Gejutel sat in his study, studiously reading reports. He glanced up as a bell chimed to his left. It was time.

He stood up, and proceeded toward the front door of the Landegre manor. One of his knights opened the door for him with a polite murmur of 'Clan Leader.' Gejutel nodded regally as he stepped out into the sun.

He smiled. Tomorrow, for the first time in ages, he would no longer be called 'Clan Leader.' The study would no longer be 'his' study. And the knights would no longer be 'his' knights.

For today was Regis's Coming of Age Ceremony, and the day he would be formally recognized as the Landegre Clan Leader. All of the current Clan Leaders would be attending, as well as Raizel-nim and of course the Lord. Even the current Lord of the Werewolves, as well as Muzaka-nim, were attending.

Gejutel felt nothing but pride.

A/N: Short fic for Noblesse 10 Year Anniversary Event.

Ephemeral: lasting for a very short time, fleeting, transient.

I love that Regis became strong for his comrades, but a part of me feels saddened by this, because his childhood is kind of cut short. Gejutel knows what comes with being a Clan Leader, so I think that even though he's proud af of Regis, he would also feel a little bit sad that Regis is taking on this responsibility so soon