Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling

Slowly drifting off as he sits in the common room, Draco jumps up when a door suddenly slams. Looking around, he sees Theo walking thunderously towards their dormitory.

"Theo, what's—" Draco begins but is cut off when Theo pushes past him.

Getting up, Draco barely gets into the dorm room before Theo slams that door shut as well. Placing nonverbal silencing and locking charms on the door, Draco watches as Theo paces back and forth across their room muttering over and over again, "Why did I do that?"

"Theo? Theo, what's wrong? What are you talking about?" Draco tries to get a clear look at Theo's face, but the constant motion renders it impossible. Looking at his best friend, his brother in all ways but blood, panicking, has Draco more worried than he has been since the war.

"I was so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid." Theo punctuates each "stupid" with a punch to the wall not even seeming to notice the blood dripping and the bones cracking. Running over, Draco pins Theo's arms to his sides in hopes of stopping his friend from mangling his hand beyond repair.

"Theo, you need to stop," Draco pleads as Theo struggles against Draco's restraining arms. "Please tell me what's wrong. You're scaring me," he whispers.

It is Draco's whispered plea that ceases Theo's fight. Theo's shoulders slump and he leans heavily into Draco. Draco lowers them to the floor and cradles his brother in his arms. Gently brushing the curls out of Theo's eyes, Draco finally sees what his best friend is hiding: unadulterated pain. Squeezing Theo tighter Draco softly repeats, "Tell me what's happened."

Taking a deep breath Theo responds, "I put myself out there and it just made everything worse."

"Put yourself out there?" Draco asks. "How so?"

Staring resolutely at the floor Theo softly replies, "I told someone I liked them."

Draco nods his head as he tries to understand why this upset Theo so much. "You've told people that you like them before," Draco says reassuringly.

Shaking his head furiously Theo says, "No, not like this."

"What makes this so different?" Draco questions as he continues to hold Theo.

"The someone was a he," Theo whispers.

Finally understanding, Draco squeezes Theo tighter in his arms and says, "His loss."

"It hurts so much," Theo softly responds.

"I know, but it will get better," Draco vows to his best friend.

In the silence surrounding the two young men Draco declares, "You're braver than I have ever been. I could never put myself out there the way you did. I'm proud of you, Theo."

"Do you think—" Theo pauses, takes a deep breath, and starts again, "Do you think that maybe I'm not worthy of love?"

Squeezing Theo tightly Draco declares, "You are worthy of love. Just because one bloke you asked out said no does not mean that you are unworthy of love. My parents love you. Our friends love you. I love you. You're my best friend, mate."

Sniffling and wiping away new tears Theo asks, "Do you mind staying with me for a little bit longer?"

Nodding his head Draco replies, "I'll stay with you for as long as you need. I'm not going anywhere."

And so they sat, alone in their dormitory, in the safety of each other's arms, surrounded by love.