A/N: Howdy! I thought I could take a shot at making an Altershift Mafia-themed story - the idea came out from one of my drabbles, where Shamir played the role of a mafia boss. But in this Mafia-themed universe, Shamir is a detective.

This will be split into Cases, instead of Chapters.
Some will contain Shamir's narration instead of a third person one.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it.

A few guiding lines before I start.

This marks internal thoughts, like Goddamnit, what have you gotten yourself into?
"This is normal dialogue." "heya, boss!"
"This is flashback dialogue." "Watch your backs."
"This marks screaming." "Someone, please help us!"

Case 01: A Mother and Child in Distress

1930, November 10, late evening...

Shamir stood at his large, oak desk reading a few reports regarding the various gang fights between Signora Muffet and Don Asgore, the two notorious mafia bosses of the Underground, who made the poor citizens shiver in fear. The tired jaguar kept warning the citizens to stay out of their ways, and out of any contact with the mafia members - anyone found guilty of such a thing would be immediately arrested by the order of FPE, or Feline Police Enforcement - as he wanted to keep corruption from spreading throughout the Underground like a plague.

One of his officers, a tall orange tabby, came down in his office, visibly distressed by something as he cleared his throat and adjusted his uniform before taking position to report.

"Sir, we have received a call from the outskirts of the Underground, in the Ruins." the officer said, his green eyes looking at the jaguar who seemed engrossed in the reports. "Sir?...Detective Shamir?"

Shamir sighed before placing the large dossier he was looking at on the desk, "What is it, Rubicon?"

"Sir, a call has been made from the outskirts. I'm not sure what to make of it, and I didn't want to send anyone in case the ma' could've been in there."

"You idiot! It's our job to deal with the Ma'! No matter if it's Don Asgore or Signora Muffet we're talkin' about." the jaguar placed a paw to his forehead in frustration. "Damnit, I'll assemble a team, I'll go in there. What's the address?"

"Main Ruins Street, number 3."

"Okay, thanks Rubicon, you can go now."

Damnit all to hell, sometimes I'm hiring the wrong police officers for the job, Shamir thought before lighting his pipe and taking his fedora, along with his large trench coat from the rack. Outside his office, police officers of all species and sizes were running up and down the corridors, or were attentive when they took a call, while others were just bringing in some suspects for interrogation. I hope Parvos and the others won't mess it up while I'm out on a mission, the jaguar mused as he roared to get everyone's attention - of course, in a second, every pair of eyes was on him.

"Okay, everyone. I need three volunteers for a call, it's urgent. We might be dealing with another Ma' case."

"I'll come!" a young black cat by the name of Tim raised his paw, as Shamir gestured with his head to come forward.

"I'll join the call, Sir." a goat monster by the name of Severik came forward too.

"Me too!" a young, female deer monster named Astelle came forward.

"Okay, we'll depart in a few minutes. " Shamir said.

As the four monsters descended from the large block-like building down to the somewhat silent street, they couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about what was going to happen next. If it truly was a Mafia attack, then whoever was under attack would need to enter FPE's Witness Protection Program - something Shamir saw the human police do in their own confrontation against their Mafia bosses - and they hopped on one of the police cars outside.

The code of this car was 10-1, and it was often used by Shamir as a leading car in pursuits against Ma' hitmen that ran away from the crime scene - but they never truly managed to catch members from either gang - and that drew the jaguar into a frustrated rage, because he wanted to make sure the Underground mafia would be dealt with. He started the car and drove past the many houses of the capital, then of Hotland, Waterfall and Snowdin, streetlights illuminating the windshield as they passed by these areas, until they eventually reached the Ruins.

Damn, I forgot this was sealed by FPE in the former attack against the Ruins led by Don Asgore's ma'. Shit. He really gets on my nerves with all these attacks, his henchmen are killing whoever they please, as if he leads the Underground and not us, the jaguar thought as he descended from the police car, followed by his fellow officers. Severik couldn't help notice that the seal they placed in here was broken, while Tim and Astelle pulled out their guns from the holster, and Shamir gritted through his teeth as he put away the pipe.

"No shit..." the jaguar cursed as he pulled his magnifying glass to examine for pawprints, but since he saw nothing, he placed it back in his trench coat."Nothing in here, they must've used gloves. Let's enter with care," Shamir said as he pulled out a Colt .45 from his trench coat, the others following him as they crossed the Ruins' doorstep.

It was dark before them, but to Shamir's knowledge, the Ruins were a quiet neighborhood, so quiet that the criminal rates in here were not existent, with some exceptions - as he caught a few Froggits red-handed when they tried to sell weed and drugs to the unsuspecting citizens, and they never gave up who put them to such illegalities - with no evidence, he was forced to let them go. They noticed most of the houses were with lights out, except for a few, and a Whimsun meekly approached the police officers as he didn't know what was going on.

"I heard gunshots down the street, a-and I came outside to see what was going on!" the Whimsun said as he tugged on his dressing gown. "I moved in here because it was quiet, I never thought I'd be hearing gunshots in the middle of the night!"

"We're with the FPE, sir. I am Detective Shamir," the jaguar placed his gun back in its' holster as he tipped his fedora. "And I hope you'll tell me more about this incident."

"I've heard a woman screaming, and some shouting. It still goes on, as you can hear."

"Someone, please, help us!" the voice could be heard in the distance, and Shamir took his gun out again, tightening his grasp on it. Shit, that voice...

"Sir?" Astelle asked, as she noticed the jaguar got a little distressed.

"Let's get a goddamn move on, the woman is in danger!" the jaguar hissed. "Thanks, Mr. Whimsun."

The four monsters arrived just in time to notice four gang members - members of Don Asgore's gang - shooting at the small library in the Ruins, who was at number 3, and Shamir recognized two of the shooters, as he looked for a decent place to cover himself and his team. Sans and Papyrus, two of Don Asgore's hitmen, what the heck are they doing in here?

"NYEH-HEHEHA! COME OUT, OLD LADY! WE KNOW YOU'RE HIDING THE HUMAN IN THERE!" Papyrus said as he shot with a sniper rifle at one of the upper windows.

"tch, paps, you think she's gonna come out like that?" Sans chuckled before loading his Tommygun. "heya, baby. come out before we make your library a full schweitzer!"

A human? Goddamnit, in what have you gotten yourself into? the jaguar thought as he looked at the broken windows, and then looked at the three officers accompanying him, who were puzzled by the fact their leader didn't take any action yet.

"They'll be sensing us at one point or another. Tim, I want you to roll and shoot towards them, while running for cover behind one of those houses." Shamir said to the black cat monster. "Astelle, you and I will get closer while Sans and Papyrus are distracted. While Severik here will have to cover us until we reach the back door."

"There's a back door?" Severik scratched the back of his head.

"You're silly, Sev." Astelle left out a small chuckle, "Of course, how would new books come in through?"

"Let's go, Astelle." Shamir said, as he gritted his teeth "We have to save them."

I mean, I have to save her, first and foremost. The human is a later worry..., the jaguar thought as he and his colleague were advancing amidst shots fired at Tim and Severik, and eventually managed, with the night's cover to reach the back door. "Please, be safe..." Shamir muttered under his breath as he opened the door and immediately ducked, because Papyrus aimed right at them with his sniper rifle.

"SANS...THERE'S SOMEONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE!" Papyrus said as he reloaded his sniper rifle.

"eh? i saw those police officers, but nobody else, bro." Sans shrugged. "if anyone else is in the freakin' house...they'll be sleepin' with the fishes tonight!"

Meanwhile, in a corner of one room on the first floor, a large monster and a small human were cowering in fear, as various objects in the room were broken by the gunshots or even full of bullet holes, and they hoped for a miracle to happen, someone to save them, until the door opened, and the large monster eventually summoned a fireball in her left paw, her voice trembling a bit as she didn't know who the intruder or intruders were.

"I-If you wish to harm me or th-this child...you'll have to cross through me!" the monster said, until she froze into place, hearing a familiar voice whispering to her.

"It's me, Mom. How could I ever hurt you?" Shamir said as his eyes noticed how scared she was. "Who's the child?"

"His name is Frisk, he's a ten year old human boy who ran away from the human gangsters..." Toriel said, "but he was attacked by some of Muffet's henchmen, Flowey and a few Looxes. Dear child, the gangsters you were running away from might start a new war between the two gangs." the female goat monster sighed as she placed a paw to her forehead, "We'll try to keep you safe, my child, but-"

A gunshot pierced through one of Toriel's arms, courtesy of Papyrus's sniper rifle, and she fell in Shamir's paws, a little confused as to how the gun managed to get a shot on her.

Shit! Don't worry, Mom, I'll... I'll do everything in my damn paws to make sure you're alive! I'll guard your hospital ward door day and night! Don Asgore and his men have taken it too far... the jaguar thought as he gritted through his teeth.

"Astelle. Take the human child, secure him." Shamir said, in an angry tone as he forgot his language for a moment. "10-1 to Dispatch, do you fucking hear me?"

"Loud and clear, Det. Shamir. What is your order, sir?" the dispatch voice rang at the other end.

"Send a damn ambulance to the HQ. I'll come right in at full speed. Stat, you hear? I have a civilian critically injured, she needs help."

"Sh-Shamir..." Toriel said, still lying in his arms, "There's no need, I can heal-heal myself."

"You have to stay somewhere safe, Mom. I'll not leave your ward 24/7, I swear. I don't want Don Asgore to kill you. "

"Okay, Astelle. We'll have to cover our way, as I think Tim and Severik are still holding out with one or two gun injuries themselves. Mom, hold on to me, and stay under my trench coat - it's bulletproof."

"Shamir..." the goat monster said, "The child...they want the child. For his SOUL."

I can't believe that's how this night started... the jaguar mentally huffed, as he and the others made it safely in the police car, with Sans and Papyrus shooting after them, the latter stepping on his hat in anger, as their target just escaped.


"let me make a call to the boss." Sans said as he went to a public phone.

Ring! Ring!

"Who dares to call Asgore Dreemurr?" a baritonal voice replied at the other end.

"boss, it's me. kid escaped with toriel. shamir got in our way again." Sans said.

"What?! Didn't I tell you to shoot them, or else you'll end up bone dust?" Asgore's voice was a tone angrier than before.

"we tried to, but shamir and his bloody team got in our way."

"That jaguar..." the large goat monster banged one of his fists against the large mahogany desk, "It's the last time when he crosses my turf. I'm putting a price on his head, dead or alive."

While the four police monsters, alongside the injured Toriel and the small Frisk, arrived at the police headquarters, an ambulance waited for them with three doctors lightly tapping their hind paws. Shamir exhaled in relief and gave a few orders to his fellow team-mates before joining Toriel in the ambulance.

"Make sure the kid stays somewhere safe, don't let them go outside, and be on your damn guard. Don Asgore isn't the kind of ma' boss to give up so easily. As for me...I'll stay with my mother, make sure she heals okay. Any reports, you send them through Severik, got it? Watch your backs."

"Of course, Sir, watch your back too."

The jaguar kept Toriel's paw with gentleness, while one of the doctors extracted the bullet from her arm, and she left out a small wincing sound as the bullet came out, and tightened her grip on Shamir's paw. Her red eyes stared right into his azure ones, giving him a sense of safety and worry, as he kept holding on.

Don't worry, Mom...
I won't let him hurt you.
And I won't let Frisk be caught by any of the ma' members.
Be it Muffet's or Asgore's.

Grillby's, the next morning.

Sans stood leisurely at one of the tables in the back end, drinking his ketchup and pondering what happened yesterday. If Papyrus had better aim, the female goat would've been dead by now, and Asgore would've given him more gold to cover his needs for ketchup - he was lucky that Grillby was in good relations with one of the human mafia members -, otherwise ketchup would've been scarce around these parts.

Papyrus was still at Don Asgore's headquarters, planning out their next attack on Toriel and how to take the human out, a task that seemed easier with the fact that on the jaguar's head, a bounty was placed by the boss himself, making most members of Asgore's gang eager to kill the detective who stopped their plans for too long.

They weren't going to let the feline monster stop this one as well.

At another table, a member from Muffet's gang, who suspiciously looked like a Whimsun, went to Grillby as he slipped a big chunk of gold to the fire monster for some information. Sans' leisure-like position dropped the moment that jerk entered the restaurant, and he was all eyes on the two.

"So, tell me more about that human." the Whimsun said as he drank a glass of whiskey.

"What human are you talkin' bout, you whiney-monster?" Grillby said, "I haven't heard anything."

"Come on, buddy..." the Whimsun spoke in a whisper, "You know Muffet would love an informant like you. Join us, and we'll be able to own Asgore's gang in no time!"

"If you ain't gonna order anything else, leave the bloody restaurant already. I'm tired of monsters like you." Grillby said, as he placed a glass of whiskey on the bar's table with some fury.

"Tch. You'll regret this, buddy." Muffet's Whimsun hissed as he walked away, huffing in anger.

Grillby winked in acknowledgement towards Sans, while the latter was relieved to see that Grillby sticked to his job. Boss's gonna be pleased with the fella, he offered a lot more info than we thought...