The Disappearing Deejay Dilemma
By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: As always, the YGO characters aren't mine! And also as always, this isn't yaoi ^_~ Hope y'all enjoy! Oh, the deejay character belongs to my bud JP ^^

Joey sighed, clicking on the radio in Yugi's game shop. "Man, am I bored!" he declared. "There's nothin' to do today!"

"That's fine with me!" Tea remarked. "I'm tired of running from psychos bent on murdering us!"

Yugi chuckled. "I can't say I blame you there."

"How many mysteries have you solved now?" Marik asked curiously.

"Five," Yugi replied. Their most recent case had revolved around Marik's fight with amnesia a while back. Their old enemy had eventually regained his memories, but he also had repented of his past evil-doings and was now their friend.

"Yeah, that's right," Joey grinned. "First there was the skiing mystery in Utah. Then, when we came back home, there was the Halloween mystery, the UFO mystery, the Christmas mystery, and then your mystery!" he concluded.

Marik shook his head in disbelief. "I don't know how you managed to survive through all of those, if they were all like the last one. We barely escaped that one with our lives intact!"

"Well, that's the way it usually goes," Joey replied with a shrug.

"I'd be more than happy if we could just relax for a while," Tea declared.

On the radio, the deejay was beginning the new hour. "And this is KETY—K-80's, Domino City's leader for all the great music you remember from the '80's, and I'm Joltin' JP Palmer to take you through another hour of fun!"

Tristan absent-mindedly ate a pretzel. "That guy's been on KETY for years," he remarked idly.

"He certainly has been," Bakura nodded. "He was even there before my father started traveling." And before I got the Millennium Ring, he added silently.

"I'm sure all of us have our memories of Joltin' JP," Yugi said, playing with the chain his Millennium Puzzle was hanging from.

"Man, there's gotta be somethin' we can do!" Joey cried in frustration. "I don't wanna just listen to music all day!"

JP was busy talking to his audience as he often did between songs. "And how's your day going?" he was asking. "Man, I've had a real doosie! I found out some crazy secrets that you'd never believe!" A recorded chorus of "Oooohs" played.

"I didn't know he was a shock jock," Tea remarked.

"A what?" Marik blinked, unfamiliar with the American expression.

"A disc jockey who says offensive stuff to purposely shock his listeners," Tristan explained. "Or somethin' like that. But Joltin' JP hasn't ever been like that. He's probably just going to say something inoffensive and funny."

At that moment the radio station's phone rang. "Hold that thought," the deejay cried, pressing a button. "Hello, you're on the air with Joltin' JP! What's your pleasure?"

"Your life," an eerie voice growled. Tea gasped.

JP only laughed. "Some joker, eh folks?"

"This is no joke," a new voice, right in the studio, hissed loudly. What followed was a horrible-sounding ruckus and the sound of screaming. Suddenly all was silent.

The teens stared at the radio in disbelief, their eyes wide.

"Man, Joey, do you always havta want something to happen?!" Tristan exclaimed at last.

"Hey, that's not the kind of somethin' I was thinkin' of!" Joey cried.

Yugi leaped up. "That deejay might be hurt! We have to get to the radio station immediately!"

"They might not let us in," Marik objected.

"Well, we have to try," Yugi replied firmly, running to the door. The other five teens followed.
When they arrived at the KETY building, they were surprised to see Seto Kaiba pushing past the millions of onlookers and reporters and going through the revolving glass door leading inside.

"Man, what the heck's he doin' here?!" Joey exclaimed in confusion.

"I don't know, but let's follow him," Yugi suggested. "He might be able to get us clearance so we can help out!"

Quickly the group also went through the doors and found no receptionist at the front desk. "That's odd," Tea commented nervously. "And where did Kaiba go?!"

"Down that hallway," Bakura pointed.

"Well then, what're we waitin' for?!" Joey ran down the hall in hot pursuit before the others could stop him.

"I hope he knows what he'd doing," Tea muttered as they followed.

"With Joey, that's highly unlikely," Tristan replied.

"That's what I was afraid of," Tea sighed.

As they continued down the corridor a cry of pain was heard and a masked man suddenly tore past, shoving Tea and Bakura against the wall in order to get by.

"Hey!!" Tristan yelled, but the man didn't even bother to turn around.

"What was that all about?" Yugi wondered worriedly, turning to help Tea and Bakura regain their balance. "And what was that awful scream?!"

"How did you kids get in??!" an unfriendly voice growled suddenly, and the five teens turned to see a stout, balding man glaring at him.

"We . . . we were listening to the radio," Yugi tried to explain, "and . . ."

"Of course you were!" the man snapped. "EVERYONE was listening to the radio!! But no one was supposed to be allowed inside here until the police arrive!!" He eyed them suspiciously. "And I can see that you're all too young to be officers."

Bakura looked embarrassed. "Well, we followed Seto Kaiba in here," he admitted. "But we'll leave if . . ."

"Seto Kaiba?!" the man gasped, turning a shade pale. "Oh no. . . . I didn't think he'd find out so soon . . ."

"What do you mean, sir?" Yugi asked, blinking.

The man shook his head. "This station is owned by KaibaCorp," he explained, hurrying down the hall. "Did Mr. Kaiba come this way?"

"Yeah he did, and so did our pal Joey!" Tristan declared as they rounded a corner. "But can you tell us what happened to the deejay?"

The man didn't pay any attention. "Oh, Heaven help us!" he shrieked, stopping short.

"What is it?" Yugi gasped, and then he and the others saw Joey kneeling on the floor next to Seto, who had fallen to the floor against the wall and was clutching his left arm in apparent pain.

"Come on, Kaiba," Joey grunted, grabbing the other boy's arm. "Let me have a look!"

"It's just a scratch," Seto retorted, keeping his hand firmly clamped over the wound. Blood dripped from between his fingers. "I don't need you to examine it."

"Just what happened here?!" the man demanded, going up to them.

"I don't know," Joey replied. "Some masked man just shoved me aside and ran down the hall, and then I found Kaiba slumped on the floor like this . . ." He trailed off. "Hey! Who the heck are you, anyway?!"

"I, young man, am Bruce von Wilkenson, the manager of this station!" the man replied hotly.

"Kaiba, are you alright??" Yugi gasped, and Tea pushed Joey aside to kneel next to the stubborn boy.

"I'm fine," Seto replied typically, but Tea could see he was in pain.

"Kaiba, did that masked man do something to you?!" she demanded, trying to pry his hand away.

"I can take care of it myself," Seto mumbled.

"Oh, this is outrageous!!" Bruce screamed loudly enough that the pictures on the wall began to shake. "First JP vanishes in the middle of his show, and now Mr. Kaiba's been injured! . . ."

"JP vanished?!" Yugi gasped. "We heard some strange caller on the show who said . . ."

"I'm quite aware of what that caller said!" Bruce said grouchily. "And right after he said that, I heard someone in the studio who wasn't supposed to be there!" He clenched his fists. "The sound engineer couldn't tell us anything; he'd been hit over the head in his booth right before that ruckus started! But JP's missing, and that masked man must have been hiding out, just waiting for someone to come in through the door. . . ."

"But where would JP have disappeared to?!" Yugi exclaimed.

"That's just it!! There's only one way out of the studio, and no one came out through that door until that masked man did!" Bruce cried. "JP just vanished into thin air!!"

"But that is impossible," Marik objected, folding his bare arms over his sleeveless shirt.

"I know it's impossible, young man," Bruce growled, "but it happened!!"

Tea, meanwhile, was desperately trying to get Seto to allow her to treat his injury. "Look, Kaiba," she said in frustration, "I'm not going to let you bleed to death on me!!"

"I'm not going to bleed to death," Seto retorted. "You worry too much. It's only a scratch." He slowly rose up. "I can treat it myself."

Tea wasn't convinced. "You'll probably get involved with this deejay mystery and forget about it," she told him flatly.

Seto grunted. "That would prove it's nothing to be concerned about."

"Mr. Kaiba, sir, I most heartily apologize for whatever that man did to you on these premises . . ." Bruce tried to say.

"Save it." Seto glared at him. "What happened to the security around here?! How did anyone get in to do harm to the deejay?"

"I don't know, sir," Bruce said after taking a deep breath. "The security here was fine. There is no way those intruders could have gotten in without my knowledge!"

"And yet they did," Seto replied ironically.

That's when the police came in. "Officer Gabrielle Valesquez," the woman said, holding her badge up. "What has happened here?"

"That's what we're still trying to figure out, Officer," Bruce replied. "I've been waiting to look in the studio until you arrived." He opened the door to the studio and led the police inside. The teens followed.

"This is a serious crime scene," Gabrielle's partner said sternly. "What are you kids doing coming in here?"

Seto sighed loudly. "They're with me," he said, still clutching his arm.

The officer looked Seto up and down. "Whatever you say, sir," she said at last. "But you'd better have that arm checked."

"I'll take care of it," Seto responded in irritation.

"Oh my!!" Bakura cried, looking around at the studio in alarm. The entire place had been turned upsidedown—literally. Most of the equipment was standing up wrong or sprawled on the floor, and the furniture was scattered left and right.

"How horrible," Yugi gasped, shaking his head. Obviously something terrible had happened to the deejay . . . but what? And why?! What had he meant by that strange statement that he'd learned some "crazy secrets"?! But if it was something dangerous, why on earth would he have mentioned it on the air?!

Suddenly Tea shrieked and everyone turned to look at her.

"What is it?" Seto demanded.

Tea pointed shakily at the wall, where an eerie message was written in a bright red, bloody color.

Joltin' JP has done his last on-air performance,
And KETY Radio will never operate again!