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Gibbs' Basement

It was one of those days; a day that would disrupt his current plans of sanding his boat, drinking bourbon, alone in his basement. The shrill sound of his cell phone ringing broke his rhythm. Sighing, he turned around and picked up the offending object from the workbench and flipped it open and answered with the usual gruff grumble of 'Gibbs'. He listened to the man on the other end of the line. 'Great' he thought as he rubbed his hand over his face, "Okay, be there in 20." he flipped his cell shut and slipped it into his pants pocket and took the stairs two at a time. He wouldn't have time to change right now; a Petty Officer had washed up on shore and the circumstances of his death are, as Abby would say, hinky. It was definitely going to be one of those days.

Oval Office, DC

President George W Bush was not happy with the current information he was hearing from his Vice President and the USAF Major General George Hammond who was in charge of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. When Bush had first heard of the this place he believed it was a special research facility below the mountains in Colorado Springs. But 'special research facility' didn't mean what he had initially thought it was; military installation and nuclear bunker. No. Not even close. It contained a big secret- huge even. It was home to a universally huge secret that went back to the digs at Gaza, Egypt in 1939. George can still remember when he first brought in on this secret. He hadn't believed them, called them 'nuts' and laughed in their faces. That was until he visited the facility and saw for himself. Even now he still can't quite grasp that it is in fact 100% genuinely real. He pulled himself from his thoughts to focus on the current situation.

"So lemme get this straight," he looked between the two men, "some alien from god knows what planet is living amongst the citizens of this fine country and bumpin' people off?"

Hammond stepped forward "Sir, he is more than just living amongst the citizens of this country; he is one of the citizens of this country...heck sir he is living as a citizen in Washington DC."

Bush leaned back in his chair, contemplating what he's just been told, "And where is he now?" He eyed Hammond knowing what he was going to say 'they don't know', why would they be here otherwise?

Searching for words other than 'no idea' the General replied "We lost him two days ago," Bush shut his eyes and hung his head shaking it from side to side, "but I have my best team working on finding him. They're currently tracing his last known steps."

The President looked up, "You'd better hope that they do find him General, before someone else ends up dead."