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"And this is KETY, Domino City's leader in music from the eighties—and I'm Joltin' JP, here to take you through another hour of fun, fun, fun!"

It was several days later, and Yugi and the others had been invited to the KETY studios by JP Palmer and Bruce Von Wilkenson, both of whom were immensely relieved and grateful that everything was over.

"Bakura!" Bruce exclaimed now, grabbing the boy by his shoulders. "I hired Mandy back to do Vivalene's old show in the mornings. Won't you please reconsider your decision and come to work for my station?"

Bakura blinked, caught off guard. "Well, I . . ."

"I knew you would!" Bruce declared, hauling him off. "You're on in forty-five minutes!"

Yami Bakura sneered, following after them. This was going to be entertaining.

Joey took a bite out of a Subway sandwich. "Did I hear that Bakura's father came back?"

"That's right, buddy," Tristan said, nodding. "Bakura said that the guy left again last night. He was convinced that Bakura would be safe with Yami Bakura around."

Joey laughed ironically. "Man, if he knew that Yami B.'s ultimate goal is to rule the world, he might've thought differently!" Pieces of tomato and lettuce dropped out from between the thick bread slices and fell onto the floor.

Seto watched this in disgust. "I may have saved your life, Wheeler, but I don't have to stand around and see you make a ridiculous fool of yourself. I have better things to do with my time." He turned to leave and was suddenly embraced from behind by Mandy.

"HIIII!!!" she cried, starry-eyed.

Without a word, Seto took hold of Mandy's hands and released them from around his chest while Tea glared daggers at the girl.

Yugi chuckled and leaned back. "Well, I'm ready for a break from all this mystery-solving!" he declared.

"Me too," Tristan said firmly. "I've had enough of people running around trying to kill us!"

The door opened and Marik appeared, a strange look on his face. "Joey, you are on television!" he cried.

Everyone turned to stare at the Egyptian boy. "What?!" Joey gasped.

JP, who was just wrapping up his show, turned to look as well. "Bernard and Elsa," he proclaimed with a funny smile.

"Eh? What about Bernard and Elsa?" Joey demanded.

"I heard them mentioning how they wanted to videotape Bruce Von Wilkenson and try to catch him in the act of committing a crime," JP explained. "They must've taken one of the security cameras in here and accidentally rewired it up at the television studio next door when they were trying to set things up."

"WHAT?!" Joey burst out as some mustard from the sandwich shot across the room, narrowly missing Mokuba as he burst in.

"Joey's on TV eating his sandwich!!" the boy declared.

By now Tristan had collapsed on the floor in laughter. "All of Domino City is finding out what a sloppy eater Joey is!" he exclaimed.

"I'm not a sloppy eater!!" Joey screamed in frustration.

That's when Bruce returned with Bakura and Yami Bakura, looking triumphant. "Alright! Your show starts in five minutes!" he said, pushing Bakura down into the chair and handing him the headset.

"But I . . ." Bakura groaned. "How did I ever get into this mess?!" he bemoaned.

"Hey, you'll do fine," Yugi encouraged him.

Bakura gave him a weak smile. "I'm afraid not."

The On the Air button turned red and Yami Bakura grabbed the microphone. "Greetings, you foolish mortals of Domino City!" he began, sneering at Bakura.

"Yami!!!" the boy screamed, grabbing the microphone back. "I'm terribly sorry about that," he apologized to the listeners.

Yami Bakura reached around him and pressed a button on the computer, sending a Halloween laugh ricocheting around the room and drowning Bakura out.

The teens rushed to cover their ears. "Turn it off!!" Tristan yelled.

"Why should I?" Yami Bakura shot back.

Frantically Bakura pressed another button and released a scream of horror. "Oh my!" he gasped.

"Yes! Yes!" Bruce said happily. "The audience is eating it up! The ratings will go through the roof!"

"Man, is that all you can ever think of?" Tristan said in frustration.

"Hang in there, Bakura," Tea whispered comfortingly, laying a hand on his shoulder.

Bakura smiled gratefully and turned back to the microphone. "We'll start off this hour with . . ."

"'Everybody Wants to Rule the World,'" Yami Bakura supplied with a smirk, grabbing the microphone back. "Only everybody else had best stay out of my way, because I am the one who will someday reign over every last one of you!!!!"

"Yami, please stop it!!" Bakura cried, leaping up and reaching for the microphone. Instead he slammed into the keyboard and activated a whole slew of sneeze recordings.

"This is ridiculous," Seto muttered, again turning to leave.

Before he could, Bakura tried desperately to take the microphone back and wound up sending both he and his Yami crashing to the floor. That, in turn, created a domino effect and sent everyone else to the floor as well.

"What happened?!" Tea cried, finding herself getting caught in the microphone cord along with Bakura.

"Uh, guys," Tristan said slowly as he tried to wrestle his way out from under the confused heap of his friends, "this probably isn't the best time to mention it, but I think Bernard and Elsa's tape is still running. We're all on television!"

Everyone groaned.

"What a way to end this case!" Joey cried.

"Oh well, at least we aren't being chased by more murderous criminals," Bakura said, trying to smile.

"Point taken," Seto grumbled in irritation.