After clearing the entire base Ao approached the young shinobi, "It appears that us Hunter-nin and black ops have a new mission. This country's Fuma Clan has been declining and has been in negotiations to join the Hidden Sound out of desperation, but Orochimaru, was manipulating their failings from afar. We'll continue operations here and recruit them while you bring these other shinobi to Kiri."

"Shit! When do we get to do some killing!? Kimimaro's been doing all of the fun stuff and my skills are getting rusty." Suigetsu kicked the dirt.

Ao sighed, "You're already killing my time enough as it is, Hozuki. But I will inform all of you that upon arrival, your must prepare yourselves for our first Chunin Exams. Dismissed."

As their senior left, the young shinobi started guiding the new additions back to the Sound Village.

Genyumaru turned to Suigetsu, "Why would your village announce a chunin exam at this time?"

The Hozuki clansmen's grimace contorted and widened in response, "Everyone gets to prove themselves by killing each other. Kimimaro and Haku can earn their clans' a high status among the elite of the village, while me and Chojuro can kill something with our swords for once."

"What are all of your specialties?"

"Chojuro might be a shy bastard, but he is my rival. His sword can split in two and paralyze you. Then only other loyal swordsman is this crazy woman, Ameyuri and she's the only female member of the seven swordsman for a damn good reason. The only other girl of worthy note is Chojuro's friend, Misuno. She's a prodigy and will probably kill you so she can become a jonin."

"Wait, what about that masked girl over there?"

Suigetsu chuckled, "Haku is a pretty boy, but not a girl. He's fast enough to blindside anyone that isn't a jonin and trained with the hunter-nin, so he can track you, kill you and dispose of your body if you wanted to make a run for it."

"And the tall guy with your leader?"

"Jugo's a new addition just like you guys, but I do know that fighting him close range is a death wish. Kimimaro is just a deadly and is feared by many in our village, but he isn't our leader. Chojuro is the one in charge since kekkei genkai users like Kimimaro and I aren't well trusted yet among the elite as well the majority of Kiri."

"Who is the strongest Chojuro, Jugo or Kimimaro?"

Suigetsu turned his head and expressed his killing intent to everyone in the vicinity, "None of us have actually fought each other seriously, but the one you should fear the most is me, Suigetsu Hozuki. I am a future Swordsman of the Mist and have a powerful kekkei genkai. My ability is turn my body into water, therefore, you can't even hit me using regular attacks. I will kill any of my opponents if they don't put up a good enough fight."

Genyumaru grinned back, "I'm already on your level. I'll surpass you by the time the exams start."

A blue haired girl appeared alongside a redhaired girl with glasses, "My comrade Karin and I have a problem with that. I am Guren of the Crystal Release, you killed my master, prepare to die."

Kimimaro stepped forward, "We have already killed your master. You can either join the Mist or fall before me."

"A child could not kill Lord Orochimaru. You will die for blaspheming!"

Guren and Karin charged forward, but were stopped by the intense wave of murderous intent that challenged the darkness of their leader. The young man, kept walking towards them as they were frozen in fear. The blue haired kunoichi finally managed to raised her kunai and stabbed him.

Kimimaro was unfazed and the kunai only pierced skin and was stopped by a layer of bone, "You can attempt to kill me at the exams. Right now you lack a use, become a part of the Mist and become a splendid ninja ... or die here. I doubt your crystals could overcome my bone, Haku's ice, Chojuro's blade, Jugo's strength, Gen's talent or Suigetsu's ruthlessness all together, let alone individually."

Guren stepped back, "Fine. We'll finish you at the exams."

As everyone continued to move forward, Suigetsu laughed, "This keeps on getting more and more interesting. How much longer until we get back home?"

Chojuro smiled, "A week since we don't have to stay low like with Orochimaru."

"Great, i'm going to have fun cutting all of you down. Especially, Kimimaro, the bastard keeps stealing my thunder"

Chojuro showed his sharpened teeth with his own grimace to his fellow swordsman, "Not if I don't cut you down first."