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The tale of the unknown love

Grace tucked a piece of invisible hair behind her ear.

"And so……..from this………we conclude that……….?"

Grace rolled her eyes; Mr. Simmons talked as though he had cotton wool stuck in his mouth!

The class was silent, not even Grace could summon enough brainpower to answer this seemingly useless question about their reading book, 'The tale of the unknown island' by Jose Sarmago.

But, amidst the teenage stupidity- one hand rose.

"Ah, Mr. Clymont?" Mr. Simmons sounded more enthusiastic than ever.

"While he thought he was in search of an island……..he found something much greater…………love"

Grace shifted in her seat, turning her head slightly to see the face that belonged to the deep, husky and quite sexy voice.

Ayden had deep, soulful eyes- so dark they were almost black, matching the colour of his raven hair, which was a spiky, ruffled mess on top of his head.

He had chiselled features, and robust lips- she guessed that he was well built, beneath that large brown jacket and khaki pants (he did play hockey after all!)- She felt herself blushing at the thought.

Grace continued to stare, and didn't even realize when Mr. Simmons cleared his throat, expecting her to turn around.

"Well Mr. Clymont, atleast you have one other student who shares you're views!" Mr Simmons said, mockingly referring to Grace- who continued to stare obliviously.

Mr. Simmons motioned towards Grace, and Ayden followed his gesture- looking at her, their eyes locked for a second, before Grace turned bright red and turned back to the front of the class- suddenly feeling the teachers eyes on her, aswell as everybody else's.

She finally realized the cruel joke he'd played on her………..

"Do you agree with Mr. Clymont's conclusion Miss Manning?" he asked, pompously.

Grace opened her mouth, but only a few incoherent murmurs escaped- deepening her red blush.

"Well then I do believe-" Mr Simmons was about to continue- when Grace found her voice.

"Well I do and I don't" she spoke up- causing Mr. Simmons to turn swiftly on his heel, and stare at her accusingly.

"You do and you don't?" he repeated, sarcastically.

Grace realized how pitiful the response was- and straightened in her chair, about to correct herself.

"Well, I do believe it's about love- but you can't put the entire conclusion on that………" she began.

Mr Simmons raised an eyebrow, feeling a debate about to come on………

Ayden straightened in his seat also, eager to hear Miss. Grace Manning's response.

"I think it's about realizing that sometimes the greatest of adventures are right at out doorstep- it only takes a little imagination and courage for us to explore them" Grace gained more confidence as she spoke.

And right when her ego was hitting the excessive limit, she heard a mocking chuckle from the back of the class- from Ayden Clymont.

"You don't agree?" Mr. Simmons asked, looking at Ayden.

Grace turned around, catching Ayden's eyes avert away from her.

"Well, I think that's a very whimsical conclusion……….and I think what Grace just said, complemented my response" Ayden replied.

Grace winced as she saw his back straighten, and his head lift-

GRACE could he be any cockier?

Mr. Simmons laughed- something he didn't do very often- if at all.

"Strange how my entire class of 25 students suddenly narrowed down to these 2 very strong minded people………." Mr. Simmons explained, pointing to Ayden and then Grace.

"I want you two to write me a 1,000 word conclusion on this book" he said, sternly, looking from Ayden to Grace- smiling wider at their astonished expressions.

"Excuse me?" Grace croaked.

"1,000 word conclusion" Mr. Simmons repeated.

"Just us?" Ayden asked.

"Just you two- and be glad I am assigning you both to work together- two minds are better than one!" he smiled crookedly.

Before either could protest, the bell went- and suddenly a flurry of students all headed for the door.

Only Grace and Ayden were left in their seats.

Grace turned around, exchanging a cold stare with him.

Then they both rose from their seats, and headed to the front of the class, to speak with Mr. Simmons.

"Mr. Simmons- this is completely unfair-" Grace began.

"I agree- just because we involved ourselves in a class discussion, WE get an extra work load?" Ayden added.

Mr. Simmons chuckled again, "think of it as extra credit" he said, smiling.

"We get extra credit for this?" Grace asked.

"No-" Mr. Simmons replied simply, "it's just mandatory homework- that I only set for you two- my most passionate students, whom I am interested to see work together" he replied, rising from his seat, he began shuffling his papers.

Ayden and Grace turned and looked at one another, then back to Mr. Simmons- who had just walked out the door- leaving his two very 'passionate' students, with their jaws on the floor.

"You're pace or mine?" Ayden asked, turning to Grace again.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"We may aswell just get this over and done with- so, do you want to work at my place or yours?" he repeated.

Grace turned to him, anger still flickering in her eyes; "fine-" she began, "mine then".

Ayden nodded, "the sooner the better, so how about tomorrow after school?" he asked.

"Why not tonight?" Grace put her hands on her hips, and stared at him accusingly.

"I have a hockey game tonight" he explained, "so, tomorrow?"

Grace nodded, and before she could throw accusations or angry comments at him, Ayden was out the door.

"Fine" she said to the empty room- turning and heading out the door aswell.