Kagura is 18, Sougo is 22, Hijikata is 31.

Yes, I notice I like putting Hijikata in the line of fire when it comes to my OkiKagu stories, that's because he is probably the only guy that Kagura can interact with that will get the strongest reactions from Sougo. Plus, I love Hijikata and Kagura interactions. It's adorable in a reluctant big brother and little sister way. Hope everyone enjoys this story, It's a new premise I'm testing out.

I appreciate criticisms and thoughts so that i can make improvements.


"J-jealous?" Kagura asked in disbelief, "I don't know if the sadist even feels such a thing."

"This 'sadist' is a man, is he not? All men feel jealousy." Tsukuyo told her in a matter-of-fact voice.

They were sitting together at Hinowa's. Tsukuyo smoked her pipe while Kagura sat nervously beside her.

Kagura had gone to the courtesan of death for some advice on a certain captain, that she grudgingly admits she now kind of, sort of, maybe, possibly likes.

She had began having strange emotions a while ago and, after consulting several of her female seniors and friends, they had given her the same conclusion: She had feelings for Okita Sougo.

Of course, Kagura was in no way going to make the first move. This was the sadist she was dealing with.

Her female seniors and friends had concluded that Okita harboured feelings for her as well, something they suspected for a while actually, but the problem, they pointed out, was that the captain might be in denial of them.

If she came right out and confessed to him now, he'd probably insult her, play it off as a joke or reject her outright. Possibly all three.

That was how Kagura thought of her only other option, which was to get him to confess his feelings first.

The first person she went to ask was Tsukuyo.

Normally she'd go to her Anego but, if she told Otae, it would probably be overheard by the ever present stalker Kondo, and that would ruin everything.

"So if I make him jealous, he will make his move?" Kagura asked, unsure of the suggestion.

"If we are right about his feelings, then yes, he will." Tsukuyo replied, blowing out a puff of smoke.

"Hey Tsukki, how exactly do I make him jealous?" Kagura inquired, "I don't have anything he wants."

The only jealousy she's ever felt were that of material envy.

Is that the kind that Tsukuyo meant?

"That's not the kind of jealousy I'm talking about. I'm saying, make him jealous with another guy." Tsukuyo corrected her.

Kagura made a face.

The older woman almost facepalmed when she saw the confused expression.

Kagura may be eighteen now but she sure was still clueless about certain things. Tsukuyo found it endearing.

She sighed deeply.

"Here's what you do, do exactly as I say okay?" Tsukuyo started.

She began putting together a plan.

At the Shinsengumi headquarters, Their main target was, as usual, napping on the job.

"Oy, wake up, Sougo!" A pissed off Vice-Chief yelled.

He pulled the young man's eye mask back and let it go, which resulted in slapping the Captain awake.

"F*ck you, Hijikata." Sougo said casually as he got up.

"Yeah yeah, get back to work, bastard." Hijikata replied, he wasn't in the mood to deal with a sadist right now.

He thought he'd gotten away safely when he arrived at his office, without so much as a bazooka shot at him or a sword in his back.

Of course, this was Okita we're talking about.

Hijikata only noticed the beeping when it was too late.

"Sougo, you damn bastard!" Hijikata yelled.

The whole headquarters shook from the blast.

"It's a nice day today." Sougo commented.

He watched as the blue sky became covered by plumes of black smoke, coming from the Vice-Chief's office.

A little while later, After being rescued from the rubble by his subordinates,
Hijikata sat in the temporary office, he had set up at a spare room in the compound, and was half fuming, half working there.

In the middle of cursing Sougo's existence for the hundredth time, he received a visitor.

"Oh it's you, what do you want?" He greeted the new comer.

Kagura avoided looking at his face.

She shyly sat down across from him.

"Well?" Hijikata asked. This better be important, after getting blasted earlier, all he wanted to do now was finish his work today, fast, and relax over a Hijikata special and some sake.

Kagura fidgeted a bit.

While waiting for an answer, Hijikata lit a cigarette and took a few puffs.

"Oy, if you have nothing to-!" He tried to say but the girl cut him off.

"G-G-GO OUT W-WITH ME!" Kagura practically yelled.

Hijikata immediately spat out his cigarette and began having a coughing fit.

Was he hearing this right?

That blast must have really messed him up.

"Hah?! I what with you?" He spluttered.

"Don't make me say it again, I-it's embarrassing!" Kagura said with a blush, trying to avoid looking at him.

"Stop messing around, China. Are you trying to pull a joke?" Hijikata asked, "It's not funny. Go home, I don't have time fo-"

"I'm not joking, damn mayonnaise addict! G-go o-out w-with me!" she yelled at first but lost momentum near the end.

This was too embarrassing and something she had never done before.

Hijikata was starting to get pissed, Just how far was she going to take this joke?

"Oy, I don't know who put you up to this, but I don't have time for stupid jokes. Leave and try it on some other sucker. I ain't falli-" But he didn't get to finish.

Kagura, in a desperate attempt to get him to agree, had tried to grab his collar and plead further, but had lost her balance and, instead, fell right on top of Hijikata.

"Dammit China, what are you doing?" He growled at the girl on top of him.

He was just about to push her off when he noticed how close her face was to his.

Bright blue eyes bore into deeper blue ones.

"Hijikata-san, Please, go out with me." Kagura breathed.

Yamazaki was nervous.

He had just finished speaking to the contractor, in charge of fixing the Vice-Chief's office, and the verdict was not good.

"The Vice-Chief won't be happy about this." He muttered to himself.

Why did he have to be the one to relay the bad news?

"I'm gonna get beat again." Yamazaki cried.

"Hey Zaki, they say talking to yourself is an early sign of insanity. Be careful." a voice suddenly told him.

Yamazaki looked up to find Captain Okita in front him him.

Speak of the devil, the one who started all this was right here.

Why'd Captain Okita have to mess with the Vice-chief this much? It was Yamazaki who always ended up being hurt by the Hijikata when Okita did something.

"C-captain Okita, I'll keep that in mind." Yamazaki replied.

"Well, where are you headed off to?" Okita inquired.

"To the Vice-Chief, I have the result of the inspection of his office." Yamazaki replied.

The office you destroyed, He thought to himself.

"Oh? Then I'll go with you. I want to see his reaction." Okita said, looking a bit excited.

"O-okay." Yamazaki replied, he didn't know if this was a good thing or not.

With Captain Okita accompanying him, he wondered which one Hijikata would attack when he received the bad news.

The two arrived outside the temporary office of the Vice-Chief just in time to hear a commotion inside.

Okita, never having been polite, slid the door open a crack to see what had happened.

They were greeted with quite a shocking sight.

The Yorozuya amanto girl was inside the room with Hijikata, and they were in a very compromising position.

She was sprawled on top of the vice chief and their faces were only inches apart.

What the hell was going on? Alarm bells were going off in Yamazaki's head, they shouldn't be spying on such a private moment.

He was just about to slide the door closed again when the girl spoke.

"Hijikata-san, Please go out with me."

In that instant, Yamazaki saw a much more unbelievable sight.

Captain Okita was trembling.

Was he scared? Laughing? No, that wasn't it, Yamazaki thought.

He was angry. Captain Okita was trembling with fury.