Foreword: Sorry, for everything. This is the end of the story x

The fight between Jason and Bruce ran the same course it always has – the same way it has been told a million times before. A stubborn father, a stubborn son, neither willing to alter their moral path. The last laugh left to the Joker, and a family still in pieces.

While their fight raged on, Wally and Dick were able to rescue Tim and Bart, mere minutes before the building they were in exploded – supposedly another of the Red Hood's tactics. However, the heroes weren't to know that Jason only pulled the trigger when he knew the building was clear. That it was only another attempt to get to Bruce. That he never had any intention of killing Impulse and Robin.

Perhaps when time had allowed for wounds to heal, reunions would be possible. Perhaps one day the family Jason had left behind could become his again. And then perhaps one day Jason would hear a strange story of heroics – in an alternate time – from a boy who had once called him a 'bat' when he was too lost to recognise that himself. And maybe, just maybe, just perhaps, it was that meeting that could steer Jason – eventually – to the right path.

~The End~