Cadis Etrama di Raizel stood silently at his window.

His quiet, even breaths were visible in the air, though the chill did not affect him. He watched the stars and moon drift across the sky as they had done for all the previous nights he had stood at his window.

He felt the presence of Muzaka quickly converging towards him. He simply continued staring out into the night, even as Muzaka leapt lightly through the window. He still found the man's visits strange. To say nothing of the man himself. Besides the Lord, Muzaka was the only being he had met that treated him as an equal, not as someone to be both feared and revered like how the Clan Leaders treated him. The Clan Leaders had placed him on a pedestal so high he could barely see them. They had never even bothered to ask if he was uncomfortable with heights. But Muzaka had jumped right up there next to him as easily and simply as he had jumped through his window.

He turned his head slightly towards Muzaka as Muzaka called his name – or rather, called him Raizel - looking at him out of the corner of his eye before finally turning around completely when it became clear that Muzaka wanted to speak with him.

Muzaka began telling him of his time among humans. He did this every time he came to visit, and each time it conjured up beautiful and incredible images and scenes in Raizel's head of what the world was like outside his window. Images of ice that stretched into the horizon, images of sand that did the same. Hundreds of small houses each filled with humans who laughed and played and worked together every day. They were wondrous, but for Raizel they were untouchable and very blurry, like a diamond at the bottom of the ocean.

Still. He did enjoy the stories.

Today's stories were about human celebrations. The humans had hundreds, apparently, each one different depending on the calendar day, the region, or the beliefs of the humans. Sometimes a combination of all three.

"Hey Raizel, when's your birthday?"

Raizel's eyebrows contracted almost imperceptibly. True, Muzaka had just been informing him that humans celebrate the day they are born every year by holding a gathering of friends and family, but the question still confused him. That was a human tradition. Nobles didn't even count the decades they had been alive, much less the years. The day he had been born had never been noted or told to him, because there was no reason to do so.

"I do not know," he responded truthfully and simply.

Muzaka just nodded, telling him that he also could not remember the actual date of his birth, and continued with his thrilling and unbelievable stories.

Only a few days passed before Cadis Etrama di Raizel was summoned by the Lord to the main castle. He walked sedately through the forest that separated his house from the castle, only getting lost once. When he finally made it to the castle he was a little surprised to see Muzaka lounging on top of a pillar. Upon seeing Raizel he grinned and jumped down, falling into step beside him as if he belonged there.

"Yo Raizel, you going to see y'all's Lord?" Muzaka asked, looking slightly down at him.

Raizel nodded. He was curious as to what Muzaka was doing here, but it was not his concern, so he did not ask.

"Alright, I'll go with ya," Muzaka said as they approached the doors.

As the doors opened, Raizel's eyes widened. There were candles everywhere, each giving off enough light for him to see that the room now held several small tables, complete with elegant chairs carved from the same wood. There were several dozen people in the room, most of them high ranking Nobles. A number of them occupied the chairs while the rest were standing, conversing with one another. The pillars were wrapped in pale blue and silver cloth that shimmered and reflected the flickering candlelight.

He heard a melodious sound to his right and turned to find Muzaka chuckling good-naturedly.

"You don't remember your own birthday," Muzaka explained to him while smiling, "and in that case it's my job as your friend to give you one and throw you a party to celebrate it."

His friend? Raizel had been many things to many people during his lifetime – a brother, a monster, a law enforcer, a symbol – but he had never been a friend, nor had he had anyone who he could call his friend. No one had ever wanted to see beyond his title and power. Yet Muzaka had said it so simply.

He looked up at Muzaka, feeling a vague uncertainty he was not used to feeling.

Muzaka just looked at him and put his hand up on his shoulder.

"Happy Birthday, Raizel."

The uncertainty disappeared, replaced by something that made him feel as warm as his cheeks.


A/N: So this was not intended to be a pairing fic, I just wanted to write something that would help give a little more insight into Muzaka's and Rai's friendship, but it kinda turned into fluff at the end. Not that I have a problem with this pairing, I'm just saying, you can read it either way lol :)

Please let me know if you liked it! ^.^