Perfect Creature

Bonus Chapter

Though it had been over a week since D "vanquished" his father and began his heart-breaking journey to deliver his daughter's body back to her family, he was surprised that Rosalia's body still looked as fresh as it did the day that she was murdered (except for the rigormortis).

Suddenly, the Lang ranch became visible over the horizon and his heart sank as it grew ever closer. Once at his destination, the dhampir dismounted his horse and pulled his daughter down with him and carried her to the door.

Doris opened the door with a smile before noticing who he was carrying, she let out a blood curdling scream, "My baby-NO!" she cried. D fought hard to fight back the tears which were trying to expose themselves from his tear ducts, "I'm sorry Doris…I tried," he told his former client lowly. Doris took their daughter from his arms before collapsing in despair with her head buried in their child's chest; weeping loudly.

Just then, their granddaughter appeared at the door and took notice of her dead mother before looking at the dhampir with absolute rage, "You bastard!" she screamed before pounding her fists against his chest repeatedly. The dhampir did not even attempt to defend himself from the little girl's blows-it did not even hurt him.

"Ursula! It is not his fault! Stop it right now!" her grandmother demanded.

Tears were flowing out of the little girl's eyes, "he let mom die-he let her die, grandma!" she cried angrily as she continued to batter D's chest with her fists.

"He is your mother's biological father—your biological grandfather! He would NEVER have allowed your mother to die without a fight to defend her!" her grandmother cried while still clutching onto her dead daughter.

The blows against his chest stopped and the little girl slid to her knees and began to wail loudly in despair. D also got to his knees to embrace her.

"I'm sorry grandpa—I didn't know," she cried into his chest.

The dhampir remained silent but gently tightened his embrace upon the little girl. Though he had lost a daughter, he was glad to have gained a granddaughter. He gave her a gentle kiss against her head and continued to hold her until she was all cried out.


D had finished digging the grave and it was time to lay his child to rest. Doris and Ursula watched on in sorrow as the Vampire Hunter gently placed Rosalia's corpse into the grave. After a few final words, all three pitched in to bury her.

After night fell and both Doris and Ursula were asleep in bed, D returned to his daughter's grave and sat before it until dawn came.

"I will always love you my daughter," whispered the dhampir lovingly.