Perfect Creature

Chapter One: Abduction

The night was warm as a mother and child made their way home after shopping for supplies from the neighboring town. Crickets chirped and other nocturnal animals made sounds all across the frontier as the duo continued up the dirt path under the shadow of the moon. Normally, it was too dangerous to travel at night due to threat of attack from mutants and other unknown dangers but the mother was not concerned and felt confident that she was able to keep herself and her child safe. As the ranch came into view, there was a sudden shift in the atmosphere and all the insects and creatures of the night went silent. Suddenly a feeling of being watched overcame both travelers.

"My son did well…you are perfect," came a smooth, seductive, voice from across the frontier.

"Mom, I am scared," whispered the little girl nervously.

Her mother's dark colored eyes scanned the moon kissed frontier until she saw a very tall, handsome, pale skinned, man with glowing red eyes in the distance. She suddenly felt transfixed on his gaze and unable to move. He slowly approached her and her child. The little girl was also transfixed onto the devilishly handsome man.

"The time has finally come for you to join me and stand by my side, Rosalia," the youthful man told her as he reached out to touch her cheek. The pinky ring on his right hand gleamed in the moonlight as his fingers gently grazed the woman's semi-pale cheek.

"Who are you?" she whispered.

A smile came over his face, "I am your paternal grandfather…." he replied quietly before embracing her and vanishing with her in tow.

The child still stood transfixed for several minutes until the spell wore off and everything returned to normal. She looked around in bewilderment, "mom!" she called.



D dismounted his horse and approached the front door of the Lang family house. He heard that Doris was in dire need since her daughter's abduction by a vampire one week prior. After knocking on the door, a middle-aged woman with graying dark hair and a somewhat portly shape greeted him.

"Hello Doris," D told the fifty-five-year-old woman softly.

Tears suddenly began to stream down her cheeks, "Oh D…" she suddenly embraced him. He returned her embrace without hesitation.

"Please come inside," she told the youthful looking man.

After placing himself on the couch, Doris began to tell him the situation. He could tell that she was fighting a losing battle with keeping her composure. Suddenly, a young girl entered the house and made direct eye contact with the Dhampir before letting out a loud scream. Doris turned to her, "Ursula what is wrong?!"

"It's him grandma! He is the one who kidnapped mom!" cried the dark haired little girl.

The older woman shook her head, "that is total nonsense!" she told her granddaughter.

"But it is! He looks just like the man who kidnapped mom! He told mom that she was perfect!" cried the ten-year-old hysterically.

As his cherished friend argued with her granddaughter, D became noticeably tense.

"Ptst…D…do you think that it was him, the Vampire King, who kidnapped your daughter?" inquired the parasite residing in his left hand.

"It sounds like him," the vampire hunter thought angrily.

"After all your father always wanted the perfect being which bridged both humans and vampires together. The perfect being who had all the abilities of the nobility without any of the flaws. Your daughter, being one quarter-vampire, possess some of the abilities of the nobility without any of the blood lust," Left-Hand remarked.

D could feel the anger build within him despite looking totally calm on the outside. How dare he kidnap his only child and subject her to his wild experiments. Suddenly, he stood up and looked at his former client who managed to finally calm down and convince their granddaughter that he was not the kidnapper.

"I promise that I will find her, Doris" he told her.

"Please do…" she told him.

D placed a soft kiss on the woman's lips. Though it had been nearly forty years since he had last saw her, saved her, and slept with her, he still cherished her as his very dear friend. Before walking outside the Dhampir turned to the little girl, who still looked afraid, and told her calmly, "don't worry, I promise that I will find your mother."

Once outside, D mounted his horse.

"So…I take it that we are going to give your father a visit?" Left-Hand remarked.

He did not respond to the parasite. Instead, he kicked his horse into a gallop.