Dear Rick,

I have so much to say to you. It's been two years since Alex and I got married. But the truth is I'm not as happy anymore I thought he was the one for me but his career is driving us apart and is not home much. We have had talks of beginning a family but I want our baby to have a father around. But Rick, you know how much I want to be a mother.

Secondly I want to say this. I miss you, Rick so much. We worked so well together were best of friends and partners. We had each other backs. After I was raped you there for me and stood by me and stayed my side.

Last thing I have to sat Rick, I have always loved you more than I love Alex so I'm going file for an divorce and I'm making my way back to L.A. to see you and hopefully you feel the same way that I feel for you. And we can get married and have a family that I desperately want. See you soon in a few weeks when I get back to L.A.

Your Partner/Friend

Dee Dee