Carol wrapped her arms around Grace's shaking body. "I love you," she whispered, pulling away.

Grace looked into her kind face and gave a small nod, "love you too, babe," she whispered.

"Flight 879 departing for Philadelphia…Flight 879"

Carol smiled and let out a small laugh; "this is something out of a movie…!"

Grace laughed aswell; "you don't think what I'm doing is crazy?" she asked.

Carol shook her head, and reached for her hand, squeezing it; "no…I think it's romantic…and about time!"

"Flight 879 departing for Philadelphia…Flight 879"

"Well!.." Carol ordered, motioning to the line that had formed, boarding the plane; "go!" she exclaimed.

And with that, Grace turned around and bolted for the gate. With a quick wave over her shoulder, she disappeared…

"That girl is crazy…" Carol whispered to herself, with a laugh.

Eli rolled over. He glanced at the clock by his bed. It was 5:30 in the morning.

He closed his eyes again. But he hadn't been dreaming. His doorbell kept ringing…he groaned, adamant that he would ignore it. He rolled over and buried his head beneath the covers.

But it kept ringing. Again and again.


He quickly sat up right. Was that….?

ELI no…I'm dreaming…it couldn't be

Somebody stated banging on his door. With a mighty force, the banging and the ringing doorbell were too much. And then; "ELI!" she screamed again.

In an instant, Eli jumped out of bed. He shrugged on a woollen jumper, and hurried to his door. Unlatching the dozen or so locks that were keeping him from the girl on the other side…and then…he flung his door open, and, sure enough it was her.

She stood there. Her beautiful brown eyes wide and scared. It had been raining outside, it would appear, because her hair was dripping. Small beads of water ran down her face, and her clothes were soaked through.

"Grace?" he whispered her name, afraid that as he did so, the image of her standing before him would disappear….he was so certain this was all a dream.

She was shaking slightly. Not from the cold, but from standing so close to him…close enough to reach out and touch him.

Once her plane had landed, she didn't know where to go. She was unsure of Eli's address, so she had found a pay phone and rang Jessie. She was ecstatic when she told her she was in Philadelphia.

From there, with Eli's address scribbled on her hand, she'd gotten a cab and driven the half hour from the airport to the heart of Philadelphia…and here she was… after all it took to get here…she now stood in front of him…speechless.

"Grace…what…?" he started, but she put a hand up, silencing him.

"Eli…." She started, looking to the ground, and then back to his face.

"Eli…" she tried again, but that was the only word she could get out. Nothing else followed.

ELI this is all I need…her…right here.

"Eli…" she tried again, feeling utterly ridiculous now. Standing before him, dripping wet, unable to speak but a single word.

So he helped her. He didn't need to her hear speak…..he just needed….her.

He cupped her head in his hands, leaned down…and did the simplest thing in the entire world…he kissed her.

He kissed her wet, slippery, pink lips.

GRACE he does smell good…

She ran a hand over his back, pushing him into her. And, as the kiss deepened, she stated to cry…she couldn't help it…she started to cry…and then she started to laugh.

He pulled away, still holding her face gently in his hands, he looked into her eyes- her wild, crying, laughing eyes.

She gulped back tears and laughter, and tried to string a sentence together; "I'm sorry….I am so sorry…"

"Ssshhh…" he comforted, leaning in and kissing her lips quickly, then pulling back and staring into her face again.

He couldn't believe she was here. He couldn't believe he was holding her…he believe it…

"…I didn't want to live with the mistake I made of letting you go…I just…. I just couldn't live with that!" she said, unsteadily.

He gave a small nod, and leaned in, kissing her quickly again, and pulling away.

"I love you Eli…. I loved you five years ago…and I still love you!…I never want to stop loving you…the very thought of it just scares me to death!"

He leaned in, and slowly started to kiss her neck….working his way back to her lips. She smiled, and let out a small laugh.

"Eli…can you forgive me?…Oh please!…I just want to be with you…I don't want to spend another five years, or even another day without you! And I don't care about what you did…who you were…or even what our parents will say! I just want you…"

He stopped kissing her. He let go of her, stepped back and gave a soft smile; "I was coming for you…" he murmured, and motioned for her to step into the apartment.

She did so, and saw, by the door- Eli's packed suitcase. With an airline ticket on top….a ticket to North Carolina.

"You were coming for me?…" she smiled to herself, and then looked to Eli, who nodded.

ELI (stands up…walks out of scene)

GRACE (turns and looks to her right, where Eli walks in and sits beside her)

"I love you…and I wasn't about to let you leave me…." He whispered.

She stepped into him, reached up and kissed his lips…tenderly, sweetly….for the longest time.

Between the lines I get it, all ready when you spoke to me last night,

Don't think I don't know what's going on here, be sure I didn't come to steal your life.

You leave before midnight; you're standing in the bright lights,

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid to come back to me.

You leave before midnight; you're standing in the backlights,

Don't be afraid, hey, don't be afraid to come back to me, yeah.

And in disguise I'll come to you, darling tonight, you will walk outside your door,

Don't be surprised if I told you, I'm not as strong as you were told.

You leave before midnight; you're standing in the bright lights,

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid to come back to me.

You leave before midnight; you're standing in the bright lights,

Don't be afraid, hey, don't be afraid to come back to me.

Coz no-one's gonna know if you stay or if you go,

If you do or if you don't, at least you won't be long, it won't be long.

No-one's gonna know if you stay or if you go,

If you do or if you don't, at least you won't be long, it won't be long.

You leave before midnight; you're standing in the bright lights,

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid to come back to me.

You leave before midnight; you're standing in the bright lights,

Dont be afraid, hey, don't be afraid to come back to me.

Yeah, woah, woah, yeah, don't be afraid to come back to me, yeah,

Woah, woah, yeah, don't be afraid to come back to me, yeah,

Woah, yeah, yeah, don't be afraid to come back to me.

(Leave before midnight, standing in the back lights),

Oh yeah, don't be afraid to come back to me, yeah.

Eli and Grace lay between the covers. Grace's head rested on Eli's bare chest….he played with her hand, running his fingers along her soft palm…bringing it to his lips to kiss tenderly.

"I'm going to quit my job…" he whispered.

Grace smiled, "and do what…?" she asked.

Eli looked down at her, and kissed her hand again; "I don't really know…." He murmured.

Grace looked up at him, "that sounds a lot more like the old Eli!" she smiled wider.

He shrugged, and pulled her into him, kissing her lips, hard; "right now the only thing I'm sure about is you…and that's the way I like it…"

She pulled away, and looked into his eyes; "me too…"

They lay like that for the longest time. As the sun rose into the sky, with its majestic colours; red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink…all streaming into Eli's bedroom…cascading onto their bodies as they made love again…





"In here!"

Jessie followed her voice into the kitchen, where she was slaving over the stove.

"Where are Katie and the kids?" Lily asked, looking up.

"She's unloading them from the car…" Jessie explained. And, just as she said that, the little pounding footsteps could be heard rampaging through the house.

"There's my little girl!" Rick exclaimed, as he walked down the stairs, opening his arms to a little Asian child, only two years old. She had sparkling brown eyes, and little tufts of black, spiky hair.

"Kayla!" Rick exclaimed as she ran up to him, attaching herself to his leg.

"Kayla….want to help mummy bake a cake?" Lily called.

Rick and his daughter shared an enthused smile, and she waddled into the kitchen.

"There's my girl!" Lily smiled, bending down and picking her up.

"Jess!" Katie called.

Jessie ran to the front door, where Katie was struggling to carry a picnic basket and a little boy in her hands.

"Oh…Jay, come here" Jessie smiled, opening her arms and taking the three year old from her wife, who sighed with relief.

Jay was a chubby, gorgeous African-American baby boy. He outstretched a little hand and ran his chubby little fingers through Jessie's golden hair; "hello sweety…lets go see Grandma!" she exclaimed.

"Gramma!" he yelped, giddy with happiness.


Jessie turned around to see Zoe coming down the stairs. Her face lit up as she saw her little brother; "Hey Zoe!" Jessie smiled.

"Come to you're big sister!" Zoe said, ignoring Jessie, and uploading Jay from her arms.

"Nice to see you too..." Jessie muttered.

"Are Grace and Eli here yet?" Zoe asked, not really paying attention to Jessie's headshake, as she made funny faces for Jay.

Katie and Jessie shared a quick glance, and both went into the kitchen.

"So what's the news with Grace and Eli?" Katie asked, setting the picnic basket down, "did you ring them both last night?"

Lily handed Kayla to Rick, and continued to stir her soup; she nodded, "I rang them both…"

"And?" Jessie urged.

Lily shrugged, "neither will give even a hint as to who they are bringing down to meet us!" she sighed.

Jessie and Katie shared a knowing glance with one another.

"But…" Rick started, bouncing Kayla lightly in his arms, "…we think Grace's boyfriend is a fellow student…and Eli's is a co-worker…."

"Really?" Katie asked.

Lily nodded, "we think so…but I guess we'll have to wait and see…" she glanced at the clock, "they should be here by now…"

Just then, low and behold…the doorbell rang.

Before Jessie could open her mouth, Lily bolted for the door. She opened it, to reveal Grace and Eli standing side-by-side, holding hands?

"Is it them? Lily?" Rick called, making his way out to the front.

Jessie, Katie and Zoe followed.

"Aren't they're more of you?" Lily asked, trying to look past Eli and Grace. Trying to see where their 'partners' were.

"Well…mum…we have something to tell you…" Grace started, looking to Eli with a nervous, but sweet smile.



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ELI & GRACE (sitting side by side…Grace is wearing a wedding ring…they're holding hands and smiling madly)



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