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A Kitten's Claws


I flipped off the douche-purse in the blue ford as he wizzed by me. Wow. I felt bad for that jerk, he CLEARLY didn't know how to drive. I turned on my radio and played with the tuning, jerking the wheel back into my lane. I heard a few people honking their horns at me, but I was too busy trying to find a good song to care.

SERIOUSLY, they never play anything good on the radio.

I looked up just in time to see the light turn from yellow to red, giving me enough time to slam my foot on the break bringing my precious pink mustang to a screeching stop. I heard my phone buzz somewhere deep inside my purse. It better be Ali! I have been worried sick about her!

She had just returned from the hospital, ever since the accident from Cole whipping out his sword and slicing her open from-okay! You get the point!

SO I have just discovered the whole zombie thing, how they're real and feast on people's spirits and come out at night, and how my best friend and boyfriend (Kind of), are zombie slayers. I discovered this a few weeks ago, right after Ali's injury and I'm PISSED.

Yes I worry about the safety and the lives of my friends but...THEY NEVER TOLD ME! All this time they've been going out risking their lives and I've been sitting around (being awesome of course) but I could have been more awesome by helping them! I know I can't see or hear the zombies like they can or have that pushing spirit ability, but I could have been the sexy nurse who bandaged up their wounds and tell them to suck it up and live! I understand that they have to be very careful with who they tell but...WHY WOULDN'T THEY TELL ME!?

Have they forgotten that I'm Kat! Magnificent Kat!? The most precious gem the world has to offer!? I blame Frosty.

Reaching into my purse I pulled out my phone aan-nndd a text from Frosty.

Can he take a hint? I mean we're not broken up, but I'm kind of considering it! Because he waited ssooooooo long on telling me about this whole zombie slaying thing! If he loves me so much he should have trusted me enough to tell me! Right? Well...then again I haven't really told him about my kidneys...but...what if he drops me like a piece of trash? Or treats me like a baby!?

I can't have him worrying on me, especially when he needs to be focusing on other things. He doesn't need that burden.

Noticing that the light was still red I took a glance at my phone.

Frosty: Miss me yet?

I looked up,the light was still red so I decided to reply:

Me: In UR dreams

Less than a second later he responded back:

Frosty: U R my dreams ;P

Me: DUH!


OOPS! Guess the light turned green!

Tossing my phone back into my purse, I put some peddle to the metal and sped off taking the exit off the highway and down the road to school. My phone kept buzzing away, Frosty no doubt. I nearly t-boned another car as I pulled into the Asher High parking lot. Some dude in a dirty SUV with greasy hair wearing a ratty t-shirt was behind the wheel (from what I can see).

I flipped him and his greasy hair off as I drove by, he honked his horn and swore at me through his window. Geeze, some drivers!

I turned sharply into a vacant parking space. My phone was buzzing away now as I put my car in park and turned off the ignition. I pulled my phone once more out from my purse and saw ten messages from Frosty. No Ali.

Frosty: UR so cute kitten

Frosty: No UR beautiful

Frosty: I love you

Frosty: R U still there kitten?

Frosty: Miss U

Frosty Where R U?

Frosty: Kitten?

Frosty: did I tell U R my dream?

Frosty: The girl of my dreams

Frosty: Kitten? You're not mad at me are you?

I smirked. Okay, maybe I won't break up with him, after all he's been very sweet lately!

Me: Okay down boy. I just parked. I'll be inside in a min. I know I'm awesome but take it easy. Sweet talk will get you nowhere ;)


Since I had my phone out I shot Ali another text. Yeah, the fourteenth one, so what!? I'm a good friend! The best!


I stared at my phone for a few moments waiting for a response.


Frowning I shoved my phone back into my purse and slung it over my shoulder just as I hear my phone buzz again. It wasn't Ali! I was sure of it!

Everyone was hanging out by the lockers when I reached them; Bronx, Frosty, Reeve, Trina, Love Button, and the others, except for Cole. No surprise there! Ever since Ali's accident, he hasn't left her side. He's been missing so much school it would be a miracle if he passed, then again...all these slayers miss so much school and sleep through it. I'm just kind of glad that I know all about this zombie stuff now! Now I've been convincing everyone to let me train with them so I'm able to defend myself against these zombies!

Mess with the Kat you get the claws!

"Hey, Kitty Kat." Frosty greeted, pulling me into his strong arms for a loving embrace. "Did you miss me?"

"You already asked me that!" I replied, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck. Good lord did he smell good.

"You never answered me." He said and started to kiss all over my face, cradling my head with one of his rough hands.

I squealed and hugged him tighter, enjoying his affection.

Okay, I'll admit that when he's a good boy, he deserves some loving from his kitten!

"Are we still on for tonight?" He asked, moving his lips to my ear. He was done kissing me for now. But I didn't want him to stop.

I nod slowly.

"We're over if you're not there!" I reply, lifting my chin.

That made him smile. "I'll be there, kitten. I'll always be here for you."

I smiled taking his face gently in my hands and looked deeply into those delicious chocolate brown eyes. They shone and gazed into mine, like I was the only girl in the world for him. I better be, I'm the best!

"Good." I respond, bringing my lips to the corner of his mouth giving it a sweet kiss.

"I'm looking forward to it." I add, keeping my lips against his skin.

I felt him smile.

"Me too, Kitten."

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