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"February 14 is the day we celebrate as Valentine's Day. During this day, it was a popular custom for young men to draw the name of a young unmarried woman from a name-box. The two would then be partners or 'sweethearts' during the time of the celebrations. When the Roman's became Christians, the name of this holiday was changed to St. Valentine's Day. It honoured to different saints of the same name. Over the years, the legends of these two Valentines have been blended together, creating a story of romance and true love..." The teacher droned on as the clock slowly ticked by.

Rika sat at her desk and stared at the ballpoint pen in her hand. The words her teacher was saying seemed to reach her in a different way than it would for others. At a young age, Rika learned that loving came with a price. A big price. The one person that she loved more than anything in the world had left her as a young girl. Since then, she never really trusted in love or others, but becoming a Tamer changed that. She had to trust and believe in the others Tamers so that they could survive.

It was tough in the Digital World. There had been so many adventures and tragedies that had destroyed so many lives, in more ways than one. Jeri, her best friend, had lost her partner when a misguided Digimon turned against them to close a deal. Jeri then had to deal with a misguided program that stole her voice and upset her friends and family. In the end, she had pulled through the entire ordeal and put the past behind her.

Rika, herself, had changed in so many ways that it was hard to believe she was the same person who hardly paid any attention to the outside world and who only thought about killing Digimon and loading their data. She had opened herself up to the world and her friends, and especially to her family.

Although Renamon, her partner, had gone back to the Digital World with the other Digimon, Rika still heard her voice speak to her, guiding her through each day. It was hard to accept the fact that Rika would never see her Digimon again, but she had found enough strength to survive for the past year.

Now she had to deal with other important things in life. Adolescence and boys. Although Rika had never had a boyfriend, she knew a boy who would be more than willing to play the part.

As her teacher finished lecturing the class about St. Valentine and other 'interesting' things, Rika looked at the desk in front of her. It was occupied by an older boy, with chocolate brown hair and blue eyes. The unmistakable, famous Legendary Tamer, Ryo Akiyama. Rika though about his baby blue eyes and perfect smile. There was no real word to describe Ryo, but "perfect" would be very close in Rika's opinion. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, always knowing the perfect thing to say...

As if on cue, the bell rang, signalling the end of class and the start of lunch. Jeri, who was sitting next to her, turned around and smiled at her.

"Wasn't that interesting?" Jeri asked, intrigued by the fascinating story of how Valentine's Day originated. "I bet that's how a lot of people found their perfect soul mate, by drawing them out of a name-box..."

"Yeah, interesting." Rika stated sarcastically as she casually sat back in her chair.

Ryo turned himself around to sit backwards on his chair. "I would be a whole lot more interesting if you'd let it be." He smiled intently at Rika.

"As if. I'd eat dirt before I'd let it entertain me." Rika's voice sounded cold but she returned the smile.

"Uh, Rika. For someone who's against love, you sure flirt a lot." Alice said as she stood next to Jeri.

"I don't flirt. I enjoy myself with my friends." Rika said matter-of- factually, although she knew she was flirting with Ryo.

"Yeah, whatever. So what do you guys think about the Romans and what they did on Valentine's Day?" Jeri asked everyone who was standing or sitting around them. Henry and Takato had now joined them and were standing next to their girlfriends, Alice and Jeri.

"Sounds a bit far-fetched. I mean what if you drew out someone you hated?" Ryo asked as he stifled a yawn.

"Bad luck. Sounds fun to me." Henry said as he looked down at Alice and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"What if we did something like they did. You know, the guys draw out the girls, partners for the day...What do you think?" Kazu asked as he and his girlfriend, Fiona, walked over to the others.

"No, no and no! I'm not a part of it!" Rika shouted as glared at Kazu.

"C'mon, Rika. It'd be exciting. You might get someone you really like." Fiona winked at her friend.

"I won't, cause I don't like anyone!" Rika retorted as she stood up from her chair, only to face Ryo. He had stood up at the exact same time she did. Rika stared into his eyes as he stared into hers. The two stood there until Kenta cleared his throat. They snapped out of their trances and sat back down again.

"You were saying..." Jeri raised her eyebrow at her best friend.

Instead of yelling back at her, Rika just looked at the floor and stayed silent, still quiet shaken. 'His eyes, so intimidating, caring, and...gorgeous. How can I lie to myself anymore?'

Ryo was staring at Rika, not even realising the looks his friends were giving him. 'What just happened there?'

The bell suddenly rang, awakening both Ryo and Rika out of their stupors. Everyone moved back to their own seats and talked to one another until the teacher walked back into the room. Everyone suddenly became silent and waited for her instructions.

"Class, I have decided that for homework tonight, you will work on a gift or card for your valentine that you will draw out of this box." Mrs Gooley said as she held up a small, square box. "In this box, everyone's names have been cut up and put into it. Since we have an even number of people, there will be no difficulties. And I don't want to hear any complaining about who you get. Remember, life has so much to give and you have so much to give to life."

From a few people came groans, while others started to cheer for St. valentine. However, there were those who just remained silent, namely Rika and Ryo, who were still very much dazed.

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