Disclaimer: these characters aren't mine. They belong to whoever wrote them into the show. Choices

~ ~ ~ Chapter 1 ~ ~ ~

There they sat in the freezing cold, in that stupid car. Why did he have to tell her brother? If they would have just gone to the airport instead of trying to find him during the middle of a blizzard. He had just coughed up some blond and she knew he was more seriously hurt then he was letting on. He always tried to do that, be the strong one.

His eyes were beginning to close and she was afraid that if he did close them she would never be able to look in those beautiful baby bleus ever again. "Jason! Jason keeps your eyes open!" she yelled at him, "Jason I love you."

She was not expecting a response but he gave her one "I love you too" he said and then closed his eyes.

"Jason!" she yelled as she tried to revive him. When he did not respond she began to honk the horn in hopes that there was someone out there that would hear it.

~ * ~ * ~

The light was so intense. He had never seen a light that bright before in his life. He wanted to close his eyes, shield his face, and even turn away, but something about the light would not let him. He was beginning to be at peace and he was embracing the light.

"Jason, Jason." A woman's voice was saying his name. He knew the voice, but could not place it. She called to him again "Jason." A figure began to take shape in the light As she came closer he began to recognize the woman.

It was the woman who no less then about three months earlier told him she wanted nothing to do with him. He still remembered how much her words hurt. He had cared about her as much as any man could care about someone without ever saying the words I love you. There was still a little bit of regret that the two of them never shared more then a kiss. She was still one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

"Elizabeth?" He asked confused as to why she was the one he was seeing coming out of the light.

She was smiling now. God how he loved her smile. "Don't worry Jason I'll take care of you," were the only words she spoke and then held out her hand. Hesintly he took her hand and they moved into the light.

He was surprised that on the other side was the living room of his penthouse. "What are we doing here?" he asked her. The smile was still on her face.

"I'm showing you what could happen to you" she said

He was so confused. "What do you mean?"

"Jason every choice leads to something that's going to happen in the future. You chose to drive in the snow to tell Sonny about you and Courtney. You chose Courtney over Elizabeth"

He cut her off, " you are Elizabeth."

"No, I'm the image that you thought of that would help comfort you. They thought that if you had the one image of the person you feel the safest with then this would make your trip a little more pleasant."

"Do you know why I chose Elizabeth? I mean I just told Courtney that I loved her and I meant it. Why did I not want to see her face?"

"Why are you asking me questions you already know the answer to?" the image of Elizabeth asked him.

"But I love Courtney." He said, but this time it was more to convince himself rather then the image of Elizabeth.

As he did a little girl of maybe five came running down the stairs in a long nightgown. She had a bright smile on her face. Her long light brown hair was flowing as she ran and her blue eyes were almost mesmerizing. She was laughing now as she spoke , "You can't catch me."

Elizabeth now came down the stairs with that smile on her face. "I'm going to get you." She too had a laugh in her voice. She ran to catch the little girl. They both ran around the couch until Elizabeth with her hand grabbed the girl and pulled her into a hug as the two fell on the couch. "Got ya!" A smile was placed on both their faces.

"I love you mommy." The little girl told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth responded "I love you too Savanna."

Jason turned to the image, "is that her daughter?"

"Yes, and yours too" the image told him.

Jason's face then had a look of shock on it. "My daughter." He turned and watched the mother and daughter as they sat on the couch. Elizabeth was now brushing the young girl's hair.

"Don't pull." The girl protested, with a look of pain on her face.

"Sorry, Sweetie but I need to get the knots out."

"Daddy doesn't pull"

"And that's why you still have knots in your hair." Elizabeth said with a quick tickle of the young girl. Savanna laughed and Jason thought she had the cutest laugh he had ever heard.

Jason was beginning to enjoy the scene. He felt that the penthouse that was mostly lonely when he was in it now seemed lively and comfortable. But why am I not with Courtney? He asked himself.

"Did you know that in this world there is one person for everyone?" the image asked Jason. "Some people go through their life never finding their soul mates, and then again some do"

"Are you saying that Elizabeth is my soul mate?"

The image only answered his question with one of her own. "Is she?"

While Jason was thinking about this the front door opened. Jason saw himself walk through the door. The young girl came running up with a hug for her dad. With one swoop of his arms she was in them. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and Elizabeth came and gave him a kiss on the lips. He put his arm around Elizabeth's shoulder and they walked back to the couch. Elizabeth sat next to Jason who had Savanna in his lap.

"How was your day Daddy?"

"Well my day was fine. how was yours?"

I drew you a picture. She stated proudly. Do you want to see it? She was off his lap and running to the stairs before he could answer.

Elizabeth and Jason stole another kiss.

"I seem happy with her. Am I, am I happy with Elizabeth?" Jason asked the image of the woman sitting on the couch. A smile was on the image. "Would you do me a favor? Would you not answer my next question in riddle form? What happened with me and Courtney?"

The image went from a smile to a smirk. "After the accident Sonny told you to stay away from his sister. The both of you felt that sonny had no place to say anything so you went on the run. Courtney though wanted to be with her family and so did you so you came back and everything had changed."

"How? How had things changed?"

"Sonny had stopped caring weather you and Courtney were together and I guess the thrill of not being able to have what was not allowed you and Courtney had nothing, so you went your seprat ways. Your path led you back to Elizabeth, just as it always had.

Jason looked at the happy family on the coach once again. As he turned to look back at the image the white light came again.


He looked around and saw that he was in a hospital room. Elizabeth was standing yelling at Courtney. She was a fighter and she fought for what she wanted.

"This would have never happened had you not come to town. I would have been happy with him and he wouldn't be in a hospital room right now." She turned and looked at Jason who was now faking being asleep. Turning back to Courtney she said "I hate you" and walked out the door.

"Don't worry Elizabeth I hate you too" Courtney said. She walked over and touched Jason's face. He opened his eyes. "Hey" she said to him.

"Hi" was what he said to her but in his mind thought Where do we go now that I know Elizabeth is my soul mate?