not good?"

"Not good at all husband. They're way too young." I take Sherlock and Sherlock Jr's hand. "Come on, let's go home."

"Indeed." His eyes light up. "This is going to be so much fun."

I roll my eyes. "Don't I know it. so, what's first on the agenda?"

"Getting you pregnant."

I laugh and roll my eyes. "You're such an idiot." I straighten up and begin to push the stroller. "It won't happen Sherlock."

"Ride!" Linda demanded. "Ride daddy!"

He groaned and pulled her up onto his shoulders. She latched onto his hair as Sherlock Jr. began demanding a ride. "Up daddy!"

He picked up Sherlock Jr. before turning to me. "Why do we have so many kids again?"

"You're the smart one Sherlock Holmes." I remind him. "You tell me! And you want me pregnant again. What if I have another set of twins?"

He rolls his eyes. "Highly unlikely.