Eight years ago a blood thirsty clan arose in the Land of Water. The Kaguya Clan terrorized slaughtered and raided many villages. In one battle, many shinobi died and a small village was destroyed in order to defeat the dreaded clan. There was only one prisoner left alive from the clan and one survivor from the village: two boys named Haku and Kimimaro. Both of them were found by a young kunoichi known as Mei Terumi. They were both taken in to become Mist ninja.

As time progressed, they became part of a team with a young man named Suigetsu and would later be placed under the guidance of Chojuro, the newest addition to the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. The four boys were considered as the pride of Kirigakure.

Present(2 Years Prior to Part I):

Haku, Kimimaro and team leader Chojuro were welcomed into the Hozuki Residence by their teammate Suigetsu. "Why did you ask for us to meet here?" Kimimaro raised an eyebrow. The bloodthirsty genin frowned, "Zabuza wants us to assist in a coup d'etat. We'll be killed if we contact any other jonin."

"Don't worry, i'll kill Momochi and we'll finish off all of his rebels." the Kaguya smiled.

The aforementioned shinobi swordsman had appeared with a kunai right against Kimimaro's throat, "Think a-argh!"

Momochi was interrupted by bones getting hooked into his body that protruded from his captive's scapula, ribs and vertebral column. While distracted in pain, a blob of water formed around his head. Zabuza slit his "captive's" throat, but all he cut was skin and something else.

"This is the price you pay for betraying the Mist." Chojuro quipped

The bone ninja turned his head, "I anticipated your attack from behind a formed a strong veil of bone under my skin."

"Your first mistake was assuming that we would betray our comrades." Haku gloated.

The Hozuki clansman's face formed on the blob behind his head with a wide grin, "The second mistake was thinking I wouldn't want your sword for myself."

Zabuza Momochi died bleeding out and drowning at the hands of the genin.

Haku froze the body and Suigetsu took the sword, the boys rushed to the Mizukage Residence to warn their leader. Once the Mizukage and his trusted guards were alerted, most of the rebellious shinobi that followed Zabuza were subsequently hunted down with the exception of the remaining traitorous swordsmen. After, everything was settled the head ninja called the four genin to the room.

Lord Yagura was smiling on this odd occasion, "All of you have done a great service for your village and have earned my full trust with unlike Zabuza and the others. They have left us with only three swords and two swordsmen that are loyal. I would like for you all to participate in the Chunin Exams. But before that, you'll have to investigate the rampages along the coastline. Supposedly it has something to do with a man known as 'Jugo of the Scales'. The mission was originally going to be assigned to Zabuza but you boys cut him down. It's only fitting you all do this mission together. Now you may leave my sight."

"Yes, Lord Mizukage." The boys bowed and left.

Once they were outside, the genin were approached by their teacher, Mei Terumi, "Great job team. I'm so proud of you boys but you should've alerted me as soon as possible."

"Don't worry. We've learned how to manage on our own sensei!" Suigetsu smiled, "I'm just happy to be rewarded with his sword."

"Marriage?" Their sensei thought to herself.

Haku added, "Besides, alerting you would've created greater risk of failure in getting caught."

"Failure in marriage..." Mei mumbled to herself aloud.

"Is everything oka-" Suigetsu could not finish due to his head being slapped into a splash of water by their sensei.

The boys bowed, "Sorry ma'am."

"You're excused. I'll see you all when you get back from your mission." Mei walked away.

"C'mon guys. You know she's insecure about marriage. Especially, at her age and all. Try to take a hint next time." Kimimaro advised.

Team Chojuro immediately left the village soon after and approached the cave that was reported to be Jugo's hideout. But as they got close to the entrance, they felt a strong killing intent. They turned around to see a pale man with dark long black hair and yellow eyes.

The man introduced himself, "Good evening, boys. My name is Orochimaru. What are yours?"