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~ Return to Me ~

I could still see him...smell him...feel him. But it was only a dream, a sweet fantasy of yesteryears. His arms around my waist whispering soft loving words into my ear...kissing my lips passionately. But its only a dream...and ever has been for three years......

"Rin?" a voice called curiously. The black haired woman turned away from the sea to see who had called her.

"Hey Quistis," she replied, automatically shutting the doors to her true emotions.

Quistis, however, was not to be mislead. She had watched her friend carry on with her life…the pain she had tried so hard to conceal, yet so visible to those close to her. "You know, Rinoa, you never were very good at pretending."

What on earth is she on about? She turned her head back toward the blue water. "What do you mean pretending? I don't pretend," she said with scorn.

Quistis raised her eyebrow questioningly. "Of course not. Rin…I'm worried…no concerned about you. I mean, its been three years, are you ever gonna look at any guy again?"

"I look at guys all the time! Are you meaning to say that Zell, Irvine and Seifer are gay?"

Quistis glared. "You know very well what I meant, and there is no way Seifer is gay!" she exclaimed defensively.

"Sorry, sorry…I know you two are involved, so I won't say anything," Rinoa said apologetically, with a slight hint of jealousy only detectable to those who knew her well.

The former instructor watched as her friend returned her gaze the never ending blue of the waves. "You're still in love with him, aren't you?" she asked carefully. Rinoa sighed and walked back toward Garden. It was all the answer Quistis needed.

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